What are the qualities of a front door?

Every owner of a house or apartment wants to protect their premises from intrusion from the outside. To cope with this challenge will help the front door. The modern market of door assemblies gathered not only a wide range of products, but also reliable products for the home, which will safeguard the dwelling, and will make notes of comfort and coziness.

Selection criteria the front door
When choosing a front door, there are often questions as to its reliability and quality. The majority of consumers when choosing a design, pay attention to the following properties:
  • Parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation. High-grade door should not leak into the room noise, cold and ambient sound. Door Comfort help to save up to 20% of the heat in the room, which greatly reduces the cost of utilities.
  • The increased safety. The main problem that must perform door construction – security home. Parameters of reliability and security depend directly on the cloth material, locking system and environmental security. We recommend you to look attentively at the metal structures.
  • Appearance. Front door – the card room, so modern customers have special requirement to the appearance of the structure. Today, the actual doors, made in brown and copper shades, with different geometric inclusions.
  • The right balance of price and quality. It is foolish to overpay for the brand. When buying a front door, special attention should be paid to the quality of the fabric, fittings, security systems and other accessories.
With a wide range of range of door designs, everyone can choose the door that will meet the most stringent criteria.

What is the cost of quality entrance door?
Manufacturers of door assemblies do not get tired to replenish their collections with fresh new products, among which there are the budget options and door designs, and models of economy class. The cost of the doors depends on:
  • The material used (it is clear that the doors of natural wood will cost more than their artificial counterparts).
  • Clearance. Doors that are made to order, are not only exclusive, but not the budget amount.
  • Brand. Please note, imported doors are much more expensive than domestic. It is possible to associate not only with the peculiarities of transportation, but with the quality of the products.
The basic model of strong brands will cost from 18 to 50 thousand rubles, the doors of the higher class, with a refined finish and increased burglar resistance, cost from 50 thousand rubles and above.


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