Life without sugar

It is about the chemical Sahara, which is so densely entered into our life. Because the topic is relevant and painful. Nothing more than sugar.

First, the help. We know that, but usually ignored. And still. Of proven scientific facts:

  • Sugar leaches calcium from the body
  • Sugar robs the body of b vitamins
  • Sugar causes fat deposits
  • Sugar negatively affects the heart
  • Sugar is a stimulant that creates stress for organism.
  • Sugar lowers the immune system 17 times
  • It is proved that sugar is addictive
And now we can speak about my experience, because I these facts had been read many times, but never thought about it. And only my personal experience, observation brought me back to thoughts about the dangers of sugar.

Sugar and autism

For the first time about the dangers of sugar, I thought almost five years ago. When my husband and I were actively engaged in rehabilitation of the older son, whose diagnosis at that time was "autism". We were looking for ways to resolve the issue, read a lot, I spent several months of biomedical treatment. There I learned about diet without gluten and casein, which helps many children and is required. That autists have metabolism, and complex proteins such as gluten and casein be poison for them.

Not thinking (to think it once), we sat on a diet. And all because at home it was impossible to keep such products. First, the diet was free of gluten and casein. I mean dairy and wheat. On this diet we spent three years. It's been difficult. Especially my husband. Replaced wheat with rice and buckwheat and corn. Cow's milk to goat. We bought special food, I baked a lot using rice flour. In General, it was very difficult, especially for me – because I had to figure out what else to feed the child. But not talking about it.

After about six months of this diet, the question arose of sugar. Studies about its dangers are many, and I read them – the same facts as in the beginning of the article, but I gave no heed to it.

All the forums wrote that the autistic and sugar is also very harmful. I began to observe. To refuse sweets seemed impossible – because I will need to go through it. But still had. Because it was obviously barely something sweet to the child, it becomes similar to the alcoholic or drug addict. He has ceased to control yourself. And as for six months of a diet without gluten and casein, I saw how a child can be, the difference with and without sugar was noticeable. He was right a terrible sweet tooth, but often ate marmalade, baking my sugar. And after such a meal I didn't know what to do.

Then I read studies on the fungi of the genus "Candida" that live in our bodies and especially aktiviziruyutsya in the fall of immunity. I'm not a doctor, so I will tell you how to understand, do not judge strictly. Surely all women at least once experienced a yeast infection. This is the same mushroom, is one of its manifestations. You could see in the baby's mouth as white ulcers. These fungus live everywhere. And the worst thing about them is that they constantly require new dose, "organizing" body's withdrawal. Not only is the sugar itself is addictive due to the releases of dopamine, and Candida adds traction and breaking. Candida also gives violent tantrums, lack of control, dependence on sugar and much more. And not just autistic people. Autists usually have poor immunity, and this allows them to grow all ungodliness, including the mushrooms.

Gradually we switched to sweeteners. Mostly fructose and honey. The tantrums were almost completely, the child was adequate. But not immediately — we had to endure two weeks of hell, when he was ready the mother for the sugar to sell. The baby (he was three) was a real breakthrough, we spent almost all the time at home as on the street, he immediately ran to the store around the corner, right there opened the candy and began to eat them. Although he never did this before – neither before, nor after.

To facilitate the condition we gave him the sorbents, the fungus die, they release a lot of toxins. And gave even antifungal drugs (doctor prescribed). The presence of Candida was confirmed by analyses with great excess. It was all worth it, though it was not easy.

Two weeks later we had a completely different child. It was worth it. We received the award in the form of our son, whose consciousness is not clouded with toxins.

Children and sugar

When the diagnosis was cleared, we decided to finish the diet, to adapt to the ordinary world. And all went well, we all went back to normal food. Including to sugar. This is what I regret, because there were two children. It's just easier not to start at all than to wean. And the younger was a terrible sweet tooth. Like any dependent person, he is under the influence of sugar is very unstable mood, fatigue, requiring another dose.

My husband and I began to clearly see when the children had Breakfast balls with milk (and in hotels Breakfast is usually such) — after half an hour of fighting, the tantrums, a complete madhouse. Eat something else- absolutely normal children without sewing and crazy views. The same factory from sweet yogurts, curds (cottage cheese — even with jam — there is none). Packaged juices, pastries, chocolates — always the same reaction. We, as parents, really did not like.

When Daniel went to the garden, one of the teachers asked the parents of the birthday child to bring a cake and better fruit. Because cake in the garden — it's a bomb that will explode. I still remember her wisdom in this matter.

To remove everything like last time decided not to. Started to clean up a little. The first time could not believe that anything sweet in the house no – climb on the cabinets, looking for. Not found, organized concerts. Still in the store, they can take something sweet. Bit. We usually only goes dad — so is cheaper for everyone. Dad home usually brings some candies. But otherwise everything is good. It does other children. By the way, the sweet flavor in their diet is — the older it is honey, Junior's fruit and milk. After natural sweets such reactions are not observed.

