Weather in the house: how to insulate the front door

In anticipation of a cold winter all the more urgent becomes the problem of preserving the heat in the apartment. Very often cold in the apartment, but the problems with no heating, just the front door produces heat. The problem there is a simple solution is to insulate the front door, and you can do it as with the help of specialists, and independently.

Sometimes the door originally is the thermal insulation provided by manufacturer — insulating layer embedded in the door leaf. If you have a perfectly ordinary door, it is also possible to insulate.

One of the simplest solutions is to install a second door. Between the main and the second door, thus, create a insulating layer that will keep you warm.

In addition, be sure to eliminate all cracks, through which the apartment penetrate drafts. First and foremost, this is a gap in the space between the door and its frame. They can be successfully isolated using foam.

You can also seal the door any gasket; it is only important that it could withstand heavy loads and were resistant to mechanical damage, because the door is frequently opened and closed.

If your apartment is located on the lower floors, is of great importance, firmly closing the front door to the entrance. If it does not close automatically, need to install the door closer or to put the intercom.

There is a way to insulate the door with his own hands and not spend a lot of time and money — insulation door foam. This is the most common and available material for such purposes.

But we must be aware that foam should not be used if you just want to seal the door sides. But for door trim panel on both sides it is quite possible to use only the door must be wooden.

In order to insulate door with foam, you will need foam, glue, strips of wood or plastic for threshold and upholstery fabric. Upholstery fabric should have a water repellent — it is best if it is faux leather or sackcloth.

You should start with removal with the door of the old coating and insulation. Then thoroughly wash the door. After it is completely dry, it is necessary to paste over with its outer and inner sides of the foam, which can be glued together in several layers for greater reliability.

Then you need to fit the door with leatherette, and it can be decorated with decorative nails for Wallpaper. But one should take into account that it is not necessary to drive nails too often, because the more nails are hammered, the denser the insulation is compressed; this reduces its heat-saving properties.

You should then engage the door frame. Fasten the door perimeter covered with polyurethane foam and a fabric rack so that the door is in a closed state as tightly as possible against the rails; the formation of cracks is unacceptable.

After the door and door frame will be covered with foam, the lower gap will need to close the door, so as not to leave any gaps.

If you have a share of care and attention went to the door insulation, your house will not only warm, but protected from foreign smells and noises. published




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