Interview with Denis Minin

Hello dear readers, today is our guest a unique person. His name is Denis Minin - founder Workout movement in Russia and in Ukraine. One day, Dennis said no strong drinks and drugs, and yes, street sport Training. Today behind him already many thousands army (currently has hundreds of thousands), athletically-built, healthy, young men!

Denis tell us how it all began?

Watching the world go by, over how aimless youths loitering with bottles of spirits and cigarettes in his mouth, clinging at the corners of the entrances and toilets, to take another dose of the drug, incubates body obesity and mind in the internet web, I realized that degrades most energetic , designed by nature to create, part of society - a way to "nowhere." Every day, going out into the street, I saw the same picture: guys, girls, and often with their small children sit on benches, smoke cigarettes, drink beer, sometimes even worse - take drugs. I wanted something to change this picture. And I had to start somewhere. I realized that I need to start with yourself - by example, serving motivation of people to show how you can usefully spend time

. How to develop your motion?

From the moment I began to talk about the program to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people in schools and other educational institutions, lectures about the dangers of strong drink, smoking, drugs, show master classes on social networks and YouTube. Playground became a place of gathering of youth. Since 2004, it began active construction of sports venues and infrastructure for the athletes, athletes - ordinary guys who want to do it. Where is the 1st site I started to build for their money, and only then, attracting philanthropist. That's when I thought about the large-scale project - "Restoring the yard of the complex of the CIS countries┬╗

. How do you hooked up the hearts of men?

When I put my first horizontal bar in the yard, collecting it from the scrap metal, began to gather around the guys, looking with admiration at my achievements on the bar. I have heard many enthusiastic exclamations, children of all ages to ask questions, as they can be the same. I said, showed. The guys tried. Once, twice ... the hundredth. I taught the children to use their strengths to think strategically and to choose the right tactics to work on himself. Starts to get, like, proud of himself, his eyes shining and playing Legacy muscles.

Using the Internet as a tool for the promotion of information, I created a page on the social networks. I've got colleagues in other cities: Kiev - Ratibor Kozachok Thomas and Ivan Kharkov - Trump Eugene - all do not list - active children who have reached the same successful results, eager to develop and promote a healthy lifestyle. We owe our success to the spirit of cooperation and an atmosphere of unity. All help each other. Enduring direction - it is in fact nothing but as the structure of close human relationships at different levels of the organization of movement combined with an inspired concentration of all to a single goal

! His popularity you deserve sincere thanks to the actions that you are committed and making a heart. Our politicians have a lot to learn from you. Tell us a little about your activities, what is it?

As I said, our move away from politics. Personally, I and my supporters are engaged in youth policy, because that's what we are working with young people and give them the practical result in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and realize their potential. We are with the current policy is not on the road, and our interaction with them at this point - it is only vzaimorabota in the project for the construction of sports grounds and holding mass events. But if we see that the work is carried out by the authorities is not fair to the people, we will have to go there in order to clean out the dirt, lies, omissions and irresponsibility.

If you do not talk about my main employment Workout movement, then the rest of my time I devote to daily work, and I work a lot. I work in a company Forex-Trend, led by the sector of social and charitable works of the company. And it is precisely this company is a partner, and to this day, that supports us, the athletes, the younger generation - healthy young people who want to be healthy and strong, mature intellectually, morally and spiritually

. Workout -unikalen its simplicity. Outdoor sports training can master almost everyone. And if you want to become vorkauterom, you will need a horizontal bar, parallel bars, friends and a good mood. Denis, could you recommend an effective program for trenerovok Workoutu for beginners. I would like to hear from the horse's mouth.

Start your progress better with a horizontal bar, parallel bars and then push-ups. These are the basics, without which further progress is possible. No need to start too quickly and intensely, in the end, you only hurt your muscles. Watch for persistence, it is necessary that everything was going smoothly and continuously, if it does not ensure the progress and do not wait. Start getting used to the constant training, in our case it is impossible to train spontaneously.



Sitting on a bench, a little post body back, relying on the hands. Legs drops slightly below the hips, and then raise them and lower back, making a twisting.


Sitting on a crossbeam, feet hooked over the opposite and fix this situation. Hands behind your head at the same time rewound and follow the twisting. If the slope of lower body is not clear to the level of the boards, and a little lower, it will add a burden, not only in the press, but also the muscles of the back.


To begin the exercise, you need to catch up to the level of the crossbar and left in a position to flick left and right. This static exercise strengthens joints and ligaments of muscles - elbows, wrists, shoulders and back muscles. It is suitable for those who already know how to catch up and will help to develop endurance.

Pushups upside down

Familiar to many exercise - dips - can be diversified and complicated, leaving his feet on top of the crossbar, and push-ups on the bottom. So will increase the load on the arms and shoulders of a well pump over.

