Use grape seed oil for skin care

Women have long appreciated their vegetable oils beneficial properties, specifically there will be about grape seed oil for face. Vegetable oils often exceed the effectiveness of even the most expensive cosmetics. The secret is actually simple: they are very high content of natural substances, and this aspect makes them useful for all types of skin.

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Grapeseed oil is produced from the waste of wine. Collect the seeds, carefully dried and then crushed, the hard shell separated, extracted and purified product. Hot extraction is the most common and this way you can get more raw materials. And thanks to the cold pressing retains all the nutrients in the oil, but significant costs and raw materials is smaller.

Grape seed oil cold-pressed in comparison to other vegetable oils is considered the most easy and suitable for owners of any skin type.

Use grape seed oil for skin care grapeseed Oil most commonly added to different cosmetic products to enrich their composition in vitamins and other substances. For this purpose, this oil is added in shampoos, lotions, and beyond.

If we consider it from the standpoint of cosmetology, it is very versatile. It is suitable for almost everyone. And for those who have problematic, dry, greasy or aging skin. The oil is very well absorbed by the skin and leaves no oily Shine on the skin. Reduces pores on the face. Makes the color and the General overall appearance of the face more healthy.

For everyday care of your skin, such as after showering or tanning, but probably as an after-shave lotion, grape seed oil can be used even in pure form, and blending with other cosmetic oils, preferably 1:1. This oil can be used in combination with a few drops of any of essential oils. The optimal ratio is considered to be 1-2 drops essential oils of orange, rosewood, lemon, 1 tsp of grape seed oil.

Properties of grape seed oil Grape seed oil is even called hormone of youth. This is because it contained plant polyphenols in its structure similar to the estrogens – female hormones. From estrogen depends on many things, for example, the synthesis of collagen, hair growth, activity of the sebaceous glands. Linoleic acid has a concentration of up to 76%, and it is for the regeneration of cells is responsible, controls the moisture of the skin.

Grape seed oil is very good remedy for skin care. There are a lot of useful components and all natural. This oil is a large percentage of vitamin E, as this vitamin helps to keep the skin from aging and makes it resilient and elastic.

Natural grape seed oil a rich green color due to the pigment content of chlorophyll. This pigment stimulates the healing of tissues, and has tonic properties. Grapeseed oil gives the lymphatic and blood vessels elasticity.

Grape seed oil has anti-inflammatory effects. Can this oil be used for purely therapeutic purposes, for skin that is affected with acne or pimples.

The use of grape seed oilIf you have dry, flaky, aging and inflamed skin it is helpful to mix grape seed oil with a rich and nutritious oils in the ratio 1:1 – 3:1. Suitable wheat germ oil, jojoba, avocado. You can also add 2 drops of essential oils of sandalwood, orange or blue chamomile.

For care of Mature skin perfect blend of 2 oils; 2 drops of essential oil (limetta, sandalwood, yeputa) attached to 2 tablespoons grape-seed.

To cleanse the skin for example , removing makeup, you have to dip in hot water a tampon and squeeze it to drip 5 drops on it and wipe the skin.

Mask for oily skin facial and décolleté with enlarged pores. Apply for one of the above areas, a little oil, lightly hammering it gently with finger tips. If after 20 minutes the excess oil, then remove it with a napkin. For this mask will fit a mixture of equal parts of grape seed oil and jojoba oil (or oil of wheat germ or avocado).

For problem skin recommended the mask of cotton or gauze wipes impregnated with grape seed oil. They should be applied on the skin for 25 minutes. After that, moisten a swab in plain water and wipe his face. Thanks to such care, to improve the regeneration of the upper layer of the skin.

When stretch marks on the skin you can lubricate them with a mixture of 2 tsp of grape-seed, and 2 drops essential oil of clove, lavender or mint.

For skin with acne. This oil is more effective for all types of dermatol. The skin should steam for a couple of the flowers a series or Daisy, then apply the grape seed oil.

Masks for oily skin. In the mix with masses of avocado, wheat germ, jojoba, and adding to it essential oils of chamomile, kaputa, Santal, ylang-ylang, lavender, rosemary, lemon, limetta, rose or juniper. Provides a nutritious and regenerative effect, if lubricated 3-4 times a day affected areas of skin. Is it possible for these places to apply for a half-hour wipes impregnated with a mixture of these oils. Tissue regeneration to improve skin elasticity increase, some wrinkles smoothed, the skin will become more healthy.

Recipe for healthy skin. Taken mix a tablespoon of grape seed oil and jojoba oil. To add to it 3 drops of essential oils of rose and juniper or 2 drops of lavender, lemon and rosemary. The mixture of oils heated to body temperature, i.e. approximately 35-37°C. soak warm oil, a thin layer of cotton wool and apply on face. On top of the cotton wool, put a thin wrap or parchment paper. To keep warm, can be put on top the towel. These wipes are soaked with oil is applied on the face 1 to 2 times a day. The composition promotes skin elasticity and regeneration.

For everyday care of all skin types. Little grape can be used after shaving and sunbathing or for water treatment. 1 tablespoon oil 1 drop lemon essential oil, orange or rosewood.

To cleanse the skin. A tampon, soaked in hot water, apply 5 drops of grape seed oil and wipe his face.

The grape seed oil well suited for massage and increases the efficiency from it. A little bit of oil to RUB between your palms and massage gently until completely absorbed oil by the skin. This massage is particularly effective after a shower, a dip in the pool or bath.

As you can see, all these recipes are a little than differ from each other and it's pretty monotonous. Everywhere the main component is grape seed oil and to it are added in different proportions, the same oil. Everything is very monotonous and all the recipes are similar. Can be themselves and come up with your own combination of oils.



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