5 methods to cheer up!

1. Draw your anger or other negative feelings, which is now oppresses you. To portray him as a man, a monster, or an abstract picture. And then burn the paper. As an option - are composed of a airplane, run it in a window, or send it to the trash.

2. Pull up. Stretch your arms up, straighten the spine and pull the sun. Imagine that on your head - a crown. Whoever Does the Queen to pay attention to small everyday troubles?

3. Treat something tasty colleague or friend. In response, you probably received thanks and a warm smile. If nearby there is nobody - Treat yourself (a) itself. And be sure to tell me: "Thank you, dear (th)!»

4. Smile yourself in the mirror. Maybe at first to be a little strained smile, but you do not give up! When we smile, the body produces the hormone of happiness and mood rises automatically. Try a friendly smile to passers-by on the street, though certainly some of them will answer you the same.

5. Compose a meaningless poem. Rhymes horrible, for example, the words "passion" and "fall", "pan" and "pullet". What is more absurd is the quatrain, the better: more reasons to laugh.


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