47 little things, which is to get rid of

writer and psychologist Sarah Hansen believes that the misfortune has many shades. She personally found 47 - these are the factors that always affect us negatively. If you stop doing these little things, life will be much brighter.

Website offers all read the article Sarah. Here everything is simple and clear, but for some reason in our daily struggle, we so easily forget it.

1. Do not worry

Anxiety - is like a rocking chair, which is frantically moving but going nowhere. You just can not control their actions. Relax and concentrate. Peace of mind will help you make the right decision. In the end, very true words of the famous song: «Do not worry, be happy».

2. Do not try to keep everything under control

Sometimes people think they jumped straight from the comic book superhero. They believe that they can control everything. Any of the plan should be implemented immediately. You know, this problem can hardly afford even Superman. The reality is that we can not control anything except yourself. Get over it, and you can enjoy what is happening, not constantly trying to do the impossible.

3. Grievances primarily harm you

take offense - it's like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. You are only hurting yourself, accumulating negative energy. Release the situation - it will do you good. Understand your abuser is likely to enjoy life and do not think about you, while you spend your precious hours out to mentally send him death rays.

4. People do not always have to play by your rules

Newsflash: the world has no idea about your rules. The sooner you realize this, the happier will. No other people have not received your memorandum on how we should live, treat you to do your job and build relationships. People often get angry at the fact that someone does not want to comply with their inner ideals. And, of course, the decision impossible task - to get everyone to live by his standards - brings a lot of frustration. Accept people as they are and appreciate the whole range of ideas and perspectives.

5. No need to compare yourself with others

We all play this game - take some tiny part of another person's life and compare with his. For example, I can not compare myself with Plushenko and conclude that I am very bad skate. But who knows, maybe I'm better than him sing, or drive a car? That is why such thrall under the microscope yourself and others - a meaningless exercise. The whole will always be more the part that you are looking at, but you will constantly dissatisfied, comparing only the individual elements. If you just can not give up the comparison, send it inside: you are better today than they were yesterday?

6. Are you sure that dream come true will make you happy?

One says: "I'll be happy when I earn one hundred million dollars" and the second: "I'll be happy when today for a delicious dinner will meet my family." Who among them happier? Of course, to have big goals - it's great. But when you tie your happiness only to future success - which, incidentally, may not happen, you can not enjoy today. Find something that will delight today and let tomorrow surprise you.

7. The glass is half full!

If you are a pessimist, you notice only the bad in your life. Your perception becomes your reality. Try to focus on the best qualities of the people and on the good that is around. The more you see the sunlight, the less you will notice the shadows.

8. Communicate

The man - a social creature, and there's no getting around it. If one day on a Saturday night, you find yourself alone and depressed, make an attempt to change that. How do you usually find friends? Try to go to public places where there are people who share your interests and beliefs. Smile, Reach out and be really interested in the interlocutor. You will be surprised how well it will help you to build long-term relationships.

9. Money - this is important, but it is not the most important thing

Money makes life better and easier, what to hide, but they do not bring happiness. Think, if tomorrow was the last day of your life, you really would spend the remaining time to make money? Most likely, you would want to spend those hours with loved ones or doing things you love. Life in accordance with internal goals of bringing more fun than all the money in the world.

10. Take time to correct things

Sometimes we all feel lost. But the construction of its activities in accordance with the internal values ​​makes us happier. There is a simple exercise: Make a list of values, and arrange them in order of importance to you. Then compare how many of your daily activities match your values. Is there a deviation? What can you do to change it?

11. Surround yourself with happy people

You - the sum of five people with whom you spend the most time. If your friends are a constant source of negativity, then the time has come to look more positive people.

12. Find your destination

A lot of people signed up to the lie that the meaning of their existence - to live up to the weekend. It is not surprising that there are so many accidents fast livers. Stop there and start living. Find your purpose and pursue it with passion. It does not matter whether it's orphans or cancel delicacies for dinner for the whole family. Sometimes it will be difficult, sometimes - scary, but trust me - it will be the most exciting adventure on your way.

