To update tulle we need salt, liquid blue and vinegar.

1. Soak tulle in warm water at a temperature of 36 degrees by adding a lot of salt water. soften the water and salt will corrode the entire yellowing and dirt. The water will surprisingly dark - so strong effect of salt. Let otmoknet hour and a half.

2. to rinse again with warm water. The fact that from the hot water and other thin tulle fabric yellowing and become rigid. The water should be cool to the touch by hand. The temperature of the water is measured elbow as when bathing the child. It will be warm at the elbow the other sensitivity.

3. Once again, pour this water the same temperature now add the powder, the best! Wash, rinsing, do not squeeze!

4. Again, pour the water temperature is 36 degrees, add the vinegar - Big spoon per liter of water, in general, a little bit. It is necessary to tulle "spark." The fibers of the fabric will shine, elasticity, the sun will amplify this effect. The fabric is overflow from the play of light!

5. Then pour the new water the same temperature, add water blueprints so that the water was a little blue. Your snow-white tulle will this procedure !!!

Item 5 and 4 can be combined, but the water with methylene blue should go last!

That's all, it's not so long really, but your tulle will shine and amaze acquaintances for their purity and originality.

How to make a soft terry towel again? 11 useful tips.

1. Products from terry (bathrobes and towels) is not very fond of washing powders. They will be gentle if you use liquid detergents.

2. If, however, conducted in a conventional washing powder, then you set up an additional rinse. This will help to the maximum wash detergents from terry.

3. Also do not wash terry products at high speeds (thread often rub against the drum machine) and water-saving mode.
Boil terry products can not be!

4. In order to become fluffy towels should be placed on them in salted water for half an hour, and the old and hard - washed and rinsed in salt water.

5. Towels are very fond of fresh air, so try to dry them in the street often.

6. Try to get the ball in the shops to break down and Mahra in the machine. This is a natural way for fluffing terry and pen without chemistry.

7. Conventional softener dryer is recommended to use less - they make hard towels. Use air conditioning, which has a part of the silicone.

8. Colour terry towels, try to erase a time, so they will lose the color at the same time.

9. To towels longer remained intact, buy good, expensive towels. Branded products are well withstand frequent washing.

10. Products from terry is not pat. On the expensive product is always a tag with that index. In a pinch, you can use a brush or a steam iron.

11. Wet used towels do not throw in the laundry basket, they can acquire an unpleasant odor and mold. It must immediately extend or dry.

The feed houseplants?

The secret of the luxurious indoor flower bed is easy: the plants should be well fed, otherwise wait no lush foliage, either good flowering. The rigid "diet" when the plant for a long time, lacks nutrients, usually leads to the disease - because the forces of resistance to the plant there. But how to create a menu for green pets, given their different tastes?

1). Almost all the plants like sugar (a cactus at all the great sweet tooth). You can before watering sprinkle 1 tsp. Sugar (with a diameter of about 10 cm pot) on the surface of the soil or water the plant sweet Vodicka (0, 5 tsp. Sugar at 0, 5 cups of water).

2). Good effect fertilizing flowering castor oil (1 tsp. To 1 liter of water) during the tying buds.

3). Very useful plants wood ash (and as a food for prevention of diseases). To prepare a solution of 1 tablespoon of ash. a spoonful of ash to pour 1 liter of hot water and insist 1 week, sometimes stirring. Watering with such a solution - one every 10 days.

4). Watering plants can extract this: take the brown garnet or any citrus fruit. Fill them with water and can withstand day. All! Nourishing the infusion is ready for watering!

5). Immunity houseplants perfectly enhances spraying with a solution of aspirin. One tablet dissolved in a liter of water.

6). The diluted aloe juice also fits all common houseplants. It should be one teaspoon of juice diluted in one and a half liters of water.

7). Ficus can be once a month to water sweetened water. In one liter of water takes one teaspoon of sugar. The leaves of these plants can be cleaned with milk. This will give the plants shine and beauty.

8). Mushroom infusion will help your plants look healthy and beautiful. Soak chopped edible mushrooms in the ratio of 1 to 1. A day infusion drain and mushrooms once again fill with water. A day mushroom water for irrigation will be ready.

