Amaranth— healing properties, recipes and use

The use of amaranth in food is the book that re-started writing. And in this book there is a curious page. In a time when amaranth was already anathema, Queen of Sweden Christina Aug founded in 1653, the order of the knights of Amaranth, which lasted three years.

The symbol of the order was a wreath of amaranth, on which shone the image of amaranth, and two woven, inverted letter "A". Members of the order dined together on Sundays with the Queen, eating the different foods from this plant: cereal, cold soups like okroshka, a healthful caloric beverages.

Perhaps the establishment of the order was due not only to a love rendezvous of the Queen at the mill where the Swedes had milled amaranth grain, but also with his known ability to "ignite the fire of love" and the belief of the Indians that the consumption of "Golden grain of God" helps to become a godlike superhuman. This episode of the "mystical grain of the Aztecs" for many years was only a glimmer in the darkness of forgetfulness of the miracle plant.

Its nutritional value is hard to overestimate. For comparison, the nutritional value of amaranth protein is equal to 75 units, and the milk of only 72 units. The roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds, in varying degrees, are a source of oil, starch, vitamins, pectin, carotene, protein, trace elements, mineral salts, and sugar.

It is a great storehouse of unique the highest quality protein that contains lysine — an invaluable and indispensable to human body amino acids, which protein 6-9%, which is significantly higher than in the protein of corn, wheat, rice. In Japan, the nutritional value of green amaranth compared with the squid.

Flour and cereal from the seeds are used as a valuable food (20%) of additives in the manufacture of dietary food: cereals, bakery, macaroni, confectionery, baby food. When adding it to wheat flour (10%), baked bread and baking acquire healing properties and for a long time not stale. Now in different countries of the world produce more than thirty kinds of food "amaranthaceae" products: noodles, pasta, sauces, chips, biscuits, cakes, wafers, cookies, soft drinks and beer. And this, in essence, only the beginning of a great procession on the planet "Golden grain of God", designed, according to N.And. Vavilova, to feed humanity. One thing is certain — Amarant just got to get in our daily diet!

Young leaves taste similar to spinach. They are used in fresh, dried and canned form. Use in salads, soups, meat and fish dishes, in sauces, casseroles, as fillings for cakes, brew tea and add to fruit drinks, you get a healthful juice and is prepared from a syrup. Harvest green amaranth for future use by drying and freezing. And, you can cook amaranth a couple of jars of sauerkraut.

Seeds in the first place, are a wonderful source in its properties the oil is more valuable than sea buckthorn. They can be eaten fried. When heated the grains crack and acquire a pleasant nutty taste. Roasted and raw they are added to casseroles, pancakes, puddings, cakes, baking.

It is very easy for ourselves to invent the salad with amaranth because it goes well with any salad vegetables. We can say that "salad amaranth will not spoil". The traditional spring avitaminosis any meals and drinks with this extraordinary greens will help to quickly eliminate vitamin a deficiency. Here are a few recipes from amaranth:

SALAD: 200 g amaranth leaves and 200 g of nettle leaves, 50 g wild garlic leaves (you can substitute the young leaves of winter garlic) pour over boiling water, chop, add salt, season with vegetable oil or sour cream.

SOUP: 500 ml meat or chicken stock with cooked potatoes, add 400 grams of amaranth leaves and 100 g of leaves of sorrel (the leaves to drop to 3 minutes in boiling water); cook for 10 minutes, remove from heat, break 2 eggs, beat slightly and pour into broth, stirring constantly; when serving, add sour cream to taste.

SAUCE: in bowl, bring to the boil 300 g of cream, put in cream, 200 g of finely chopped young leaves; to the hot mixture add 100 g of grated mild cheese and 5 grams of black pepper, put on small fire, stir until completely melt the cheese.

MEATBALLS: sauté 50 g of seeds, make purees of boiled potatoes (100g) and peas (100g), RUB on a small grater carrots (50 g); mix thoroughly all the products with the addition of 2 raw eggs; make small patties, roll them in breadcrumbs or flour and fry in vegetable oil.

