How to find new business ideas!

1. Believe in yourself.
You will not be coming up with a good business idea up until not believe that you can do it. Generate ideas capable of everyone only need to want and to develop the ability to identify promising ideas and those without a future.

2. Do not forget about the search.
Wherever you are and whatever you do, always keep turned on the idea of ​​finding promising ideas. Ideas can come from anywhere, and some of the best ideas will seem abnormal or even impossible. But it's when you rely on your current knowledge, experience and assumptions. Try to be prepared to explore new ideas and change your world view. Do not be afraid of revolutionary ideas.

3. Write down all your ideas.
No matter what they seem to you at the time of their inception. Write them down, and then, after some time, re-read, and perhaps many of them you seem brilliant. Although in most cases the opposite is true, the more you think about the idea, the more you find it and cons disappointed. As if there was not, jot down ideas is important, because all keep in mind is impossible. There is a possibility that some of them will forget, and you have it written down. Just one more tip, keep your records away from prying eyes.

4. Try to learn something new every day.
A lot of good ideas come in the process of studying any issue or subject. Surely, as a student, you often come to the idea that, in your opinion, should improve the world. So never stop learning something new, and remember that in the learning process, you may come to an idea that will change your life.

5. Talk about your ideas.
Tell me your ideas to anyone who will listen, but only if you trust the person and you know that it does not assign them to yourself. Most often, this may be the best of friends or family. Try to explain the idea of ​​the pros and cons that you can see the progress of ideas. The fact is that during the call you find the weaknesses of the ideas, new challenges, as well as areas for improvement and ideas.

6. Listen to the people.
Ask questions and listen to people's problems, hopes, dreams and aspirations. Learn what they are missing that would like to change. And who knows, you might just come to your mind the idea of ​​how to improve their situation.

7. Explore.
When you come up with any idea, look for ready-made implementation of this idea. Use the search engines to look for similar ideas, businesses or products and then evaluate them. What are they not, what is missing? Perhaps the answer to this question is another idea.

8. Draw a mind map (mind map).
Mind map - a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks or other thoughts related to the central idea, which is to be analyzed. Mind map is used to visualize, structure and classify ideas, and besides, it's a great assistant in the research organization, problem solving, and summarizing.

9. Mix and match ideas.
Combining two or more unrelated ideas you get new potential.

10. Do not dwell long on one idea.
When we often think of something boring idea and we cease to see solutions. We need to escape, to get away from this idea for some time to think about anything else. But the subconscious mind will continue to analyze the problem and come up with new solutions. It is best to distract help sleep. Not for nothing do they say "this morning is wiser than evening."


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