Sugar - it is not food, and chemicals in the purest form that is added to food to improve the taste.

This substance can be obtained in different ways: from the oil, gas, wood. But the most cost-effective way to obtain a sugar beet processing. Did you know that the legally allowed to grow 3 types of GMO sugar beet? Are you sure that the sugar that you eat is not made of GMO beets?

In 1957, Dr. W. Martin gave the definition of toxic food: "This is a substance that is not digested or accumulates in the body, which causes or is likely to lead to the development of diseases." Martin identified the refined sugar as a toxin, as it is deprived of its vitality, vitamins and minerals. All that remains in this sugar - refined carbohydrates.

Sugar dries and leaches body deducing therefrom valuable vitamins and minerals. These substances are consumed because of the sugars that extracts of these substances for their own digestion, further detoxification of the body from food digestion of sugar and output them from the body.

Sugar is consumed every day, it gives a constant acidity and more minerals needed to supply from distant parts of the body in the digestive system to restore balance. As a result of much calcium is derived from the bones and teeth, leading to their destruction, and, in general, - to a weakening of the organism.
Increased sugar ultimately affects every organ in the body. Initially, he deposited in the liver as glycogen.

If sugar is consumed every day, the liver begins to expand. When it reaches its maximum volume, excess glycogen from the liver into the blood gets in the form of fatty acids. They are spread all over the body and deposited in its least active areas: in the abdomen, the seat, chest and thighs.

When these relatively safe space is completely filled, the fatty acids are in a more active organs - the heart and kidney. They begin to slow down their work, their tissue degrade and turn into fat. The whole body begins to suffer from reduced performance of the heart and kidneys, which leads to high blood pressure. Blood and lymphatic system work worse. Immune endurance falls against bacteria, heat, cold.
Eating refined sugar and white flour instead of whole wheat and natural sugars from fruits and vegetables, we are changing the balance of the body's metabolism. A spoonful of sugar in your coffee after a sandwich is enough to turn your stomach into a fermenter.
Sugar does not provide the body energy. "Burning" of sugar in the body - is a complex process in which the addition of sugar and oxygen involved dozens of other substances: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and others. Without these substances from the sugar in the body can not be obtained energy.
If we consume the sugar in pure form, our organism takes the missing substance of their bodies (of the teeth of the bones of the nerves of the skin, liver, etc.). These organs begin to experience a lack of these nutrients (fasting), and after a while begin to falter.

You know how it is sugar really?
To get a little white and pure refined sugar, it is necessary to pass through the filter of cow bones.

For the production of refined sugar use beef bone char!
Filter bone char acts as a coarse filter and is often used in the first stage of purification of sugar. This filter can eliminate the colorants; the most commonly used coloring agents are acid, phenol (carbolic acid) and ashes.

Bone char filters are the most effective and economical whitening filter, so the industry's production of sugar, these filters are used most often.
Companies spend their reserves fast enough bone char.
In the production of sugar by conventional techniques used disinfectants: formaldehyde, bleach, poisons amine group (Wazzin, ambizol, as well as combinations of the above materials), hydrogen peroxide and others.
"In the conventional technology juice languor hour and a half turns, and that during this time grew fungal mass that can then score a centrifuge, sliced ​​beets at this stage flavored formalin».
... Sucrose product in Russia - color, life of its own, is not stored without preservatives. In Europe, it is not even considered to be a food product, because our sugar factories still left except the color and man-made contaminants, including formaldehyde. Hence, goiter and other consequences. But this silence. And we see the Japanese spectrograph in the Russian sugar residues formalin ».

In the production of sugar used and other chemical substances: milk of lime, sulfur dioxide, etc. When the final bleaching sugar (to remove impurities, giving it a yellow color, taste and odor) is also applied chemistry, such as ion exchange resins.

Now, about the effects of sugar on our bodies.

The harm of sugar for a long time and obviously proven. It is known that white refined sugar - is an energy empty shell, devoid of protein, fat and nutrients and trace elements, but still with a touch of residual "chemistry".

Dr. Nancy Appleton, author of the book "Life without sugar", lists the fifty-nine reasons why sugar is harmful to health. Each of these items is supported by references to medical sources, magazines, books and newspapers.


1. It reduces immunity.
2. May cause disorders of mineral metabolism.
3. can lead to irritability, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, children's whims.
4. It is a significant increase in the level of triglycerides.
5. Helps reduce resistance to bacterial infections.
6. Can cause kidney damage.
7. Lowers HDL.
8. Leads to micronutrient deficiency of chromium.
9. contribute to the emergence of cancer of the breast, ovary, colon, prostate, rectum.
10. Increases blood glucose and insulin.
11. Calls micronutrient deficiencies of copper.
12. interfere with the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
13. The deteriorating eyesight.
14. Increases the concentration of the neurotransmitter serotonin.
15. May cause hypoglycemia (decrease in blood glucose).
16. Promotes the acidity of ingested food.
17. Children may raise the level of adrenaline.
18. In patients with disorders of the digestive tract resulting in malabsorption of nutrients.
19. It accelerates the onset age-related changes.
20. Contributes to the development of alcoholism.
21. Calls caries.
22. contribute to obesity.
23. Increases the risk of developing ulcerative colitis.
24. Leads to the aggravation of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
25. It may lead to the development of arthritis.
26. Provokes asthma attacks.
27. contribute to the emergence of fungal diseases (pathogens - Candida albicans).
28. Able to cause the formation of gallstones.
29. Increases the risk of coronary heart disease.
30. It may be the cause of acute appendicitis.
31. May cause multiple sclerosis.
32. Promotes the appearance of hemorrhoids.
33. Increases the likelihood of varicose veins.
34. It may lead to the rise of glucose and insulin in women using hormonal birth control pills.
35. contribute to the emergence of periodontal disease.
36. Increases the risk of osteoporosis.
37. Increases the acidity of saliva.
38 May impair insulin sensitivity.
39. Leads to a decrease in glucose tolerance.
40. May reduce production of growth hormone.
41. The way to increase cholesterol levels ...
42. Promotes the systolic blood pressure.
43. In children causes drowsiness.
44. Contributes to the emergence of a headache.
45. interfere with the absorption of proteins.
46. ​​The cause of food allergies.
47. Contributes to the development of diabetes.
48. Pregnant women can cause toxicosis.
49. Promotes the appearance of eczema in children. 50. predisposes to the development of cardiovascular disease.
51 May impair the structure of DNA.
52 May impair the structure of proteins.
53. By changing the structure of collagen, promotes early wrinkles.
54. predisposes to the development of cataracts.
55. contribute to the emergence of emphysema.
56. Provokes the development of atherosclerosis.
57. Promotes the content of low-density lipoprotein.
58 leads to the appearance of free radicals in the bloodstream.
59. Reduces the functional activity of enzymes.

Try to exclude from your diet foods containing sugar and even more so discard the tea with sugar.
And if you want sweet, you can eat dried fruits, honey, carob, grape sugar, fruit.


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