Experience raw foodists.

In general, I lived fared in sports, studied at the Institute, ate like most people living on our planet and not even think about that, something is harmful, because at that time, like everything was normal and what was not complaining .

But once twisted, it was 6 years ago, called the ambulance, I was taken to the hospital. There's too much to me does not stand on ceremony, injected anesthesia and cut out the appendix. I already then, many years later, after analyzing my life, and learn how to fit body is the appendix, I realized that that's from here and started my problems.

Tossed in for sports, I have become much more to gain weight, grow a belly and zhopi ears. Every day, kebabs, grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, Fanta, Coke, beer in the evenings with fish or Kirieshki. And in all this I did not see anything wrong, until the moment has not yet begun depression, became often wonder about the meaning of life, for which we live and where to roll? At that time, I weighed 107 kg. with the growth of 180cm.

About raw food diet as it is found out by accident, but probably - so had to happen, because accidents do not happen in life. In general, I came across an article on the Internet V.Yu.Nikolaeva "Lifestyle and Health", on that day it was the experience of a raw food diet for thirty years.

For me, everything suddenly became clear, I realized the root cause of diseases of all the people - it is a departure from the natural - divine products that are completely balanced and shaped us into the wonderful nature of the laboratory, to protect against all diseases. That is, if you eat the way the creator created everything, then no health problems will not be. And indeed in the wild of any living creature does not eat cooked food, and health they are much better than the man who stands on the highest stage of evolution.

This article inspired me so much that I believe every written word and decided without delay, once the next day become raw foodists. Moreover, in addition to good health there talked about so many benefits that I have become curious to check it out for yourself.

"1. You can not get sick inflammation, colds. Flu passes almost unnoticed. Shuts down and disappears virtually all psychosomatic (organ disorders, joints, pain - in fact all the bodies are cleaned and rejuvenated). Immunity lifted from the artificial minimum to the natural rate: three o'clock, you can lie in the snow or dance in some batches at minus 18 ° C, and nothing happens. And all this - without special. quenching!

2.Chuvstvitelnost harmful substances highest, strong reaction to them, may even be painful, but it is the body of their displays quickly and powerfully of itself, rejects, neutralizes, and the effects of poisoning is not seen.

3. This is: ochen strong endurance food: if you have to have unusual or indigestible, everything is easy to digest and neutralized without consequences. Filters treated all in one fell swoop.

«Tinned stomach." 4. Assimilation of food are much higher. That is - the assimilation rate. "Overfed" rawfoodist (last crisis eight months) eats three apples, a couple of cucumbers. Enriches the wild forest greens, vegetables, leaves, vine shoots - all good food here:

5. The unique feeling of independence from the circumstances. We will not speak lofty words about the unity with nature, but whatever happens, wherever it turned out - at least in the woods - always be satisfied without any money, you will survive. 6. The sense of taste: no tongue and eyes, and the whole body. The body approves or does not approve of food and zoom desire, indifference or rejection. The feeling of satiety: it is an objective of the body; therefore there is no possibility to overeat. In general, raw food is very difficult to overeat.

7. The feeling of hunger: after the "crisis" is almost not worried. Togo neurosis, which we call appetite, no. There is an understanding: Yeah, you can eat. Distracted, I forget, a day or two - and nothing else. Remembered - I ate well. From:

8. "camel Effect": the ability to never have a day or two and three, with no loss of comfort and endurance. Pete once a day - above the roof. The same with drinking, even at high physical exertion.

9. As a summary: normal physical endurance. Running pleasant. You can run for several hours, and then you do not feel tired. It is not tired, do not want to sit, lie down. Efficiency of life is much higher. And again, all this - without special training

. 10. Mental endurance at any load is as great. The mind is clear and crystal clear. Memory works perfectly. Clarity of thought is that the exams are almost no preparation and study ceases to be a problem.

