How to get rid of the junk in the apartment

If your house is getting cramped from filling his junk, then it is time to make haste to get rid of it! We did not notice that clutter creates confusion not only in the apartment, but in life, are the projection of our inner state. So maybe, to establish a personal life, improve your health, change jobs, change lifestyle, start with getting rid of unnecessary things in our house?

WHAT IS RUBBISH AND WHERE DOES IT come from the Trash is not only frankly old and worn out things, but all of it is unnecessary, that for years not being used and does not bring aesthetic pleasure, but continues to be stored in the far corners, in the closets and attic. These things not only occupy precious space but also attract the new stuff. After many years of shortages it is very difficult to change your mentality, learn a rational approach to everyday items. We are not able to easily part with unnecessary things, accumulating them in the bowels of his house. The cause of cluttering is getting laziness — first they can't force myself every day to keep the house in order, and then when stuff grows in incredible bunch, and not is forces to deal with it. Moreover, human values change over time, and what pleased us just a year ago, today it is worthless or even a hindrance.

HOW to GET RID of SUPERFLUOUS THINGS, of Course, not so simply to take and throw out all the junk accumulated over the years. First, we have to like all these useless things, do not notice their unattractiveness. To remove "pink glasses", try to see your home through the eyes of a stranger. Or take a picture of the room in different perspectives and imagine what those photos published in the magazine, — all deficiencies immediately caught your eye. Secondly, getting rid of the stuff — not such a quick and simple matter, it is impossible to perform at once. So if you've decided to end the mess once and for all, plan for this action. For example, decide that one day off in a month you spend on what you disassemble one corner, and ruthlessly get rid of all the excess. Thus, for a few months, your apartment will transform from a warehouse into a comfortable and cozy place. If you want to do away with the mess rather do rubble every weekend for a month or even within a couple of weeks in the evenings. The main thing is not to stray from the intended course and bring it to the end. Someone helps another approach is to walk around the apartment, quickly assemble and throw a 15, 30, 50 unnecessary things. In this way, of course, with all my stuff not to break but to leave some part of it. In addition, this method is good to use as warm-up, to reconcile himself with getting rid of excess. Even when you are determined to say goodbye to the trash, you will have to torment the question: what to throw away and what to keep? The simplest criterion is to imagine that you are moving into a new apartment, and determine what things you may need in a new life, and which to leave in old.

Get rid of any clothing that is worn, out of fashion, began to size or bothered that you haven't worn for the last couple of years and wear not going. Some sturdy and easy things you can send to the country or to leave in the event of cleaning or repair, but the rest is better to throw or give away. Broken or damaged items that cannot be repaired and used for the purpose, too, is discarded. An exception may be things that right now you can give a second life (for example, plant a flower in a cracked, but a cute mug). Let's see, maybe it is time to upgrade to a frying pan, a tablecloth or bed linen?

While traveling, it is very difficult to resist buying some souvenir, and the friends strive to bring a memorable gift. Before you know it, and these cute little things have already occupied all available surface and attract a lot of dust. Remove all knickknacks from shelves and cabinets — this will save the apartment from too much "noise", and you will save a few precious minutes during harvest.

Will peredarit or give unwanted gifts. Even if you don't need, be sure to find the person whom they bring joy and benefit. Go through old letters and greeting cards, assemble in a separate box, only the most valuable messages and from the rest of the get. A revision of the documents, printouts, notes. If some of them are obsolete or no longer used, throw them away without regret. The rest of the paper fold box or on designated shelf.

Loop the existing drugs and cosmetics, and throw away any expired cans and packaging. Leave your home library only standing instances, and fiction better give someone after reading. Do not buy more books than we can accommodate your bookshelf. Do not accumulate old magazines, throw away, give them to someone or to recycling. Sort of the old drives, leave kept only the ones that contain important information for you or your favorite movies. Don't get too many places for storage. Putting things in order, get away not only from trash but also from unnecessary wardrobe, dresser or shelves in which it was so convenient to store all that is not necessary, but it is a pity to throw away. If you are going to buy something, ask yourself whether the thing you need and you will use it. Often we buy something new just because I can't find it at home. Get for each item its place of storage, then they will not seem immense heap, they will be easy to navigate.

Not to get in his birthday the next batch of unwanted gifts, hint that you would like to receive. Your friends will be only too happy to get rid of the problem of choice. Get in the house one place (bedside table, cupboard, basket), which will put the junk — all the things that we ought to throw it away, but it is a pity. Every three months get rid of the contents of this place. VALUABLE STUFF

Do not overdo it in an effort to get rid of all the excess! Going to throw this or that thing, ask his household, whether to do it. It may be that in your opinion is useless will be valuable for a husband or child. There are also things that there's no power to part, — for example, a prom dress, a gift from the beloved but long-dead grandmother, a notebook of his grandfather, clothing, sewn with your own hands, the first picture of her daughter, page from the diary of a son, old letters from my mother, the newspaper with the article about the Pope... not to worry, organize the place where all this would really cherish to share with children and grandchildren. Let it be your "grandmother's chest" — because for some really memorable and valuable things it is very important that they remained intact and passed from generation to generation. Source

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