BURGERS GREENS: cook the minced 200 g blanched amaranth leaves (omit for 3 minutes in boiling salted water, chop), 50 g grated sharp cheese with a clove of garlic and 50 g of pulp of white bread, 2 tablespoons of wheat flour; the stuffing add 2 raw eggs, ground black pepper and salt to taste; if necessary, dilute a small amount of cream; croquettes, roll in breadcrumbs, fry in olive oil.

CHOPS: prepare stuffing of 200 g of roasted seeds or amaranth flour, 150 g minced meat (beef, poultry meat), 2 eggs, salt to taste; roll the formed meatballs in wheat flour, slightly to fry on strong fire. Simmer in tomato sauce with fried onions and carrots.

TEA: a tablespoon of fresh or dried leaves and flowers (you can substitute crushed seeds) and half a teaspoon of lemon balm or mint to brew 100 g of water, heated to 70 degrees; keep in a sealed container for 5-7 minutes, pour boiling water to 200 g; sugar or honey — to taste.

DRINK "BODROST": 4-5 large ripe tomatoes wipe through a sieve (to pre-peel the skin). In the resulting puree to pour a Cup of sour kvass or fermented milk drink tan (Ayran, Mare's milk), add 7-8 crushed leaves of amaranth, a quarter of a dessert spoon of ground black pepper. A lot whisk until homogenous. The drink is ready to use. Especially recommended male population as a national "green viagra".

Medicinal propertiesthe Conducted research has shown that amaranth is unique in its medicinal properties. Pharmacologists are amaranth oil a lot of interest due to the high content in its oil of squalene (8%) — a substance that is most potent antioxidant known.

The main source of squalene for anticancer drugs, until recently, had oil shark liver, where it is only 2%. It is easy to imagine the prospects of the treatment amaranth. In traditional medicine amaranth oil is finding wide application: eczema, fungal skin diseases, acne, herpes, scars, burns.

Treatment with amaranth and preparations based on it revived and developed. Amaranth contains many vitamins, mineral substances and microelements, biologically active substances (rutin, amaranthine, vitamins C and E), which significantly enhances its antioxidant properties. The spectrum of the amaranth extends to the treatment of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, chronic ulcers of the stomach and gastric diseases, diabetes, burns, obesity, atherosclerosis, anemia, beriberi, angina, hypertension and, surprisingly, psoriasis — a disease considered incurable.

In addition, this wonder-plant produces a powerful regenerating and rejuvenating effect, strengthens the immune system, helps in the treatment of radiation sickness, in cleansing the body from salts of heavy metals, toxic substances, radionuclides. It helps to raise the level of hemoglobin and significant increase in the number of red blood cells. In other words, has hematopoietic effect.

In the form of infusions and decoctions, it is used as a styptic, in diseases of the liver and heart, to treat tumors, gastrointestinal infections and disorders. Claim that a decoction of its seeds it is possible to cure bedwetting in children over the week.

In General, we can say that the oil, juice, infusions, decoctions and green amaranth have powerful healing and long-term preventive effect on the entire body.

Amaranth in folk medicineIn folk medicine it is used in various dosage forms, prepared at home:

decoction: 2 tablespoons of chopped dried leaves, flowers, or roots pour 2 cups boiling water, boil on low heat for 15 minutes, cool, strain; take inside 0.5 Cup half an hour before meals.

cold infusion: dry leaves or flowers pour cold water in the ratio 1:10 and insist 15-20 minutes, strain; to take 0.5 cups before meals for gastro-intestinal diseases and disorders;

infusion of leaves: 20 g of fresh leaves finely cut, pour 200 ml of boiled water in a boiling water bath for 30 minutes, cool, strain, take 2-3 times a day on 1/3 glass before a meal;

infusion for baths: 300-400 g of leaves or flowers pour 2 liters of boiling water, boil in a tightly sealed container for 15 minutes, cool, strain; decoction is mixed with water in the bath, which take 20-30 minutes.

fresh juice at a dilution of 1:5 is used for rinsing throat and mouth, tonsillitis, tonsillitis and inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Amaranth oil extract andamaranth Oil, but rather oil extract can be prepared at home. People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys, diabetes, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, and finally cancer, to help the oil extract from seeds of amaranth, cooked with his own hands. In their properties the extract is not much different from the oil industrial manufacturing. In addition, it will cost many times cheaper (now widely advertised oil Amaranth asset) and eliminates the risk of purchasing counterfeit product.