"Dips Hannibal┬╗

They should be carried out on the bench or on the street - at the wheel dug into the ground. The main thing that was the height of obstacles 30 cm to 70 cm. The advantage of this exercise is that when pumping triceps he stretched. Plus, you can carry the load on his back - while lowering your hands behind your head start

. If you look at the guys who are engaged in a daily workout-om, we can note their athletic physique. How do you think how long it takes to build your body from the ground, if we take for example - the average person

? Must pass a certain period of time not less than six months an average person can build his body from scratch

. From training to proceed smoothly nutrition. You do not drink any chemical. supplements, steroids and other muck that undermines health and kills. Based on what a healthy diet in your movement? If you can cause an approximate diet per day.

Proper nutrition involves the correct way of life in general. This diet - 5 times a day, enough sleep

. Number 1 in my diet - porridge. It is a natural energy in its purest form. And you can not cook them, they need to be processed. If cooking cereals 20 minutes in boiling water, it loses 80% of its nutrients. I recommend to soak it with water in the evening, in the morning it will be ready for use. It can be 30 seconds to put on the fire, but only in order not to eat cold.

Number 2 - dairy products. Especially cheese, I recommend him to buy a home. I want to dwell on the issue of fat cottage cheese. Big mistake - to eat low-fat cottage cheese. For the assimilation of calcium, which is found in abundance in this product, it is necessary vitamins A and E, and they are found in milk fat. So curds to eat normal fat content, the man who leads an active lifestyle, from this will not get better. Nor should we forget the yogurt, sour milk. Personally, I make them myself, at home.

Number 3 - dried fruits. This substitute sweet for me. Dates, by the way - this is the best power for athlete, they can eat before training

. Number 4 - quail eggs, I replace them chicken

. Number 5 - bee products. Honey, pollen, royal jelly. Sugar, I do not eat completely replaced it with honey.

Vegetables and fruits - apart from the competition, without them nowhere. I get protein from fish and fowl. Beef and pork try not to eat, it's hard for an athlete products, they require a lot of energy to digest, and after they eat, fatigue is felt.

I strongly object to their diet fast food food, smoked, fried, all foods containing transgenic oils.

Recently, you began to carry out various experiments on himself. Namely, she gave up meat and become a vegetarian. Every schoolboy knows that the meat - a source of protein and it has to be there, otherwise the power will not be =) Although there are examples even among bodybuilders who adhere to a vegetarian and even vegan (no meat, fish, eggs and dairy products). Where did the impulse to Fight conduct such an experiment? Why do you need it? And where will take the protein is one of the most famous vorkauterov? =)

We've learned that a child imposed on us by the media, friends, relatives, etc., some information, and we firmly believe in it. That is our big mistake. In our world, there is a very large selection of products, and, if we ask ourselves the question - where to get the protein, always remember, especially for meat, and in fact there are a lot of products to enjoy this high-molecular organic material

. If we do not go into detail in biochemistry, anyone who knows and understands the person knows that a protein molecule consists of a set of amino acids, and, when our body receives the protein is cleaved by the same amino acid and then the reverse process - the formation of these same amino acids in the same protein.

If the answer to the question, which I particularly take protein - it is impossible to name a couple of dozens of products, all of them are not listed. This is why I will soon, take off the video series, which tell you about your diet and products that you can use for a healthy diet.

I know a lot of people who gave up meat, thanks banned in many countries film - Earthlings. They did this deliberately, and none of the arguments will not convince them anymore in favor of meat. Many people call these people sectarians. Funny question of whether you consider yourself a sectarian? =)

Firstly, I have not seen the film, which is written in question, secondly, sectarian called me I can not: I do not belong to no religion, not a commercial, not a sectarian organizations

. Do not eat meat I prompted the mere fact - this is the body's own recovery and experiment on his own body. It's been more than six months, they do not eat meat, and at the moment I feel great. Just I want to note that this is not an easy way to give it up, and for those who dare to do it, I advise you not to be dogmatic or fanatical in this matter. It requires knowledge and gradualness.

Could you share your plans in the future will develop Workout movement?

I'll start from the end: my ultimate goal is healthy, strong intelligent nation. And this is my path, and this path consists of: civil society, the restoration of the yard of the complex countries, promotion of healthy lifestyles, a report to the youth that education and self-development - is paramount

. So you could wish our readers?

Strive for the better - will achieve more! Do not place obstacles for themselves and believe in themselves! Impossible, and for this you need to believe in themselves. The future is ours !!! And if you are with us, then by all means I will help you and will do for you all that is in my power! I believe that the Street Workout and improvement of the people in every sense of the word - this is our future

! On your page, there is a quote: - Welcome - builds and creates, evil - the parasite consumes. Be good, act good-naturedly - to build and create! I hope you will adhere to this rule, no matter what, all my life! You health, happiness, love and success in all your affairs!


Denis Shakhman


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