Chinese door (20 photos)

Digging in the network, we found a lot of allegations against Chinese doors. Thus, they are often referred to as cans.

Well, we try to be objective and comparable 2 of the product of resistance to "autopsy" .Vizualnaya similarity there. Those figures punched in, apparently, soft, thin metal.

Compare the resistance canning knife:

The can is opened.

Chinese door, too.

In addition, inside a tin can is nutritious and useful
content and within the Chinese door - corrugated, which has
food certificate and generally not recommended to eat inside
dietitian. At the same time, from cans, too, can make
barriers that will restrict access door is not worse than the Chinese.

But the price of canned 1,000 times lower than the price the Chinese door.

Thus, the "price / quality" of the two products being compared are different and tin several times higher.

Here we analyzed only some excerpts from various sites
Chinese sellers door. Miserable same type of arguments superb
product when checking the network is simply nonsense and
deliberate deception of the buyer.

For what myths prokupateli Chinese doors are paying their own safety?

In the manufacture of doors used Chinese construction steel - is steel with modified chemical and physical characteristics,
stronger than ordinary steel. 1, 25 mm - thick enough when
Domestic use of the door.


Take a regular opener for 15 rubles, and try to open it.

It goes easy.

In the other direction, too.

Now, measure the thickness of the metal. The photo clearly shows that the steel thickness 0, 8 mm.Tak is why it is easy to cut the can opener.

It is understandable. Various relief pattern of the door leaf
made a simple press flex steel. Such stamping
only possible with a minimum plate thickness and maximum softness
low carbon material. So all the "changes in the chemical and
physical characteristics "are aimed only at lowering
of proof in favor of the convenience of transportation (light weight),
give decorative items and material savings.

Check that the metal is clearly less than 1 mm easily and without using a can opener.

Firstly, the blade deformation is often due to the thinness of the metal is visible
visually, secondly, the web is easily pressed even under strong
Pressing your finger. But what to say, when you install the Chinese door at
number plates need to install the necessary holes just pierce

Here's a security door. If this thing goes on, and the buyer
not thinking about proof product - the perpetrators to deal
will take only a tool opener for sprats, yet
legally sold in Russia.

This burglary steel doors.

In fact, it is difficult to recall a single vsposob opening which these
parody of the door is not opened within a few seconds of what you
be sure to carefully read the page.

The system of powerful and bronechashek bronenakladok protect the lock and cylinder from mechanical impact from the outside of the door.

Ultimate fineness and softness of the door leaf are forcing manufacturers
Only use the accessories on the bar. With the ease of a breakthrough web
a simple screwdriver, this elementary hardware breaks, releasing
Access to the cylinder body and the castle. Silumin psevdobronenakladki easily
get off at one stroke or pulled through fine linen, opening
naked, defenseless cylinder. Savings on all materials from the metal
lining up tightening the screws make the owners of these doors
vulnerable even before the amateurs.

High security lock gives unique in its capabilities cylinder with two sets of keys (3 + 1 + 5) or (5 + 1 + 5).

This statement is false. Security cylinder - is, simply put,
the number of different keys for that cylinder. Firstly,
Single-row perforated cylinders have extremely low secrecy
(minimum height cylinder pins and their minimum amount).
Second, the possibility of the transcoding significantly reduces the already
minimum privacy as 2 cylinder pin must be
strictly a certain height, to allow cutting in a conversion
its height. Third, the emergence of an additional 4 perekodirovochnyh
It lowers key secrecy even 4 times. Fourth, play pin
within these monstrous cylinder and pins them to his
cheapening made of soft brass, which leads to rapid
wear and tear, which in turn allows you to open the cylinder even close
the profile of the key. Secrecy is thus minimal, and the risk
opening the door key selection is great.

Furthermore, the use of cheap recoded cylinders causes
samoperekodirovke and, thus, to the fact that the customer is always in danger of
be at the closed door, even with a native key.

Yes, and the protective properties of these cylinders are in serious doubt.
Above the cylinder in such doors made fun of all, without exception, Locksmith.
The simplest bump key or master key opens them for a couple of seconds.

The door is equipped with a reliable multi-system zamkom.Tri crossbar
pop up (in the headroom of the frame), three down (in the threshold), thereby
allow the door to bend angles.

I sense that. Theoretically, the number of locking points should increase
rigidity. But what kind of rigidity can be discussed when
the door does not have the integrity of the structure.

At the end of the door leaf made several tacks. Everything else
It is held together by two dabs of glue and pieces of cardboard. When
little effort to spin the door just falling apart.