Oil extract can be manufactured in two ways:

Ingredients: seeds and olive oil in the ratio 1:2 by volume. Technology: the seeds are lightly fried (until a slight specific odor) in a glass fireproof dish, triturated wood (glass) pestle in a glass mortar (avoid contact with metal) in a glass container mixed with olive oil, to insist in a cool dark place 1 month, occasionally shaking the contents; strain and store in the fridge.

Not fried thoroughly pounded in a mortar seeds mixed with olive oil in the ratio 1:1 by volume in a glass container and infuse in a cool dark place for 1.5 months, shaking occasionally; at expiration the extract is filtered and stored in the refrigerator.

In order to avoid oxidation of the extract and, accordingly, the loss of medicinal properties, you should always store it in a dark place with the lid tightly closed, precluding prolonged contact with air. The shelf life of the extract is not more than a year. Taking extract inside of a half of a teaspoon for 15-20 minutes before Breakfast and dinner.

Amaranth in cosmeticsIn recent times its leaves, juice and oil are becoming more and more cosmetic application. Thanks contained in all parts of biologically active substances, including unique, it is in various forms of cosmetic preparations have an effective protective, revitalizing and long-lasting rejuvenating effect on the skin, hair and nails.

Lotions, masks, compresses on the basis of amaranth to moisturize, nourish, soften and smooth the skin and makes it soft and velvety. The use of amaranth in the care of the hair, strengthens the roots, promotes growth and restoration of their structure, gives elasticity and Shine. Amaranth oil is sometimes blended with avocado oil to enhance its cosmetic properties.

In homemade cosmetics, it is recommended to use MELTED WATER, which is very easy to prepare at home. This water is used as the basis for the preparation of herbal cosmetic forms and for washing or rinsing before and after use.


fresh juice is used as lotion for the face and neck.

infusion-lotion: 1 tablespoon dried herbs (or 2-3 fresh leaves) pour a glass of boiled water, 1-1. 5 hours, strain. Wipe face and neck 3-4 times a day.


for all skin types: 2 tablespoons of juice mixed with 2 tbsp sour cream and about 15-20 minutes apply a thin layer to the face and neck. Wash off with warm water.

for oily skin: mashed greens mixed with crushed cereal. The mixture in the form of a mask put on facial skin for 15-20 min, wash off with warm water. Then put on face for 5 min. wet, cold cloth moistened with infusion of amaranth

for dry skin: 2 tbsp. juice, raw yolk of one egg, 1 tsp spoon of low fat sour cream, 3-4 drops of amaranth oil. The ingredients are mixed and put the mask on the skin. After 20 min. wash off with warm water.


for the skin around the eyes: crushed herbs applied to the eyelids closed eyes and the area around them, cover with a damp swabs. After 15 minutes, remove and rinse the eye with warm water. Repeat the procedure 2 times a week to achieve visible effect.

for skin of neck and chest: powdered greens mixed with warm milk until the consistency of porridge. Applied evenly on a cloth and applied to the neck and chest area for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

hair care

rinse hair decoction has a conditioning effect. Cooking broth: 3 tablespoons of dry powdered leaves or 6-8 fresh leaf brewed with boiling water in a thermos with a capacity of 1 l is Kept day. Diluted with warm water in the ratio 1:1. Use 1-2 times a week.

oil or oil extract to strengthen hair with hair loss — rubbed into the scalp daily before bedtime. Treatment for 1 to 6 months.

infusion for baths: 300-400 g of leaves pour 2 liters of boiling water, boil in a tightly sealed container for 15 minutes, cool, strain; decoction is mixed with water in the tub. Time of reception of amaranth bath — 20 min.


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