Amaranth oil is an essential product for obesity, diabetes, varicose veins and not only

A plant called "amaranth" is known to mankind for over eight thousand years. It has gained wide popularity as a cereal crop.

Amaranth seeds have been used for the preparation of bread, stems and leaves were going to eat animals. In Western and South-Eastern countries, you can find a great number of products that today are made from amaranth. Basically it is pasta, cakes, baby food. Grown many varieties, each of which is used depending on nutritional value.


In Russia, the greatest demand is for oil, which is made from the grain amaranth. It has great nutritional value, contains unsaturated fatty acids (linolenic, oleic, linoleic), which are necessary for the functioning of the human body. The oil is very nutritious and is used in many fields, which speaks of the most valuable qualities of a product. How rich amaranth oil, the benefits and harms him, when they eat, and where to purchase this product — all these issues will be discussed further in our article.

All about the benefits of amaranth oil

Medicine and amaranth oil — treating diabetes and cancer

About the healing properties of this oil are endless. You've probably heard of amaranth oil the only positive reviews of character, with reference to the use in folk medicine. Consider what is actually nutrients are contained in the amaranth, and under what diseases to eat oil made from this plant.

  • Squalene

The first thing I want to highlight, talking about amaranth oil, is the amount of squalene. Of the total weight of its contents is almost 10%. Squalene plays a huge role in protecting our skin from aging. Thanks to him, the skin keeps its elasticity and maintains the optimal amount of moisture, keeps it soft and velvet skin. It also protects it against penetration of pathogenic bacteria due to its antibacterial properties. The concentration of squalene in the skin gradually begins to decline after 25 years, so the onset of this age should think about additional sources of this youth-preserving substances.

  • Vitamin E

This vitamin is found in amaranth oil in a concentration which cannot be found in any other vegetable oil. It is a natural antioxidant that protects the body from harmful environmental factors. It is the vitamin E reduces the risk of Oncology. Its regular use maintains a good tone the entire body, including this is reflected on the skin — it becomes firmer and firmer, the wrinkles tend to smooth out. Vitamin E plays an important role in maintaining the normal working of the visual system, improves vision and helps the eyes to work.

  • Calcium

We all know how essential the calcium in our lives. It plays an important role at any age — in children is needed for proper bone formation, during pregnancy ensures normal development of the fetus and maintains the body of the mother, at the ripe age period helps to carry all the load on the spine in the elderly is necessary to maintain the state of the skeletal system. The amount of calcium in the composition of amaranth oil is that it is even more than whole milk. So to make up for calcium to include in your diet this wonderful product.

  • Phospholipids

The presence of amaranth oil a large number of phospholipids, helps maintain normal fat metabolism, improves metabolism in the body for normal metabolism and organs if there is any failure, these substances are in a hurry for the restoration of an established work. The phospholipids help regulate sugar (glucose) in the blood. This means that patients with type II diabetes this product is mandatory for inclusion in the diet of the patient.

  • Sterols

People involved in sports will be pleased to know that amaranth oil contains large amounts of sterols. These substances are added to energy supplements, candy bars. Sterols are used as anabolic agents that help the body faster to adapt to physical stress. While the use of amaranth oil reviews on your part will only be positive, because it is a natural remedy public, natural and healthy.

In what diseases to include in the daily diet of amaranth oil:

  • when iron deficiency is anaemia;

  • diseases of the stomach, gastroenteritis, ulcer oil suppresses inflammation and repairs cells;

  • heart disease, hypertension, myocarditis, varicose veins — the oil prevents blood clots, dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure;

  • skin lesions of various origin — burns, lacerations, and dermatologic diseases — psoriasis, eczema, acne oil has a bactericidal effect, need to RUB it in the damaged areas of skin or apply compresses for guaranteed results;

  • dental diseases such as stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease oil effectively fights inflammation and relieves pain, are shown to rinse the mouth twice a day;

  • obesity and diabetes — the oil actively improves the burning of calories and fat, maintains the level of glucose in the blood;

  • men's and women's gynecological diseases directions and urogenital system cervical erosion, cystitis, endometritis, fibroids (in women), male infertility, inflammatory diseases, and prostate (in men) are treated more successfully when included in the diet of amaranth oil;

  • visual system disorders (conjunctivitis, cataracts) occur less acutely and without complications in the use of inside of amaranth oil daily as a dressing for vegetables and cereals;

  • diseases of the nervous system, sleep disorders, depression, emotional exhaustion. Amaranth oil has an antidepressant effect, activating the body's serotonin — the hormone of joy, which has a positive effect on the nervous system as a whole and fills the body with energy.