13. Remember: you are the author and not the actor

You render the world a disservice when you try to be what in fact are not. Playing the role of someone else, you will never be able to meet the expectations of their own. Some part of your mind will ever know that you have suppressed themselves to read the line that you have not been contacted and - worse still - in that you do not believe.

14. Do not get stuck in his past

Many people are a product of your past - the sum of regret, sadness and a variety of "what if". Yes, you can learn from mistakes of the past, but it can not be changed or relive. Live in the present - this is the only way to get to the future.

15. Live in the present

Some people think that happiness - is the destination, but in fact only road to it gives us a sense of the fullness of life. Think of everything that happens as an adventure. If you do not, then so be miserable, waiting for his beautiful "tomorrow." But life - it's one endless "today", right?

16. Exercise

Yes, exercise, proper nutrition and healthy sleep directly affects your happiness. Emotions depend on many physical factors. Communication mind and body is so strong that sometimes a couple of exercises, a walk in the fresh air and the extra hour of sleep can greatly improve your mood.

17. Do not be a perfectionist

There are three types of perfectionism: perfectionism in relation to itself - when you expect perfection from yourself, social perfectionism - when you think others expect perfection from you, and perfectionism in relation to the other - when you expect perfection from others. All three make you miserable. Let's just accept the fact that perfection is unattainable - and to be honest, even boring - and life will become much easier.

18. Failures - this is normal

Some people are so afraid of making a mistake that prefer to do nothing. Imagine that you would have done when just learning to walk. You'd still be crawling. Unfortunately, growing up, we sometimes lose courage and are afraid to try something new. If you accept this way of thinking, your life will never be complete -, respectively, can not see you happiness, as their ears.

19. Get out of your comfort zone, it's not so bad

The growth is happening outside our comfort zone. If you do not dare to go beyond the usual, you will never know the joy of victory over fear and gaining wings. Once the bird has to leap to learn to fly. You can not stay in the nest and be happy, watching the flight of others.

18. Give debts and do not get into them

Debts provoke stress rupture of relations and financial difficulties. Develop a plan for how you will pay off the creditors, and you immediately become much calmer.

19. Spit on scores of others

If you are expecting that others will evaluate you on the merit, you will always be unhappy. No one, except you have no right to determine your relevance and value.

20. Do not neglect the close relationship

Do you know what people regret on his deathbed? No, not that they earned little money and spent enough time in office. Most people remember the relationship that had been destroyed in the pursuit of unnecessary things. Do not neglect your family and friends. In the end, love is still the greatest value in the world.

21. Say goodbye to procrastination

Procrastination - it is an endless spiral of frustration. You put things for later, and the more you do so, the heavier your load. It's like trying to run a marathon and on the way to gather stones. In the end, the weight becomes simply unsupportable.

You must finish the job and throw the stones to be easy and ready for maneuver, without dragging in tomorrow 20 cases from yesterday.

22. Learn

Learning new things brings the joy of discovery. Find a hobby, look for a new interest in life. While studying, you will experience the world anew - and hence stay young, the ability to surprise and happy.

23. Realize Dream

Ghosts of unfulfilled desires can pursue us. Fortunately, we can always bring life to our perception of the world, if we can find the courage to move beyond new features.

24. Do not let boredom take hold of your time

The lives of many people takes place without change, and this can lead to boredom. We have the latest achievements of science and technology around the world is simple and relatively safe, and there is no place of adventure. Routine sucks. But there are many ways to bring variety to life. Set a goal to do something that knocks you out of the rut and even scary - believe me, there are so many that you can wake up, shake, to surprise and enchant.

25. Do not overreach

You are always busy, so do not have time to feel alive. What kind of happiness can there be a question? Review your schedule. You will surely find there are many things that you have taken time, but give nothing in return.

26. Get enough sleep

In people suffering from insomnia, 10 times more likely to be depressed than those who sleeps well. Get enough sleep - and you will be happy.

