The white interior of your house: ideas for inspiration

Very often the choice of a particular solution simply look around. So there are different fantasies. For example, on the subject of snowy plains.

Each color is symbolic. The symbol color in a particular culture may be different, until the opposite. In Russia the color white is associated with purity and innocence.

If you paint all the walls in pure white color, they will dazzle the eye and will create the undesirable effect of "residual image". The view will absolutely inhospitable and cold.

Therefore, large areas should use subtle shades of any color. Lighter than the selected color — the less restrictions for a set of different shades in the same room. There is also a lot of different options with different end result. It is possible to take for a basis only shades of cream, varying in saturation.

And you can make a "pearl" interior, which features all the finest colors, shimmering on sunlit snow. Pale lilac, light cream, light yellow, light stalowy, bluish and rose — all you can use.

On the floor lay parquet honey with a pearl reflection effect, cover cozy mats are light sand color, they will give a visual feet, which is very important for the overall feeling of comfort.

Wall vackraste in barely noticeable creamy-white, grayish-white color. Better if this color be selected from a warm palette of colors. But the ceiling can be poured barely noticeable bluish tint with a velvety, matte surface, and he gets up high, regardless of its true height.

It is possible for walls to use Venetian plaster or similar to get the pearl reflection. But in this case it is necessary to choose between floors and walls — what will flicker.

Put the white leather sofas. Throw them pillows with a subtle floral pattern in pastel colours. Let these tones are echoed in the upholstery of the chairs. White lacquer furniture on the glass surfaces of the tables will sparkle with fuzzy spots all the fine surrounding colors.

Hang on the wall pictures in white frames. Choose pictures that will not be screaming for its rich colors and organically fit into the interior: pictures of lilacs, lilies of the valley, delicate, spring flowers. Whether it's oil or posters depends on the chosen style of the interior.

Put porcelain vases with flowers of white color. The living fragrance of roses or lilies fills the room and enliven it.

Put next to sofa tables, which will place the lamp. There should be at least two are the same, covering all the major areas. Turning on the lamp you snatched from the environment in only one area, creating an oasis of comfort.

The pearl, the interior acceptable use of crystal chandeliers and lamps. Fabulous game of the light reflected in the crystals only further emphasize the "snow" and the fragility of the interior. And color glare not sink in the colored walls, and will create in them a living picture.

The curtains must be subtle, gentle, very light colour shades. It can be layered chiffon curtains. But if the Windows of your house open onto the forest, lake or river — leave a vivid picture in the window — it will change every day and you will have the chance to see these changes and live with them.

The only thing you should care is about the purity of glass. They should be crystal clear. Then all that will happen behind the window — rain, Blizzard, Sunny autumn day — all remind you that there is no bad weather...

A snow room allowed only a single "strong" spot, the focus is a fireplace (or replacement TV). If you want to put in one room together with fireplace and TV — make sure that it could close any of the panels.


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