11. The need for sleep is reduced to 6 hours. Easy to carry sleep deficit. For example, in the 60 years to drive without a break for three days, without weakening the self-control and attention. Awakening light, cheerful and joyful.

12. Tone - a strong interest in life. The mood is smooth, joyful. Trouble only intensify. Confront high: almost impossible to quarrel - nothing annoys, everything is perceived consciously

. 13. High ability to deal with and be responsible. No compulsion - not the body controls you, and you control the body. You become the owner of all the needs of the body, including sexual. The dependence on hard liquor on a raw food diet is simply not available. And if she was, then it passes.

14. Strongly increased control and cooperation with the body: you start it is easier to manage and deal with, and the body is brought up, trained and obedient. Imagine how increased opportunities for life. »

Waking up in the morning the day January of 2009, my wife made me as usual breakfast, and what a surprise it was when I told her that from today I eat only fruits and vegetables, and even raw. She shook her finger at a temple well, and said, "Okay, what you like, a few days still want to eat, do not hold out»

. I am by nature a very stubborn man, used to go to the end and achieve goals. If I had decided that I was already hard to convince. So one day it becomes raw foodists, though the first months of eating jelly (cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese suluguni and cheese, saying that these cheeses are not exposed to very high temperatures, and are most useful), do not buy in the store, and her grandmother. < br>
For me, the transition did not seem very complicated, only the first week. And already in the first ten days I threw eight kilograms, and within two months twelve more. At that time, I began to feel myself all the benefits that I have not experienced even a student wrote Nikolaev such excellent health.

Then when we went berry, he declined the jelly. Creasy did not feel any special, felt fine. I was filled with so much effort and energy that I often did not know where to put it. I began to wake up at 5 am and do yoga, then run for 8-10 kilometers, and then went on to engage in horizontal bars could catch just 30. He ran home and fruit breakfast was traveling on business.

Almost the whole day I spent in the car, driving from one end of town to another. I was very comfortable, passing by some shop to buy fruit, and without stopping to eat lunch right at the wheel. Coming home in the evening and found time for his wife and children.

Honestly before switching to a raw food diet, the family paid a very little time, but changing the food, I changed myself, and everything began to change around. Life seemed to have changed colors, everything has been turned 180 degrees, there was a desire to live, to give people love and happiness.

If possible, become often chosen to nature, became cup meet friends. And many acquaintances, friends, relatives, noting such a radical change with me, became interested in raw food diet, but try a few days, understood that is not ready. Although many still support me and admit that everything is great, but they can not. I do not deny there are some who do not want to listen, but I'm not trying to prove anything to them that.

This is the beginning I had such notice a radical change, it is so inspiring that I wanted to literally every passer-by, to talk about the raw food diet and how it changed my life. Then I learned that it is called - a beginner's syndrome, many confuse it with fanaticism. But realizing that not all people want to listen to me, many just out to have, I stopped it to ring. I tried not to advertise, even coming to a birthday or a wedding, imposed at the plate all that was on the table, so to appear that would not provoke people to unnecessary conversations. At that time I was a little tired to argue, prove, raise debate.

Soon his wife moved to a raw food diet and was also very happy with the changes, but it was the first time a little bit hard, but nothing has mastered and is also not now want to go back to the old way of life. Closer to the fall really a lot of weight and weighed 68 kg. and in some people it causes anxiety. But on this occasion I did not particularly bother, and continued to eat live fruits and berries. Then I could no longer be persuaded that I'm not on the right track, I was not, nor inclined. Gradually, the weight began to come back to normal, and I have not looked thin.

People who know me before, on the contrary become often make compliments and ask what I'm doing and how I was able to change so much. Now I weigh 82 kg. I feel great, full of strength and energy. For more than 4 years on the raw food diet, I forgot what the clinics and hospitals. From the house povybrasyvali all medicines, that is, at the moment in the house no one tabletochki. After all, for all the time spent on the raw food diet I have never had even a cold or headache, or bowel disorders, or where not injected, no pain and itching.