Without the sweet children have better appetite, they hungrily eat cereals and soups. If you have cookies, you can have the whole day to eat it with milk (thanks for that).

Of course, the older the children are, the more difficult. Do not give sweets difficult, especially in the New year (it is sugar hell). They can eat it in other places. But if sweet is not at home, you don't eat it, the child will not get such large doses, and will see a good example. You and he will be easier.

I usually ask guests not to bring sweets, cakes, grandmothers are requested not to send us this nightmare — and still send, at least on the bag — how kiddies childhood to deny something! Often we candy just remove, hide or throw.

And about yourself.

Finally, I realized that everything begins with me. It's me who eat a lot of candies, cakes. For me sweet is in the house. Cakes, chocolates, candies. I ask my husband to buy ice cream, cookies, yogurt. I have been very popular. Loved to drink tea with cake. I asked husband to bring from a cafe some cake. Chocolates again, was eating the only way. I am the cause of sugar addiction home. Because I bring sugar into the house.

Besides, what moral right have I to deprive children of sweets, if in the evening or in the morning, she secretly eat them? Children feel when parents can be trusted and when not. One day Matthew asked me: "Mom, why are you and dad can eat candies and I can't?" And I have not found the answer.

Three months ago I decided to start eating healthy food. It was not easy decision, but I wanted to try. The first step was to stop eating sweets. Full. To be honest, it was difficult. I felt terrible. I realized that my children, when they have taken the drug. And I felt so much pity them that I am even more strengthened in their desire to do away with sugar.

This week I almost killed him when she saw him eating the cake. I had real withdrawal, like a drug addict. I generally itself did not recognize. It was like at that time of life when my husband refused coffee, only worse. Because coffee I drink max once a day, and more often – every two to three days. And sugar was a friend of mine constantly. For three days I experienced some really weird depression. The world collapsed without candy! I had dreams about chocolates, hand stretched and almost shaking. And home sweet was last stored. In General, this week I will never forget. But I am grateful for.

After this week, I realized that I no longer want. Exactly. Quietly walk past the cakes, even my favorite ones. Buying the kids ice cream, but I don't eat. And not because it is impossible. Just don't want to.

Sweet in my life left. And it is enough. Honey, fruit, milk. And there is no sugar. Once a week, according to the rules I can eat something forbidden. For example, cake. But I realized that for a long time do not use it. I do not want it. Exactly. And therefore it is better to eat in this time fried potatoes.

The only thing that I care about, is the Vedic sweetness "Shyam", that is doing in the Parliament and due to Her I eat when she gets in my hands (a few times a month). I eat it with a clear conscience. Because it's not just a sweet ball, but ball full of love.

Life without sugar has opened new horizons for me. As with the transition to vegetarianism, opening up new flavors, so with the abandonment of sugar I learned a lot about food. I learned that much of the world is sweet and without sugar. For example oatmeal. On the water, nothing sweet. Milk — now I understand why Dr. Torsunov says it's sweet, it's a fact. Fermented baked milk – I never loved her, and now every night she's my best friend. My sweet friend. Fruit — how different they taste when you don't eat artificial sugar! Herbal tea without sugar is much richer and more saturated – and the taste and smell. I even loved the plain cheese, which previously could only have with a large portion of sugar inside. And he was not as tasteless as I imagined.

Three months without sugar and I returned Dobermann shape without exercises and other self-deprivation. Minus ten pounds, without ceasing to breastfeed. Immediately reminded of pictures about the cake (and he fat on the back). I've really been asking how I got back in shape? Yes, just don't eat sugar and all. Dietary guidelines I regularly forget and violate even the water don't always drink as needed. It turns out that only one failure of the sugar already gave a lot in this direction.

I had a whole different feel. Easier, simpler, lighter, my head clearer. And I admit that sugar is really a drug. On yourself checked. Like coffee, alcohol, cigarettes. Legal drug, which is of no use. And who requires us to eat more and more sweet, in order not to lose control. Know this effect, right? Not eat chocolate — I'll kill you all. It is not normal. Now I know the hard way.

I expect that now everyone will say that women must eat sweets. Of course you need! Definitely need! To ensure that our hormonal system worked and did not break. But how sweet does she need? Chemicals addictive? The cake of fat on the ass? No. Natural sweet! Milk, honey, fruits, dried fruits. Definitely. And artificial will not bring any benefit — neither the character nor figure. Sweet taste need a female psyche, but not cake or chocolate with nuts.

Personally, I don't want to be in fifty years like some of my friends, not time parting with sugar. In addition rasplyvsheysya shapes – diabetes, heart problems and lack of teeth. I like this variant do not like, I have other plans. And sugar and its consequences are in these plans are not included.

Everyone decides for himself. You can ignore the facts about sugar, as I did earlier, to dismiss from time to time. But you can try. My husband also started eating sugar though and were not going to. But he thought about it. Because you have seen my example, because it wants children to grow up healthy.

You can choose by yourself. For themselves and their children. To try and make a decision. Or not to try – and it will be your decision. I wish you all good health and inner harmony! published

Author: Olga Valyaeva



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