Puzzle for the brain


Those who yearn for a different reality, at the way video game quest room Kiev, in a new format of entertainment that consists of many puzzles and investigations. You need to find a way out of the enclosed space, with hidden mechanisms to open the combination locks and then the door.

A brief history of the quest cantopuro entertainment, gaining momentum, was developed on the basis Nostropolis company Flashpoint Produktion (1994). The expression of Escape the room began to be used in everyday life in 2001, and the first quest in Hungary in 2011. Entertainment gives a lot of positive charge. This room appeared in the middle Kingdom and the land of the Rising Sun, with its many mysteries and intricacies. Last year alone, the game captured the Ukraine and Belarus.


Participants have the opportunity to test the strength of his intellect, ability to think logically in order to choose from the quest room, spending no more than an hour.
The quest room has its undeniable advantages:
  • with what little pleasure, a lot of adrenaline;
  • contributes to the development of intellectual abilities;
  • experienced operators in a timely manner come to the aid of;
  • gives you the opportunity to test your wit and talent;
  • filled with artifacts;
  • great opportunity for team building, team rallies colleagues and friends.


In what format are ispytaniya passing quest room, you need 2-6 people. Guided by your personal interests, select a suitable storyline. Made a reservation for game writing. Before the game, the operator explains the rules and procedures. Being in a confined space for hours, having their ability to find a solution.


This standard of entertainment will appeal to people of different age groups, as it is a great brain training, which participants in all kinds of trials and obstacles. Visit the club "Cheetah" and select a test for the soul — the sea of positive emotions and bright impressions to you is guaranteed. To book a place, to know the details or ask your own question, you can through the website or by phone.


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