9). Violets like this dressing: take a vial of vitamin B12 and dissolve in a liter of water (of course, to defend). To feed such vitaminchiki violets can be twice a month.

10). Banana peel is rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, can be used to transplant plants. Above the drainage layer put a layer of chopped in a meat grinder or scrolled banana peel, pour it with soil and plant a plant.

How to grow an orange tree from bone

The shops are selling lemon, orange, mandarin trees with fruits and do not believe that you have at home, it will be able to survive. And the price of citrus fruits are high. So grow his own! Tempered and favorite
What is needed:
-Apelsin With bones
-Marlya (Piece)
-Stakanchik Out from under yogurt
-Paketiki Cellophane
-Zabota And love
-Many Sun

1. eat citrus fruits and put the bones in a pile. It is necessary to choose the most plump and flat throw with the skin.
2. Top seed immediately placed in a moist environment for future germination. Optimally, take a piece of gauze or cloth, wet it and wrap it in the bones. A bag to put in the cup of yogurt (you can take a glass) and close the bag. It will turn a greenhouse for germination.
3. "incubator" better put in a warm well-lighted place and check the humidity of fabric every 2-3 days. The first roots come out after 3-6 weeks (speed depends not on you).
4. When the root will grow by 1 cm. - Can be planted in the soil (or you can wait up to 2 cm.). It is important to choose the depth of planting seeds. 1, 5 cm is enough. Do not damage the root, putting him into the depths.
5. got out a germ spraying loves and needs the sun. Keep it in the sunniest place.
6. When the second pair of leaves - can be transplanted into a more comfortable place. Every six months, it is desirable to turn over the container more.
7. Your bush will grow rapidly. Do not forget to water regularly and spray it in the sun the undead.
8. What would Bush-stick began giving lateral branches will have to pinch off the top of (2-3 leaf). But do not let your time sapling grow. And over time, you will own, accustomed to the conditions in your apartment, and after a few years, and fruit trees.

Useful tips.

1. If you happen to get your hands dirty with glue "Moment", then you can remove it using margarine. To do this, spread a dirty place and wait a few minutes.

2. If you want to have in your apartment was a pleasant smell, boil for a few minutes in water, lemon peel.

3. To remove lime scale around the tap, it is necessary to wipe this place warm vinegar.

4. In order to kitchen towels to wash well, they need to soak overnight in curdled.

5. In order to have "no escape" in the boiling milk, it is necessary to lubricate the inner edges of the pan with oil or fat.

6. when cooking vegetables only need to put in boiling water.

7. To quickly beets cooked, it should be boiled for 20 minutes, then, drain and pour cold.

8. In order to be well cleaned with young potato peel, before cleaning it to put in salted cold water.

9. Potatoes frying need to add salt to the end of the process.

10. To the beans or peas cooked quickly, they need to be for the night soak in cold water.

11. In order to fall apart when the potatoes are cooked, it should be boiled in salted water with a few drops of vinegar.

12. To beet has lost its color when cooked, it should be boiled in water with sugar and apple cider vinegar.

13. Properly cook the vegetables:
a) the cover should be dark in color and fit snugly to the pan.
b) during cooking vegetables can not pierce.
g) prepared vegetables should be immediately removed from the broth.
d) when cooking vegetables to add to the water a little lemon juice.

14. In order to make your bread longer remained close to him to put a piece of potato, apple and a little salt.

15. How to choose honey:
a) the need to take a stick and try to cheat on her honey. If it will not be screwed, it means that honey is not true.
b) the need to mash the honey in his fingers. If after a while the fingers are no longer stick to each other, it means added sugar in the honey.
c) a drop of honey should not be spread on the finger nails.

"Miracle" of soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Put 1/4 cup of baking soda in a bowl ... add enough peroxide to make a paste. Rub on your fingers or a sponge. It clears all! Stove, oven, pots made of stainless steel, hobbies, even white refrigerator door handles.

Kitchen Secrets for the test.

