Design glass eco-door

Translucent design allows to reduce the consumption of energy for artificial lighting is to illuminate the corridors and other spaces shaded daylight. Italian company since 1974 produces in Italy designer glass door, professionally hand made. The main materials are glass, wood and steel, which is recyclable. Safety glass is achieved through lamination.

A laminated glass consisting of several sheets of glass bonded with polymer liquid, higher impact, and in the case of breakage, the fragments do not scatter remaining in the adhesive layer. Stratification of the glass allows the use of expressive means of mosaic and stained glass. The glass is applied appliques made of colored molten glass, sandblasted decors, liquid and the deposited glass. Glass tiles of different shapes, sizes and colors around the perimeter of manually tie tape tinned copper to achieve the effect of antique.

Different processing techniques of glass allow you to keep the transmittance of the glass, but to protect themselves from prying eyes in those rooms, where necessary. Sliding and folding doors Foa with hidden partitions provide the most efficient use of space.


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