How to insulate old Windows and window frames

Through the old Windows with wooden frames usually lost about 2/3 of heat from the house. That's a lot. So figure out how to insulate old Windows is necessary, to overwinter successfully.


Consider a few typical situations, where the heat goes and what can be done to save him as the insulated wooden window frames and old Windows.

Draught — the worst enemy of utalitarian. The phenomenon, which takes the lion's share of heat from the house is called a draft. It's through one window frame into the room by the wind blown cold air. And in another, perhaps on the opposite side of the house, air from the room goes away. The result is to heat the whole street has neither money nor power.

To detect drafts in the winter is not difficult, in the place where blows the cold air inside will freeze substituted part of the body. It can be done using a lit candle.

But in the winter to grip the insulation of the Windows is somehow too late. Better to do it in the summer.

In the warm season you need to uncover the old wooden frame for a thorough revision, to get to the outer glass, to detect cracks, and to take all measures for weatherization of old Windows.


Insulated Windows — look at the fit of the glassesIn the first place necessary to catch not at the tree, and the glass itself. Over time wooden frames warp, putty under glass flake, and between the glass and the frame have any cracks. You need to check the entire perimeter of the glass (internal and external) to this account.

If the paint is already peeled off, it may be possible to take pictures of beadings?
For better sealing of glass beads of course are better off. But maybe they are still "like new" condition and painted. Then you just go with silicone sealant around the perimeter in place of glazing beads fit for glass.

At the other extreme, when the frame is loose, to insulate old Windows, it is desirable to remove the glass and reinstall them on the new putty or oil-based paint. But such serious work, not everyone will want to do. After all, glass can be glued partially on the old putty and without a fight (break) usually remove them from the frame but a few people do.
Then implement the following instruction.

  • To clean the Windows.
  • Remove the old glazing beads.
  • Lay a bead of silicone sealant around the perimeter of the glass, trying to inject it behind the glass if it moves.
  • Set the bead in place on Hermetica.
If you can remove the glass from the frames, then you can easily miss the glass on the perimeter of the new window putty. It is sold in stores. And a glass insert in its place, using old beads. And to paint a frame again.


Window panes with the help of paraffinOne of the most effective ways to eliminate small cracks that are hard to plug and seal is to pour melted paraffin. This material is in the liquid state will be pulled off in any crack and then hardens.
A piece of ordinary paraffin candles melt in a water bath. I.e. a container with a candle down on the boiling water to swim for a while until the wax melts. Be sure to work with thick gloves.
Melted paraffin is typed into the syringe and then injected with a syringe under pressure into the intended slot. During operation the main thing to observe the sequence and to outline the priority areas that need to be completed and not jump from place to place....

Winterizing old RAM tube seals


The tightly closed sash in the window — always a source of cold. If the Windows in cold weather have open — close, they must be sealed around the perimeter, usually where there is a gap of a few millimeters and which can accommodate a modern seal — self-adhesive tube.
Stick it on the paintwork of the wood very easily, need to be removed from the gasket backing paper and press adhesive side to the frame, of course, pre-washed. So eliminate drafts not only on Windows but also on the perimeter of the doors.
The trouble is that the adhesive for a long time didn't usually go – off, especially with frequent use and the condensation temperature difference. You can use advanced silicone seal – durable and effective – see the video further, but it is usually buried in a special slot that you want to ofpreserving around the perimeter of the frame.


The use of tape to seal cracks in the frameIf the perimeter of the seal free from dust, loose only small, it is possible to apply adhesive tape. But we must remember that he is likely to paint frames forms a very solid connection. And tear it will be possible only with the top layer of paint.
However, on the old frames, which are usually already and have no regrets, sealing all leaks and cracks with tape – the most common method of insulating Windows in the winter.
The frame must be washed thoroughly. Then to seal all large cracks with cotton wool or cloth, as large drafts may not give the tape will stick. Then glue tape all around the perimeter of loosely attached flaps that are suspected of glasses, in areas adjoining the frame.


Window panes with paper on the flourthe Old method of sizing cracks anywhere. Takes white paper strips at 30 — 50 cm and is attached to a cool solution of flour.
Basically the same as tape, but the sizing will be too late to wash, erase completely, without any harm to the frame. The glass is not glued, so the cracks on the perimeter of the glass to eliminate this way will not succeed. Sticker about 3 to 5 times longer and "more painful" than tape.
Paper often yellow over the winter, and as a rule, Windows pasted with paper do not look too...


The sizing of the Windows fabric with foamMore than an improved method for the sizing of the Windows on the winter — use fabrics on the soap, instead of paper on the flour. And the cracks will be repaired "advanced" — foam, which when compressed tends to expand, not wool and pieces of gauze.
Thin foam can be cheaply purchased at the hardware store, and sealing Windows, cut thin strips of old white sheets. Put on top of the plugged gaps matter thickly smeared with soap, will have a better shape. And in the spring it all to wash off with water. And even reused next year, in contrast to paper versions.


Putty sealed the cracks on the Windows

Seal gaps in Windows can be done with putty. Enough to coat carefully over the entire area of the wood, and putty firmly climb all the cracks and sealed them, so no air movement will not.


You can make a putty-based plaster with a small addition of chalk. But it would be "eternal", after drying out it will need to pick out and to make new ones.
You can do wash off the paste. Taken 3 parts very fine sifted sand to 1 part flour. Diluted with water a little bit, and rubbed along the frame. Top with the flour glue paper.

Above are described several methods of how to insulate Windows from the inside, that they would not have brought big surprises in the winter. But it is clear that this is all half-measures. And the old frame still can't compete on teplosberezheniya with modern glazing. That would solve the problem — how to insulate Windows for the winter radically, once and for all, you need to install a new plastic or wooden (more expensive) frame and dvumernye the glass, and glass to apply a coating, which retards radiation of heat in the room. The only way to reduce heat loss through Windows by 80 -90%.published




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