Sugar addiction: how to detox from sugar

Sugar cravings have with most people. But there are so harmless sugar? Most of us consume three times more sugar than is necessary for our body.

The abuse of sugar threatens unpleasant consequences for our health. The most important of these include excess weight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels in the blood.

How to cleanse the body of sugar with a balanced diet: For cleansing the body of sugar to start eating healthier. This is the first and most important step. So, what you need to pay attention when planning your diet?

Breakfast For Breakfast is recommended to eat whole grains and fruit. Forget about sweet cereals and harmful chocolate flakes. A useful alternative to sugar for Breakfast will be a natural bee's honey but to abuse them is not worth it.

Lunch it is Recommended to abandon semifinished products and "fast" food. These products not only have high sugar content, but also contain a large amount of harmful chemical additives. Possible avoid salt and foods that contain artificial dyes. Perfect for lunch — chicken or fish, grilled and vegetable salad. For dressing use natural ingredients and try to avoid the sauces from the supermarket.

Afternoon tea is Arguably the most dangerous moment of the day. At this time we have a strong urge to eat something sweet. Usually 3-4 hours of the day, we are starting to feel the fatigue during the day.

Sugar is a quick way to fill the body with energy, so you will be difficult to resist this temptation. Stop the choice on walnuts or almond nuts, peanuts and fruits.

Dinner Is the perfect moment for whole grain cereals, for example, prepared pasta or bread. Other beneficial elements of a healthy dinner will be baked chicken and a side of vegetables.

Most importantly — do not overeat, serving size for dinner should not be too large. This will help you avoid shortness of digestion in the later hours.

Cleansing from sugar: alternative methods it is Recommended to pay attention to regular cleansing the body of toxins. This will allow to maintain the natural pH of the body and cleanse it of toxins.

Clean the body from микроорганизмовCandida albicans. Sugar creates a favorable environment for their livelihoods. When we stop to eat sugar, they are forced to leave our body. As soon as you feel a strong craving for carbs, then the process of purification comes to an end.

A complete rejection of sugar will allow you to get rid of candida albicans. In the early days you may feel a little fatigue and nervous tension.

This reaction in our body quite naturally. Try to exercise willpower and refrain from sweets at least for a few days. After that you can include in your diet a small amount of natural honey.

Exercise exercise and sports will help you to resist the sweet temptations. Physical activity will fill you with more energy than sugar. Besides, you will be less free time thinking about the dessert.

Exercise helps us to unwind, thanks to them, we burn more calories, and our body quickly cleared of toxins. We feel a surge of vitality and energy. If you do not like to exercise, start with half-hour walks three times a week.

Eventually, you'll be able to proceed to other exercises and increase the duration of the loads.

Rejection of artificial sweeteners , Each of us heard about the dangers of sugar to human health. So many of us opted for ... artificial sweeteners. Unfortunately, this is not the most intelligent decision as it might seem at first glance.

In most cases, the artificial sweeteners are causing more harm to our body. They represent empty calories that consist of chemicals. They do not contain any nutrients, but lead to excess weight.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should always be at hand How to rid yourself of the temptation to add to the dish of sugar and its substitutes? Very simple: take the sugar bowl from the table.

If you decided to start cleansing your body, the kitchen should not be products that will constantly try to seduce you.

Make a list of allowed foods and strictly follow the list of with their purchase. That way, you will quickly get used to get round section semi-finished products in the supermarket.

To quickly cope with the temptation to eat something sweet, it is recommended to always have on hand walnuts.

Most of us depend heavily on sugar. Therefore, in the beginning you will be difficult because of the strong desire to eat something sweet. But the result will be worth it! published




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