Are happy women large bags?

Today will talk about bags, after all, to imagine a woman without a bag is impossible. This is a very "speaking" the subject of our wardrobe.

What can it tell us? How does the size of the bags on the self-perception of women and why happy women are not big bags? What to look for when choosing handbags?

Once in one of the social networks I posted a quote Evelina Khromchenko, what happy women large bags are not.

This quote caused a great controversy, but many of the disputants do not want to see the essence of these words, but only walked "on top":

— That happy women wear different bags.
Happiness bag is not measured.
— Think bag, how can you judge happiness.
— Everybody has their own idea of happiness.
Not fit a small handbag.

All this is true, but still...

Big bag is many things, many responsibilities and a lot of responsibility. The woman who is carrying a big bag, deals not only with the home, kids, life, but also a lot of work. All this takes a lot of effort, energy, time and nerves.

Bag with lots of compartments to fit half of a house, and it is all on the shoulder and ran. What here happiness!

Many say that a little uncomfortable.

Heels, too, is not convenient.

But heels do not give to rush, like mad, to rush, to do 100 cases a day, the heels make the gait feminine and power.

"When I look feminine, I say more gently. When I painted, heels and beautiful hair (and not in an old sweater, jeans, jacket and hat), I feel softer, and at the same time appears the web".

Clothes change our condition!

"When everything inside and outside tidy and neat, clean, soft and beautiful — it also calms down inside. Know that you should start with small things — to change something big and important in my life."

There are always reasons not to do it, not to change!

Someone will say: I have a job, I am a teacher and have to wear a lot of books.
And all of the recommendations, for example — to have an extra set of textbooks to leave at work or to use e-books, will answer that expensive that cannot afford that will spend the money better themselves, and not on the books.

The woman doesn't even want to understand that to cease to carry weight — it is also "spend on yourself". You only need to afford, to allow, and everything will begin to change and develop in surprising ways.

One woman wrote that the smaller the bag the faster it grows its welfare:

"The richer you get, the less my purse! I never saw it before!"

Indeed, in a small bag you can put your phone and credit card, even a purse does not fit.

That is, if there's anything you need, you can buy everything in the course, and not to drag with itself. Not to take water, not to take sandwiches and buy everything.

Consciousness is changing — and changes lives.

"I sometimes catch myself ridiculous trying to save to go to a distant store for a chocolate bar, because it is cheaper, to wait for "to die" trolley, because there is a state-owned travel, and the like a ten-dollar benefits. And then say to myself that my convenience is much more expensive. It is priceless".

Big bag — it's a question of confidence and security!

If you do not put in the bag half the house, life can surprise, and what can we do? You need to be ready for anything.

Some bags, such as backpacks or suitcases, as if they are on a journey going on 2 years, and the water and the makeup, cameras, notebooks. All I have with me at all occasions. To feel comfortable and safe many need to put up to 30 items in the bag.

And designers offer so many big, beautiful bags, because the modern women are ready to be strong and take matters into their own hands.

All of today's fashionable big handbags have very specific names tote bag (literally English – pouch for carrying goods). Handbag hobo bag slouchy tote in the form of a Crescent (hobo bag).

Big bag is definitely the diagnosis. Great capacity for work, the ability to shoulder it all on himself to carry a variety of cases and responsibilities, and generally to bear the burdens of that woman over time and not notice.

One business woman once shared a secret, who can best delegate responsibility, which is not included in the direct duties of staff. She was chosen for this woman with a big bag!

These are women who pull all by yourself, is very hardy and able-bodied. If they are capable of carrying, means a lot to endure. Importantly, these women say that they are not hard, because usually they pull so much on myself that the bag is not exactly notice.

A woman with a big bag gets in the way very unfeminine traits that subconsciously surrounding read: "I'm tough and can carry much."

Therefore, giving such a message, you attract into your life and certain circumstances.

Big bag is the feeling of helplessness and distrust of the world. The desire to stand up for themselves itself, to keep control of his life. I'm only counting on yourself. The more active I am, the more I move, the more I earn and receive.

A small bag is a symbol of lightness, nezasluzhenno, an allusion to the well-being and happiness in relationships.

The woman is not burdened with some heavy work, she did not need to carry reams of paper, computers, textbooks, folders, etc. most Likely a woman has a man that will help, bring, bring.

I have a rule — not to choose the bags and shoes need! This means that I choose the mood and I always have a supply, I need no shoes, no bags. When the need will always choose wrong. So it is with man. You can't choose it need:)))

So, one day I looked in the Shoe store, eyes fell on suede sandals and even thin leather sole. They were very beautiful and very impractical. I am skeptical and said it was just an engine option, will not come out. On the seller delicately remarked: "why do you walk? Man you must be on hand in a Shoe".

Of course I took them! And why not!

When there is a little bag appear beautiful to the exits in the theater, in concert, in a restaurant.

Small handbag., this is a subtle hint that the woman did not bother, but then to charge for extra work and responsibility.

A little bag, and immediately suggests the beautiful manicured hands, manicure, elegance in clothing. When I take a handbag, I can't go out in down jackets, with no manicure, no makeup, in jeans.

This bag requires change and to follow him.

The smaller the handbag, the higher the sense of security and confidence in women.

Little bag — it is also the practice for the trust.

If you want change in your life — buy yourself a small bag!

How to choose a bag.

1. Never buy fake watches brands best buy bag less known brand, but a real one.

2. If it is not possible to buy a bag of natural materials — suede and leather, it is best to choose a bag of textile fabric. It is much better than any leather, even the good quality.

3. Bag winter is different from summer handbags. The lighter and brighter the bag, the more suitable for the warm season. White and pink even in autumn wear is not necessary. Winter bag should be comfortable from materials such as suede, textiles, tanned leather, wool, and it should be a little bigger, because bigger clothes in the winter. Winter bags should not crack in the cold, and the bags fall and spring to get wet in the rain.

4. When buying, be sure to try on the bag, if the size, color, strap length, if you don't like something, something shiny, not because you want to, do not take, the bag needs to be loved!

6. On bags don't skimp. High-quality bag will give your outfit more elegance, but cheap bag "kill" even thoughtful way.

7. It is believed that curvy women do not fit small bags, maybe most are small and do not fit, but you can take a bag bigger.

Try to change your bag-a bag for a small elegant handbag. Everything changes: your clothes, your gait, the mood, the feeling of life, and of course, the attitude of men towards you.

Author: Tatiana Dzuceva


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