Now directly on the lock. Choice of locks is not the only zero
Castle, what to eat and you have to take. Because of the low quality of manufacture
details lock mechanism 7 of 10 locks fail in the
the first months of operation, and an analogue in our stores for a replacement
find. Frequent are also cases "formation flying" vertical drive with ears
lock and lock all doors. What else to expect from the castle $ 2 $
and the uncontrolled stream of Chinese manufacturing?

Very amused attempt to Chinese manufacturers to install in their
Door demand in Russia lever locks (key butterfly). All,
they kind of money could offer - lock with two grooves on
key with 3 levels of heights. Security is obtained as in the chest at

Our door can be strengthened further by the Russian castle, which will increase its burglar.

Who has not tried. It is useless. To cardboard and foil just
can not be reliably foothold any fasteners or glue. A
Use for welding fixture is simply impossible. It burns
superfine metal like paper.

Very illustrative material.

Masks of the welder which alone is worth. Where there is much of Europe. And you can think
anything such at us "business." Do not be fooled - you will not sell.

The internal volume of the door is filled fireproof and environmentally friendly material. The door has a high sound and heat insulation.

Again, take a look inside the doors. That there? Yes this is a strip of
corrugated cardboard, glued together in the form of a honeycomb. Well, what sort
then heat and sound insulation? Instead of ribs only glue and
cardboard. Well, what is the rigidity at this design?

So buyers of Chinese door there is a new problem, as it were, inside doors are not bred mouse.

The box door is a special bent profile box
design, combined with the casing, which protects fasteners.

Please look at the profile of the frame, or as it no box
design and open profile, which stiffness is inferior even
primitive angled designs.

Further, when installing frame zapenivaetsya that at its thickness of 1 mm
It leads to a deformation of the frame (it simply bursting the foam) during installation and
doors warping. In addition, the frame is mounted in an aperture on the concrete
anchors that are inserted into holes drilled in the concrete wall.

By virtue of the design features of these doors for her ankerirovaniya
(mounting in the opening), the holes are drilled in the concrete wall at a distance
2-3 cm from the edge. In view of this fact is without mounting problems
scrap broke out with the frame anchors and pieces of concrete wall.

The surface of the door has a special anti-vandal and weatherproof coating, imitating precious woods.

It's hard to name a weather-resistant polymer coating or
vandal-proof. Even in summer the doors rust from moisture, the polymer coating
bubbles are quickly fade and crack in the cold. Thinnest
Metal prorzhaveet through the year.

In fact, this coating is called Heat transfer (covering,
simulating various types of wood or stone. The technology is not hidden
Chinese manufacturers, but it withheld by Russian traffickers. On
primed surface is applied to the paper with a picture film,
which is carried by the door. Process razglazhivaniya- on photo from
production in China.

Then the remnants of the film are removed. The surface of the door with patterned covered with a protective layer of lacquer.

The doors have a modern design and a wide choice of finishes.

Their limits range from pressure stamped on the soft
finest drawings become more film-coated with the imitation
hardwood satisfy only ascetics. In stock trade, there
margin of two or three models of a particular color. Of course, the flow can be
put any number of different patterns vyshtampovki. But delivery
New reseller in Russia the figure makes it contain extensive
similar warehouse door (commodity stock right and left doors
opening of different sizes with a supply container to the next). It
increases costs and affects the price for the end customer. Therefore
entire selection is to select doors, such as a neighbor to the right or
neighbor below. This figures doors from different manufacturers are the same,
like sketched a blueprint each other.

These steel doors will serve you for many years without damage, while maintaining quality and reliability.

Reliability - characteristic of impeccable operation of the product in
for a long time. By the door of such a characteristic Chinese
inapplicable. They come in a hurry from the cheapest material
violation of all the technologies come from China with a bunch of flaws and
Missing elements. Blame not the Chinese, and our traders,
seeking to save on everything. Classical has long since become history,
when one of the largest exporters of Chinese door (sold by
Russian brand of factory) chased deshiviznoy, change of supplier and
I received several containers of defective doors, which successfully
sold at a discount on the retail market. Do not chase cheapness.
The joy of the price will be repeatedly blocked vozniknuvshey

Some Chinese doors are better than others.

Our categorical in this matter will end only the advent of new,
Modified worthy Chinese doors in our market. So far,
all the competition among them is akin to joke:

Ivan is better than Stepan!


The Stepan!

The same type of door locks with the same type and the same flaws, some
technology. Even figures vyshtampovok same. Find the differences:


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