1. Always add the batter diluted potato starch - bread and cakes will be soft and fluffy, even the next day.
The main condition for delicious pies - a magnificent, well-sprouted dough: flour for the dough you need to sift through: from its impurities removed, and it is enriched with oxygen in the air

2. At any dough (except dumplings, puff, scalded, sand), ie the dough into pies, pancakes, bread, cakes - half liters of fluid always add "Zhmenya" (about a tablespoon with slide) decoys. The nuns taught: "Previously, the highest quality bread concocted from semolina. He long dried up and was lush. Now there is semolina. Now add Zhmenya semolina and always will be a good pastry. "Here's a valuable this advice.

3. Add to the dough, half a glass of mineral water in addition to milk. Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and a floor slightly to extinguish it with citric acid or vinegar.
Baking really turns super.Dazhe left the next day, pyshnenkaya.

4. In the room where the dough is cut, there should be no draft: it promotes the formation of a very dense crust on the cake.

5. When kneading dough all products should be warm or at room temperature, food from the refrigerator slow the rise of the test

6. Liquid yeast products must always be warmed up 30-35ºS as yeast in a liquid having a low or high temperatures, lose their activity

7. When you have punched the dough hands should be dry.

8. Before you put the product in the oven, give it to come within 15-20 minutes. Before baking the dough completely let rasstoyatsya. With incomplete proofing is bad up and pies baked through long.

9. pie on baking sheet to bake on medium heat to the filling does not run dry.

10. dough (yeast and fresh-butter) best nerastoplennoe add butter, melted butter as the dough structure deteriorates.

11. cakes cooked in milk, a delicious and fragrant crust after baking brilliant with beautiful color.

12. Yeast Dough should be fresh, with a pleasant smell of alcohol. Check yeast advance. To do this, prepare a small portion of the sponge layer and sprinkle with flour. If after 30 minutes there will not crack, the poor quality of the yeast

13. An excess of sugar in the pie dough quickly "rosy" and even burnt. It slows down the fermentation of yeast dough and pies that are less lush

14. Fats, softened cream until thick, add at the end of kneading or when obminku, this improves the fermentation test

15. To qualify cakes were more delicate and crumbly, place the dough just yolks

16. High cakes baked at low heat so they are evenly baked through.

17. Fats, softened cream until thick, add at the end of kneading or when obminku, this improves the fermentation test

18. To qualify cakes were more delicate and crumbly, place the dough just the yolks.

19. The dough for the pie, baked in a pan, rolled as thin as possible, it is good to taste the toppings.

20. To the lower part of the cake was dry, lightly sprinkle the bottom layer of the cake starch, and then lay out the filling.

21. Neither the dough or sponge dough should not be left to stand too long to give, as this causes deterioration test. Suffice it to 3 hours, but always warm.

22. Pies from yeast dough can be lubricated with milk, and, if desired, sprinkle with salt, poppy seeds, caraway seeds.

23. Closed lubricated before baking pies with beaten egg, milk, sugar water. With this on the finished cake appears appetizing luster. The best gloss is obtained by greasing yolks.

24. Pies, which is sprinkled with powdered sugar, smeared with oil - it gives them a pleasant aroma.

25. Pies, smeared with egg white, acquire during baking shiny golden brown.

26. The more test fat and less liquid, the more crumbly products obtained.

27. If the dough shift soda, the cake will turn a darker color with an unpleasant odor.

28. The thin dough is easy to roll out, wrapping a linen cloth rolling pin clean

29. If the dough is too wet, put on his sheet of parchment and rolled right through the paper.

30. Pies from a shortcake dough should be removed from the mold cool.

31. Before adding raisins to the dough, it should roll in flour.

32. always add salt to the flour only when Opara has otbrodila

33. The more test fat and less liquid, the more crumbly products obtained.

34. If the dough has come, but you do not have time to put it in the oven, cover the dough is well moistened paper, after shaking off the water with her.

35. The more test fat and less liquid, the more crumbly products obtained.

36. The hot pie is better not to cut. But if necessary, it is necessary to heat the knife in hot water, wipe and cut fast.

37. If the cake is removed from the pan, separate it from the pan with a thread.


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