10 simple things that will make every moment happy. It changed my life!

The feeling of happiness is interesting because we all have different representations about it - what it is and how to achieve it. No wonder that man is by nature obsessed with the search of happiness and a lifetime committed to him.

Because recommend reading surprising tips on how to become happier. Here are ten top tips, backed by scientific explanations:

1. Physical exercise - just seven minutes! B>
Surely you've heard the statement about the effectiveness of seven-minute workout. So the excuse that the time for sports are sorely lacking, is no longer working. Exercise a profound impact on our happiness and well-being, it is the most effective way to overcome depression. Sean Eykor in his book "The advantage of being happy" describes his research in the treatment of patients for depression. Three groups of people suffering from depressive disorder treated with medications, exercise, and a combination of these two methods. The test results are stunning. While all three groups experienced a notable improvement in their level of happiness, the result was different from all three.

Groups treated had been diagnosed six months later to assess the frequency of relapses. Of those who took just medication, 38% returned to its former state. The combination therapy group issued a slightly better result - relapse rate was the 31%. Those patients who are actively engaged in physical exercise, almost completely healed - depression struck again, only 9%, this is a very serious indicator!

Exercise - the key to relaxation and harmony, they contribute to the activity of brain activity. Not even losing weight, you'll see how the body receives more beautiful shape. When a person is engaged in sport, he feels more confident and more pleasant in his body.

Exercise influence the level of endorphins in the body, hormones, giving happiness, and affect the production of the protein that makes us feel much happier.

2. More Sleep - less negative emotions. B>
Sleep helps our body to recover after a working day, concentrate and be more productive. It is so important to our happiness!

Researchers at Po Bronson and Ashley Merriman explains to how sleep affects positive perception of the world by man: «Negative impressions are processed in the amygdala of the brain, whereas positive or neutral memories are grouped in the hippocampus. Deficit sleep is very negative impact on the functioning of the hippocampus. As a result of sleep deprivation, people do not reproduce the pleasant memories, but the darkest moments often come to mind ». I>

In one experiment, sleep-deprived students tried to remember a list of words. The result is striking: the test could recall about 81% of the words with negative connotations, such as "cancer", "war". And only 31% of words with positive or neutral value, such as "sun" or "basket" they kept in memory.

Sleep affects our sensitivity to negative emotions. With assignments for face recognition, which the participants are invited to perform the experiment at different times of the day, scientists have tried to figure out how the subjects were exposed to the influence of positive and negative emotions. Those participants who had worked all day without a break for a short nap, at the end of the day were more prone to negative emotions such as fear or anger. Those who did not disdain to sleep an hour or more, were pacified and set complacent.

On the level of happiness and well-being strongly influenced by the duration and quality of sleep.

The authors of another study tried to find out as the morning mood of employees affects their work throughout the day, and were overwhelmingly surprised. Scientists have found that the mood of the morning employees affects the productivity of their work throughout the day. The mood, which they came to work affects their perception of the customer as well as the way they responded to the power rating. Managers important to remember that the mood of their subordinates determines their performance, including the fact how much work they can perform, and how well it is done.

3. Move closer to work! Long road exhausts. B>
The trip to and from work, which we do every day can have a very tangible impact on our bird of happiness. We make this route twice a day, five times a week. Impact uninspiring trips will accumulate over time and make us less and less happy.

Long way to work - it is something that can have a huge impact on the quality of our lives, even though we often do not think about it. Public Transport with his indescribable delights terribly depressing. Or, as Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert: «To go in traffic - new face of hell every day». I>

We often try to compensate for the long way to work, buying a big house, or agreeing to a higher paying position, but it still does not help. Two Swiss economist who studied the impact of commuting on happiness came to the conclusion that these factors can not pay back the suffering that we experience during the grueling journeys to work.

4. Spend more time with friends and family, so you do not regret the missed opportunities. B>
On his deathbed, people often regret that they spent with their family and friends not enough time. Communication with loved ones is essential to happiness, even if it comes to introverts. Several studies have proven that our mood depends on how much time we spend with his family and friends.

It is proved that the relationship between people and the way we help others, are important factors in long and happy life: «We have found that, if a participant of the experiment sincerely believes that he has close friends and relatives, in which it can count on in difficult times, his health has been quite strong. It's reasonable to assume that those participants who were convinced that they are loved and cared for, to live longer ». I>

But this assumption was wrong. Regardless of the size of the human environment, the main benefit from relationships with others a person receives by helping others. Those who help their friends and family, gives advice and takes care of the other, they tend to live to a ripe old age.