Also amaranth oil can be used in pure form with loss of strength, immune restoration after prolonged illness and antibiotic treatment. If you decide to try amaranth oil, applying it will not cause you difficulties. Daily dose — 0.5 tsp. three times daily during the meal. Course duration is 2 weeks.

The use of amaranth oil in cosmetology

Because amaranth oil is a completely natural and environmentally friendly ingredient, it is popular in the cosmetic industry. Add it mainly in skin care products for face and body, because the oil contains unique substances, moisturizing the skin, retaining moisture, protecting against dryness and chapping, which is very important in the off season and cold season. Considerable importance is the fact that amaranth oil in cosmetics reviews only gets good. Many luxury brands use in their creams and lotions amaranth oil.

You can own at home to try to prepare a healing mixture with amaranth oil, not inferior in effectiveness to purchase expensive tools. Consider the most popular ideas of the use of oil for skin care home.

Mask for dry facial skin

We need 2 teaspoons of amaranth oil, 1 tbsp honey, 1 egg yolk. Mix all ingredients and apply on face. Keep for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water without soap. The skin after such a mask will become moist, velvety, pleasant to the touch.

Nourishing mask with cottage cheese

If you have sensitive skin, which lacks moisture, this mask is for you. 2 tablespoons regular cottage cheese of any percentage of fat mixed with 1 tsp of amaranth oil. Apply on face, avoiding the eye area. Keep ten minutes, then wash off with water. During the week, to repeat two or three times, and by the weekend you don't recognize myself in the mirror.

Citrus mask for whitening the face and pores

Before applying this mask make sure you are not allergic to citrus. 1 tablespoon of amaranth oil mixed with 2 tbsp orange juice 0.5 tsp lemon juice. Dipping a cotton swab in the mixture, apply on face, neck and décolleté. Fifteen minutes will be enough, you may feel a slight tingle from the acids contained in taken to mask the fruit. Wash off the mask with warm water. Well helps with pigment spots and freckles. You can use daily.

Also amaranth oil is used in the sun, perfectly replacing purchased oil. Just before going to the beach put oil on exposed skin and allow to soak for 10 minutes. Excess oil and Pat with a paper towel. Your skin will not only be protected from UV rays, but also will get a dose of vitamins and be well hydrated.

Very good use of amaranth oil if you have cracked and chapped lips. Apply a few drops on lips. Amarant will have a therapeutic effect, will restore the delicate skin of the lips and prevent peeling.

Important note: when applying be sure to consult with a specialist. This information is exploratory in nature. There are contraindications to the use.

Amaranth oil in cooking

In human nutrition, health-conscious, must attend this wonderful product. As in what foods to add amaranth oil? Consider this question in more detail.

  • Amaranth oil is a great dressing for salads. Vegetable salad, dressed with this oil, it becomes ten times more useful and, importantly, tastier.

  • Love the Kashi cereals? The rule is to not fill them with butter, a vegetable, mostly amaranth. The taste will not suffer, and the benefits will double.

  • If you decided to cook fried dish or anything deep-fried, let your companion be cooking amaranth oil. It is not as vitamins are destroyed during frying, as in other vegetable oils, so it is more preferable.

  • In those vipechki recipes, where the dough you want to add the oil, add the amaranth and your pancakes, cupcakes, muffins are delicious, and most importantly — useful.

Amaranth oil — is there any harm?

I have to say, the direct harm from the use of amaranth oil in any form, orally or topically, no. There are categories of people for whom amaranth oil benefits and harm divide evenly, in a strictly individual manner. So, who is the oil from amaranth should be consumed with caution:

  • people with high cholesterol in the blood vessels;

  • people suffering from chronic diseases of the pancreas;

  • categories of individuals suffering from gallstone disease;

  • chronic pancreatitis is also one of the contraindications to the use of vegetable oil in the food (fried dishes);

  • suffering from a duodenal ulcer;

  • if your body is prone to frequent indigestion, diarrhea, diarrhea, as amaranth oil has a mild laxative effect.

As you can see, contraindications to the use of amaranth oil a bit, and they are associated with diseases, individual intolerance oil. So if you have everything in order, or you want to improve your body and relieve the symptoms of the diseases described in the second paragraph of our article, you can and must use amaranth oil, for health, external and internal beauty.

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