Life according to the "drawings of nature»

Thirty four million two hundred thirty seven thousand two hundred seventeen

As a result of evolution, all animals have acquired a number of properties that help them with the greatest efficiency to exist in a particular environment. As well as to produce and use a certain range of food with the least damage to health. Man is no exception and today his life is far from attributed to him by nature.

It is the finding and consideration of our "blueprints" will help to understand under what external conditions we are "sharpened" by the Creator. Because it is in them we will find your potential and true health. This will be discussed in the article.

Man's place in nature. Its food, habitat and healthIn order to see a special place for man in nature, you must drop the pride and look at us from the position of animals. It's not easy to do, because for most, the word "animal" applicable to human sounds offensive. And that our pride does not allow to take a sober look at seemingly simple things. Just look what class and squad we are like animals, and take parameters of health and environment, which for this type are the norm. It is not difficult on the one hand, but much "hurt" on the other, dropping us in their eyes to "some monkeys."

We do not tend to take into account information that does not emphasize our habits and does not justify weakness. To accept what is written in textbooks of biology for 9th class, as opposed to authoritative medical findings that we are omnivorous, it is difficult. But if a medical man is the top of the food chain, for biologists it is obvious that we, Homo sapiens, belong to the order primates are frugivorous mammals. And the constant use of unusual for us food will affect health.

Sense to build a rational theory of why we frugivorous, not omnivorous, I think, no. People who life is driven by his emotions than from thirst for righteousness, will see "a ray of logic" is written. And those who just did not see the clearance, even after numerous disputes remain unconvinced.

I don't know which primates people closer, I don't even know how we are descended from apes and occurred, if at all. To this day, on this subject carried numerous disputes and they contradict each other more and more. But it is safe to say that we have a lot in common with them. And not only on the physiological characteristics.

Here is the health and lifestyle of our closest "relatives" among them no weak and chronically ill individuals. No lean and full. None of these thousands of diseases that we have. Problems with the teeth, hair, skin, and vision in primates, too, appear in the form of rare exceptions. Yes, they can be infected, but not after "the draft outlasted" or "the cap is not tightly pulled on the ears". Amazing endurance and the ability to live in the movement is the norm for them — the energy consumption is thus minimal. Are also lower and the need for food. These are only a few criteria of their, and therefore our health.

As primates, to humans a popular moderately hot and humid climate. Diet ripe fruit, and in their limitations — root vegetables and greens. In emergency situations of shortage of food in the course of going raw meat to those who will crawl past, as well as oysters, fish, algae, grass, etc.

That is keeping this assigned to us the way of life, we receive the maximum health. And partly to return to this us allows... a healthy lifestyle.

Life according to the "drawing of nature" is our healthy lifestyle.

A natural way to return man to his natural condition is to place it as a species conditions:

  • mainly the shortage of supply than its abundance. The diet should consist of raw plant foods, i.e. food species
  • physical activity and movement
  • the diversity of natural conditions: heat, cold, rain
  • mainly hot and humid climate. Fresh air and clean water for drinking and bathing, sun, etc.
Under these conditions, we begin to change and adapt. Step by step will form a strong and flexible body, which was conceived by our "Creator". What we now call the healthy lifestyle and have a partial simulation of such conditions. Since abstinence from alcohol and nicotine, and ends with a change of diet and daily dose of sports in life. Why do people do this? For the health and well-being, strength and endurance, consciousness untroubled and "speed" of thought.

The result: the more we are bringing your lifestyle to the species, the further advance on the road to health.

And compliance with any conditions for health are more important? There is something "more meaningful" or "less". Not to say that the movement is more important than proper nutrition or fresh air. The emphasis in the HLC it is better to place based on their relevance to you. Eating "whatever" and at the same time to run and train quenching is not the best option. To be a raw-foodists, and Jogging among the smog of the metropolis too. Let's see how many people literally come alive, and having gone for a couple of weeks vacation to the sea! Merge with nature our climate is also doing its job, if it will be relevant.

So a change in one condition will drag along other. Changing the food may want to move, and bathing frequently in the sea can cause the desire to eat lighter food, etc.

Modern civilization and healthSocial adaptation by far inclines us to "omnivorous", the lack of movement and pure natural environment, whether air or water.

Obviously a healthy lifestyle is the compensation of these harmful influences. And if you want to have health, designed for us by mother nature, we need more of these effects to compensate.

But it is necessary to understand that today social adaptability is also an integral part of health. If a person leads a healthy lifestyle and have achieved amazing physical condition, but is a social outcast — his way of thinking necessarily affected and healthy it is not called.

Go on the specific diet, raw food diet, and remain in harmony with society could not many. And most of them simply do not betray this value. But health is not only purity and endurance of the body but also the mind.

Of course, not everyone will be able to compensate for the effects of socialization. Fresh fruits and crystal-clear air, clear water and tropical weather — for many it is an impermissible luxury. But the queries in health are not all the same! But to gain a calm mental state, never get sick and have enough for daily activity, endurance and strength — may today everyone. And who needs more — he will definitely find a compromise.



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