5. Often Walk: The best temperature for happiness - 13, 9 degrees Celsius. B>
In the book "The advantage of being happy" Sean Eykor recommends to spend more time in the fresh air, to feel happy: «If you find the time to walk down the street on a fine day, it will bring you a lot of good. One study showed that 20 minutes in the open air in good weather, not only improve mood, but also to expand the boundaries of thinking and improve short-term memory ». I>

20 minutes - it's quite a short period of time to use it for a walk during a lunch break or commute.

In 2011, the American Meteorological Society published the results of a study proved that the temperature of the air at the time of walking has a much greater impact on our happiness than other variables such as wind speed, humidity, or the average temperature for the day. They also found that the best temperature for happiness - 13, 9 degrees Celsius. Such is the amazing fact.

6. To help other people: 100 hours a year - and you are on the order of happier! B>
The most paradoxical advice on how to achieve happiness - to help other people. 100 hours a year (or only 2 hours per week) are the optimal amount of time that you can spend on helping others while enriching your own life. If we return again to the book Sean Eykora, we find there the following: «When the researchers interviewed 150 people about their recent purchases and acquisitions, they found that the money spent on various types of entertainment and events - such as concerts and joint Dinner at the restaurant - bring people a lot more fun than material purchases, such as shoes, TVs or expensive watches. Money spent on other people and increase the level of happiness ». I>

7. Smile more! A smile can even ease the pain. B>
By itself, the smile can be a factor in the improvement of our health, but it is more effective if it is supported by positive thoughts.

A new study conducted by researchers at Michigan State University have shown that the service staff to work with clients who insincere smile throughout the day, there is a worsening of mood, and unwillingness to work, which in turn affects their performance. Meanwhile, those employees who smile sincerely experiencing positive emotions and thinking about something good - about a vacation in the tropics or performance of their child - are in a good mood.

Of course, you must train genuinely smile - to smile not only lips and eyes.

Smile - it's also a good medicine against the pain that we feel in the difficult moments of life. Even if you force yourself to smile, without feeling positive emotions, it is enough to slightly improve your mood. This is a wonderful way to cope every day with a variety of stressful situations.

8. Plan your journey - even if you're not going anywhere, thinking about it will give you happiness. B>
Obviously, planning a vacation or short break in the work can raise the level of happiness. The study found that the anticipation of the upcoming holidays helped to improve the level of happiness for a period of up to eight weeks. After the end of the vacation, most people there was a sharp decline in happiness to the initial readings.

If you can not go on vacation right now, even if you can not just meet in the evening with friends, plan any event, even let it happen soon. Just think about this in a moment of melancholy, and feel better already!

9. Teach meditation technique and attitude to his brain vibrations of happiness. B>
We often hear that meditation - it's a great way to improve our concentration, clarity of thought and attention, and to regain composure. Now it became clear that meditation is also useful to improve the level of happiness.

In one study, scientists from multidisciplinary hospital in Massachusetts studied brain images of 16 volunteers before and after the 8-week course of meditation. Results of the study proved that the areas of the brain responsible for pleasure and relaxation of the people increased, and those that affect depressed mood, decreased significantly

That is meditation literally cleanses and calms our mind, so it is often called the most effective way to achieve happiness. According to Sean Eykora, meditation can make a man happy for a long time.

10. Learn to give thanks, it's the path to happiness. B>
At first glance, this advice seems simple enough, but personally I have found that, if followed, it can dramatically change a person's world. There are many ways to express my gratitude: you can keep a journal, which will record all grateful for that, or find your own way of expressing gratitude for the support from the people around you.

As a result of an experiment in which participants were required to write down in a notebook every day something for which they can be thankful, it was found that their mood improved just by the fact that they did it!

The experimental results show that a conscious focus on good deeds to man can benefit emotionally and in terms of interpersonal relationships. It is proved that the writing of letters of appreciation increased the feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life and reduced symptoms of depression.

Finally it is worth noting that with age, especially when we have experienced a period of maturity, we naturally become happier. Scientists have not fully figured out why this happens, but they already have a few suggestions in this regard. The researchers found that when older people to show images of persons or situations, they tend to better remember those which depicted the positive aspects.

So, if you first think that old age will make you unhappy, you should drop by themselves, these sad thoughts: likely in old age you will look at many things with much more optimistic than it is now.

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