10 things in the kitchen, from which you want to delete

Your kitchen is not enough space? This is not a reason to buy another Cabinet: it is much easier to get rid of unnecessary things that create a mess in the kitchen. Tell where to start

You will be surprised, but the main reason for the mess in the kitchen — not the lack of places of storage, and the extra stuff is literally clogging up the kitchen space. Unused cookbooks and appliances, extra knives and mugs, useless magnets and plastic bags — all this creates a feeling of clutter and make the kitchen practical. Offer to end it and get rid of unnecessary things in the kitchen and will help you to our simple, short list. 1. Unused containers

The use of plastic containers cannot be overestimated, but this does not mean that there should be a lot. You will be enough and two or three different sized containers. Judge for yourself: the containers occupy much space, and you use them not so often. So the extra sets it is better to get rid of.

  2. Extra mugs

Collection of mugs, too, takes an inordinate amount of space on the shelves of the kitchen cabinets. Release it for anything else, leaving only the most favorite cups and mugs. This does not necessarily hide them in the closet: you can put a set on open shelves, a beautiful dish was always in sight.

  3. Unnecessary things in boxes

Keep in the kitchen only the necessary things. Get rid of cluttering boxes of old coupons and sauces that are left after dinner at a fast food place. Collection cans also you to anything: leave a couple of cans of different sizes, and the rest will go to the cause — for example, make cool candle holders or flower vases.

  4. Old sponge for washing dishes

Sponge for washing dishes — the main source of germs in the kitchen. They need to be changed regularly, otherwise washing dishes in danger of becoming meaningless. To sponge dry and clean as long as possible, store it after use with paper clips. You can also soak the sponge for one minute in the microwave, and odor and germs no trace remains.


5. Plastic bags

Many of us in the kitchen there is a separate bin for plastic packetwise supermarket. Discard them in favor of canvas bags: it takes much less space and does not harm the environment. In addition, such a bag you can take with you to the store: it does not break and holds a lot of products. And not to forget the bag during a trip to the supermarket, keep it in the trunk of a car.

  6. Stale cotton towels

Cotton towels, which are almost in every kitchen, it is better to replace disposable paper napkins. The fact that towels are deteriorating rapidly: they should be washed at least once a week, otherwise towels acquire an unpleasant odor that is hard to get rid of. Disposable paper napkins are cheaper and cope with the chaos is not worse than cotton towels.

  7. Unnecessary appliances

Kitchen appliances is high, but that doesn't mean it needs to clutter the space. For example, those who rarely cooks can do a compact refrigerator is two times less than usual, setting it on a low Cabinet or by embedding in the wall. And those who never uses the oven, you can buy only the hob, and space underneath to use for storage of kitchen utensils.

  8. Extra kitchen knives

As you know, the Cutlery is never too much, but from a great set of kitchen knives should be abandoned. These kits are not cheap, but every knife in the set are not even known chef, limited to just three or five knives. So buying such sets is not meaningful even for the discerning gourmet.


9. Unused cookbooks

With the advent of gadgets, cookbooks and magazines do not seem so useful as before. Of course, it's great to have a book with recipes from famous chefs, but only if you truly enjoy her. If the spine with the name Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay's just pleasing to your eye, it is best to give this book to anyone who finds it to good use, and shelf space to make room for something else.


10. A thousand little things on the fridge

Expert on cleaning Mary's Condo says that all things in the house should benefit or joy. Otherwise they should be discarded. It refers to hanging on the refrigerator notes and magnets unnecessary. Because service phone number pizza delivery more convenient to store in the phone, and most of the magnets is hardly a pleasant memory of a vacation. Besides a thousand little things on the fridge creates a sense of confusion.published Author: Julia Bezborodova

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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