I have a wide circle of friends and those who knew me before, amazed external changes. Often I hear compliments in his address, happened reached ridiculous that we had to prove it was me - Oleg, people simply did not believe, I thought that I have a brother who is trying to put himself for me. This is not surprising because all accustomed to, that person is aging, wrinkles appear, gaining weight, and here, and three months younger ten years - a paradox

. Even those people who were at the top of the skeptical, including my mother, probably the most fanatical opponent, became a vegetarian, this is, I think a big step. Tёscha for the fourth month on raw food - thinner, younger and very pleased with herself. She did say that after reading the book, she would not have believed it, but having a clear example of that is me and my daughter, it was hard to disagree.

Talking about raw food and say that it is wrong and harmful, doubting all the benefits after the transition to living food, equivalent to the frigid woman is talking about orgasm, which had never experienced. The difference between health and health Raw foodists common man can only learn by experience. Only two reasons I can call that lead to the rejection of the adoption of the principles of raw food: either it is a statement about what they prefer better rooting than abandon the "pleasure" of cooked food, or people are absolutely sure of the implausibility of the raw food diet. Such people have to prove their point of view it is logical.

For myself, I realized one thing that does not need to prove anything. Who should and who wants to, he will come to this, for it only need sufficient knowledge and willpower. And who is not ready to change and munching a hot dog, washing it down with Coca-Cola, thinking at the same time that it is a healthy and wholesome food - that's their business, but they are not yet ready - they even sleep

. N / s. Raw food diet removes from human life all the sins, such as drinking hard liquor, tobacco, attachment to certain drugs and even greed. All this can not get along with the raw food diet as well as the devil can not get along with the angel. All these sins are derived from wrong, perverted power. With the victory of raw food in the world to establish a lasting peace and cooperation among nations. All crimes, hate, hatred, pride, jealousy, and in general all the evil habits and inclinations rude person leave him with leaving blyudoedeniya. With the rejection of cooked food all human passions come in peace. Life will be easy and joyful, and people will never allow themselves to cause tears or other to sell their conscience for a pot of soup.

A little about my diet. The diet I have at different periods is different. Sometimes I was sitting on some fruit. In Indonesia, when we lived there a month monotrofno eat durians true then the consequences were. It's okay in principle, but still was not very nice when the slightest scratch or even like a mosquito bite, started gnoitsa, and all this because of the high content of sugar. This winter I spent a month on the bull's eye and felt great, a day to eat about 12 medium-sized apples. Now my diet something like this: in the morning I get up her watch 5 and drink a couple of glasses of pure spring water. 7 an hour in doing green cocktail (lettuce, dill, parsley, apples and dates) drink somewhere liter. Vimes concrete before lunch! For lunch I eat apples pieces 5. And in the evening of hours I'm eating or 6 seeds or nuts, fed up.

In the Internet typically use a nickname Life :) Life - this is life and this is important for me, I am madly in love and appreciate her. But alas, it was not always. Receive thy sight, I realized that it is possible and necessary to live easy. I slept, and was in the dark for many years. But coming out of the coma, waking up, he realized his mistake. Formerly being under the authority of the system, I had most of my time working. Word work comes from the word SERVANT.

And do not be surprised that in fact, most people spend their precious time on making money, doing things not bringing them joy, are slaves to the system. Another thing, when the work is fun and sometimes when it is not a small income. The man, who managed to build his business in such a way, in my opinion, deserves respect.

Having felt the taste of freedom, I decided to live to the fullest, without wasting not a second of your precious time on something that would not bring me joy and satisfaction. I realized that each person - architect of his own happiness and the reality around us, we create our thoughts. Now I consider myself a truly happy man.

I have a good, loving wife and two wonderful children. I am surrounded by people, among whom I feel relaxed and easy. I have a lot of dream and visualize, then my desire to take on reality. One of my favorite things - is to travel the world. I consider myself a free man and my homeland - it is the whole globe

. Author: Oleg MOTORIN


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