7 tips on how to have confidence in yourself!

1. Competence. Try a good understanding of the issues dealt with. The more you know the subject, the more confident you will feel. At least, it will have confidence in individual matters.

2. demeanor. When dealing with people, you most likely can easily determine confidently holds himself or that person or is not sure of himself. The main signals for you to be his gestures, looks, posture, speech. How true that inner self of man is reflected in his behavior, just the opposite is true: the behavior of certain forms the internal sensations that correspond to this behavior.
Determine what kind of behavior to you is a reflection of the confidence man. You can develop self-confidence, adhering to these qualities in his behavior.
It is possible to designate several universal properties of confident behavior. Gestures: an open body posture, gestures correspond to the speech tempo and character. Speech: smooth, without haste, without a hitch, addressed to the other party, sufficient volume. Looking outdoor directed to the interlocutor. Also important erect posture and firm gait.

3. Appearance. Your appearance should not cause you thought that in you that something is wrong. Your thoughts reflect on your behavior and your lack of confidence in their appearance certainly affect your overall level of confidence. This is a completely subjective matter. If you are not satisfied with your physical form, be engaged in order to put it in order. If you think that your clothes do not fit you, you get your wardrobe in order to look in the mirror at his reflection could have a positive effect on your self-confidence.

4. Role Model. The best thing a person learns to live examples. Find a role model - someone who, in your opinion, of course has a high level of confidence. It could be someone from your environment or a person who does not know you personally, but so that you have enough material for study, including video.
See what you can learn for yourself. Features of speech, gestures, attitudes, approaches to clothing.

5. Activity. Few things compare to the reinforcement of self-confidence with a positive result of their actions. When you want something, we have been active in this field and have achieved a result that suits you.

6. Find the cause. Identify the reasons why you need confidence. What will change if your confidence will grow. Change your position at work or your relationships with others? The reasons should be sufficient incentive to maintain your desire to change.

7. Relationship to Other. Be considerate of others. If you see that your partner keeps not confident, try to cheer him up. This attitude will allow you and, in turn, develop more confidence.


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