Amaranth and its derivatives - a valuable element for a healthy diet!

The miraculous medicinal properties Amaranth known since Inca times, the Aztecs, the ancient Hindus, Chinese and Greeks. In South America, it was called the golden grain of God. This means that the use of more than 2 amaranth thousand years. Not only plant that can boast such a history.

In Russia, it is often used bread from amaranth, which prolongs life. Frequent historical mention of centenarians, whose age was much higher than average (about 3 centuries). But under Peter I banned the raising and use this valuable product. But could live almost forever ...

Name Amaranth includes root "mara", denoting a goddess of death among the ancient Aryans, and the prefix "A", which meant a denial (typical, atypical, moral-immoral, and so on. D.). That is literally amaranth - a denial of death, eternal life

! To the ancient Indians amaranth admitted immortality herb, used to make the divine drink - Amrita. In Ayurvedic practice, amaranth is considered to be a product that has two flavors (sweet and astringent), has a cooling effect and is easily absorbed by the body. Such characteristics are only Basmati and mung bean.

After such a historical perspective, let's take a closer look the healing properties of amaranth. It has long been all that gave amaranth people went into business. The seeds were ground into flour, which is used for the production of bread, it is added to soups and main dishes; We have squeezed the oil used for the treatment of various diseases; Leaves and stems are used for salad and fed to livestock. Some varieties extracted dyes, which have been used for food. As you can see, the range of use of amaranth is very wide.

For many years amaranth was abandoned and recently started his study that stunned researchers! After studying chemistry to find out what Amaranth contains a huge amount of protein connections (16 to 18%). Wheat has a total of 12 kinds of amino acids, some Incoming referred to indispensable, t. To. The human body can not synthesize their own. One of the essential amino acid lysine, which in the presence of amaranth in 3 dozen times more than wheat, helps the body digest food. Various mineral elements (K, Fe, P), containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, t. H. An essential linoleic. A very high content of various vitamins, especially E (the most powerful antioxidant!).

But the most valuable component of amaranth - squalene it!

The amaranth its content reaches 8-10%, which is the highest of skvalenosoderzhaschih. It is a vehicle for the oxygenation of cells. If the cells do not have enough oxygen in the presence of excess oxidants, the cell begins to break down. Respectively that can lead to cancer. Amaranth is due to the presence of squalene has a high regenerating properties, very good boosts the immune system, helping to reduce the incidence of a different nature.

The use of amaranth is shown in oncology, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, liver; the digestive system; pathologies of various skin (including psoriasis, etc.); diabetes; obesity. Amaranth - is a great protection against radiation! This is just a small list of what can cure the amaranth!

For healthy eating amaranth is irreplaceable!

Reception 1-2 tablespoons of oil per day, normalizes metabolism, strengthen the immune system, rejuvenate the body. Your skin and hair will be shiny and healthy appearance, improved vision.

For the beautiful half of humanity the use of amaranth and its derivatives help with various women's "issues».

Amaranth meal - the seeds from which the pre-pressed oil. This is a great element of diet, which in the short term will improve the condition of the digestive tract, leading to the normalization of metabolism. Reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, restore the body after surgery, chemotherapy - eat every day for a couple of art. l. amaranth meal. Helping your child to learn, fast-paced, athletic withstand load - add a meal to eat

. Application for bathing dried fruit (seeds) Amaranthus relieve you from pressure sores, dermatitis, eczema, diathesis, burns and so on. D.

Let's summarize. Amaranth is an essential element for a healthy and balanced diet. If you want to be forever young, to have a well-groomed and youthful appearance, use amarantosoderzhaschie drugs that perfectly blend with medication, reduce the side effects of medication.

You can not buy youth,
but you can buy amaranth and its derivatives and to extend it !!!

Treat yourself to a second youth with amaranth !!!


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