27. Make time for yourself

Sometimes you need to give your ears a rest from the noise of life and focus on the internal monologue. Spending time alone with him - natural and normal. It does not matter whether it's a cup of coffee on a park bench or a week trip to the mountains for climbing. Your psyche will be very grateful to you for those moments of solitude.

28. Set a goal

Aimless life - it is an endless source of frustration. Instead of just letting things happen to you, build your future, setting goals and achieving them. Seeing that goal was successfully achieved - one of the greatest joys in life.

29. Be independent

It depends on other easier but independence - a feature adult. Those who cling to others and has no plans to be free, are doomed to struggle with low self-esteem. Unable to fly on its own wings, if you are burdened with the need to constantly "drag" with someone else.

30. You deserve happiness

Some have misconceptions about what they do not deserve happiness. Their gnawing sense of guilt for past actions or they simply feel unworthy of such emotions. But happiness - is an experience that everyone should experience. Cross out "not" in his "I do not deserve," and see what will change.

31. You always something a little bit is not enough

For a sense of the fullness of life you will always lack something else. And further. And that's it - a little bit, just a little. If you are constantly on the verge of satisfaction, your chances for happiness are significantly reduced. It will never end, the monster of greed and you will gnaw inside. All the time you will lie to yourself, that is about to find the last thing that will make you happy. In fact, this hole has no bottom. Try to feel the joy of each moment, and you will experience an unprecedented rise.

32. Do not miss opportunities

When opportunity knocks at the door, many of us simply do TV sound louder and settle comfortably on the couch. Still, after all this looks like an opportunity to work or pushes you out of your comfort zone and you do not need it. Simply sit, right? But if this behavior becomes a habit, one day you will wake up in a deep disappointment when you realize that all the missed chances. It's hard to be happy if you do not give good things to happen in your life.

33. Complacency - a brake

Complacency gives the illusion of peace. Everything is going very well, life does not hit you, you are beautiful, like a god - what else is needed? In fact, you're just going with the flow, and one day it may make you very unfriendly shore. Fight, overcome yourself, do not let yourself zakostenet passive existence.

34. Work is better to love than not love

Like it or not, at work you spend most of your life. It is difficult to maintain a happy smile, if you hate with every fiber of the soul is the place and the people you meet there daily. Still, the work should bring joy and satisfaction, not only the opportunity to pay the bills.

35. Do not participate in the race for unnecessary things

Sometimes we forget what's really important for us. Just think - is it you need this new car, if for this need to work three jobs and sacrifice time that you could spend with your family?

36. Spiritual life must be

Recent studies show the relationship between spirituality and happiness. This is due to the fact that meditation or prayer, and fellowship with like-minded positive mood, soothe, help to relax and tune in to change for the better.

37. Do not be afraid of yourself

It's strange, but many are afraid of themselves and do not trust your instincts. But if you do not even trust yourself, who do you trust? Learn to believe in their decisions, and no doubt in your own life's journey. This is what is called the "harmony».

38. Do not worry about what others think

Once you accept the fact that it is impossible to please everyone, life is just sparkle with bright colors. Trying to please everyone one will drive you crazy. There is no reason to live, constantly trying to adjust to someone.

39. Relax

Still life - it's a game, and all of us from time to time need a timeout. If you do not allow yourself to relax, stress and frustration will accompany you all the time. Learn to relax and recuperate, and then your mental and physical health has improved markedly.

40. Take a chance

Many people do not use their opportunities in life to the maximum. If you feel that you are capable of more, risk, challenge destiny. You can feel the excitement discoverer, while your friends will still be lazily wallowing in the mire of everyday life. Transcending makes life much more attractive.

41. Be patient

Oh, it's so hard to be patient, how hard to wait, but sometimes that's all you can do. Sometimes circumstances force us to slow down and wait, you just need to accept it. In the end, you can choose - to calm down and not to rush into a decision or to hurry and people laugh.

42. Learn from your mistakes, but better - on foreign

Step on the same rake - favorite pastime of some people.



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