Deficiency of zinc in the body

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A LITTLE bit ABOUT the PROBLEMS WITH ZINC DEFICIENCY, the Ability of phytin and fibre found in cereals, tightly bind zinc, inhibiting its absorption in the intestine, leads to many health problems.

In human diet minerals are present in quantities from a few micrograms to a tenth of a gram per day. The importance of trace elements in human nutrition, truly, was recognized only in the last seventy years.

The deficiency of micronutrients in the body can occur when the food contains relevant matter, and they hinder the utilization of the mineral constituents of food. Such substances include natural agents that form, for example, calcium, iron, zinc and copper, insoluble complex compounds.

In Egypt and Iran traditional food of the population – corn, wheat and other cereals contain a large amount of phytin and fibre. Pathological manifestations of zinc deficiency were first discovered in these countries.

Despite the fact that the food of the Egyptians contained a large amount of zinc sufficient to meet biological needs, but the phytin and fibre cereal so firmly bound zinc that the body he came in insufficient quantities.

There is a list of diseases caused by micronutrient deficiency. It happens sometimes that the person does not even suspect that his health problems are associated with inadequate intake of one or another mineral.

For example, with stunted growth in children and puberty, or when the skin is rough, dry, wounds heal slowly, increased susceptibility to infections, there is a General sleepiness, depression, diarrhea, for the experienced doctor is the most typical signs of zinc deficiency in the body of the patient. Therefore, filling this trace element in the body is crucial to eliminate these ailments.

The PARTICIPATION of ZINC IN the REGULATION of HUMAN GROWTH Zinc by influencing the hormones of the pituitary gland, stimulates their activity. This phenomenon of zinc deficiency most notably on the health of children and adolescents. With the explicit lack of zinc preschooler can be observed atrophy of the thymus, spleen, peripheral lymphoid tissue. In addition, zinc participates in the regulation of growth and cell division.

The ROLE of ZINC IN the functioning of the ORGANS of SMELL AND TASTE Loss of sense of smell and taste are the first signs indicating an acute shortage of zinc in the body. And the problem of the loss of such feelings lies in the fact that the parotid salivary gland while zinc deficiency is not capable of producing the substance Gustin, zinc-containing protein that needs to maintain taste sensitivity at the required level. If gustina too little, loss of smell and taste are the signal that the zinc in food is very small.

ZINC IN the MAINTENANCE of GOOD VISION the recycling Process of vitamin A the retina is not possible without zinc. Phenomenon that occurs the "night blindness" (a disorder of the so-called twilight vision) is a symptom that usually indicates a zinc deficiency in the body.

Diseases such as blepharitis reduction of color vision and development of cataracts is often associated with zinc deficiency. To correct these conditions, use drugs zinc and, for example, some eye drops contain a zinc salt.

On the ROLE of ZINC IN DIABETES the Role of zinc in normalization of the pancreas should not be underestimated. Available research suggests that hypoglycemic (that is, lowers the sugar level) the effect of insulin only and then noticeably more active when the concentration of zinc in the insulin closer to normal.

Also the higher the concentration of zinc in the insulin, the more rapidly flows the fat metabolism, speeding up the intensity of fat breakdown in the body. But at the same time, this eliminates the conditions for the development of the process of fatty liver. Patients with type II diabetes zinc provides a regulatory function to reduce high cholesterol.

The EFFECT of ZINC ON the RATE of wound HEALING As a structural component of biological membranes, cell receptors and proteins, zinc, according to scientific studies, promotes healing of wounds. Practicing medicine has long been in trudnozazivate wounds and ulcers, offers patients to use as the zinc ointment and zinc-containing complexes.

ZINC IN the PREVENTION of neuropsychiatric DISORDERS Such disorders as epilepsy, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, acute psychosis and dementia, are diseases associated with the known spectrum of neurologic and neuropsychiatric States, scientists associated with the same zinc deficiency.

The inclusion in the diet foods rich in zinc and drugs with it helps to prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease. It was found that in the body of people suffering from this disease have virtually no zincability hormone of the thymus gland – thymulin. The absence of thymulin, in the understanding of scientists, points to the fact that zinc deficiency plays a fateful role in the pathological process.

On the ROLE of ZINC IN strengthening the IMMUNE system IN ensuring the normal and stable functioning of the thymus gland zinc a role. Is how much of zinc in their body and how this affects the thymus gland, depends largely on the immune status of the person.

Zinc in combination with vitamins A and C help to prevent immunodeficiency, activating the synthesis of antibodies. Influence of zinc on the reduction process of reproduction Rhino - and enteroviruses. The presence of zinc in the body is very sensitive to the viruses of herpes simplex, encephalomyelitis, and others.

AS WHAT you CAN ELIMINATE ZINC DEFICIENCY found that 2 – 3 grams of zinc in the adult human body is the norm, which provides physiological processes smoothly. The main part is concentrated in the bones and skin. The highest level of zinc is concentrated in semen and the prostate gland. When in the Barber shop, the client leaves with hair that is lost, without special effects, and a significant portion of zinc.

Failures and deviations in the functioning of like thyroid and pancreas – the most common causes that lead to zinc deficiency. In turn, diseases of liver and violations of the suction capacity of the intestine, also leads to zinc deficiency in the body.

To reduce the absorption of zinc lead milk products, and caffeine and alcohol increase the process of removal from the body. This is necessary not only to know but also to guide the establishment of lifestyle.

With regular and prolonged use of oral contraceptives was noted that they are not strangers to the ability to reduce the level of zinc in the body. Also important is the fact that prescribed by physicians corticosteroids in the treatment of arthritis and asthma also contribute to the decreasing levels of zinc in the body.

The best sources of zinc are hard cheese, meat, poultry, and bean, seafood, some vegetables, fruits, nuts. The record for the content of zinc (130-202 mg/kg) as wheat bran, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

In order to prevent deficiency of zinc in the body is recommended to eat 2 – 3 tablespoons of sprouted grains of wheat or other cereals. It would be better if these sprouts complement salads, prepared vegetables and a variety of pastas to sandwiches.published




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