Select the door and find out what's waiting for you in the near future. As the water looked!

I assume that you, like any modern man, try to rely only on yourself and on your mind and you do not believe fairy tales about prepleteniyah fate, and even more so in the suspicious results of psychological tests, which is teeming with virtually the entire Internet. But, you see, sometimes you such intelligent and unflinching, I want to give yourself slack and read what it has prepared you, queer fate.

This test is not intended to be the ultimate truth, but he often gives very accurate results. Convince yourself and find out about his future with the team the entertainment magazine. Yes, these people are in the water looked!

Guided by intuition, did not hesitate to choose the door which you like most. Surprise! Not waiting for? The test result is ready! B>

Door number 1
Such, as you say, "Be quiet water below the grass." You're calm like a boa constrictor and your philosophical attitude to life can only envy. And once you manage to include the rapid flow of life to maintain harmony and peace? Do you like from time to time to be alone. Incendiary parties - not your option! Large and noisy company you prefer a narrow circle of friends and close acquaintances. You waiting for a quiet and measured life, because wherever you go and wherever you no overtook flurry of life events, do you keep a balance, your every move is verified. But remember: you only have one life. It may be worth it to add a little bit of movement and color? .. After all, as you know, standing water turns into a swamp.

The door number 2
Having chosen this door, you are consciously or unconsciously choose personal growth, whether in life, relationships or careers. But there is a catch: selecting the stairs leading up, you are personally choose oh what a difficult path that requires you to considerable effort. The price of success is sometimes high. Do you love being in the spotlight, you're moderately ambitious and even a little ambitious. At the same time you do not expect the fate of gifts on a silver platter, but I'm sure that patience and a little effort. Often you catch the buzz is not from the result, and the distance traveled.

The door number 3
You - a very extraordinary man. This door is chosen adventurers and people who are inclined to take risks, sometimes even unreasonable. But if you do not cool his ardor, life itself can to pour cold water on you, and to bring down to earth. Fire hydrant at the door speaks about the hidden dangers that may await you in the future. Open the door, behind which, in fact, the dark - what you have in front of the unknown. Thus, putting their lives in danger, you do not even know whether this risk is justified. But look above the door hangs a sign with the number 26, that the Jewish and the Christian religion represents God. Despite the large unnecessary risk, you live like a god in his bosom, and you certainly looks personal guardian angel.

The door number 4
The red color of the door says that you're always on the alert. What do you snow that you heat that you pouring rain? It does not matter whether it is a fight for the title, the championship in a relationship or personal rights, you are always focused on the battle ... if not for life, then death. More recently, in front of you it was a gulf that separates you from your goal, but you are not afraid to step over it and ready to fight for the sake of what came here.

The door number 5
You must be tired from the grueling life of swimming among thunder and lightning. Do not worry, as soon as the storm subside and everything will fall into place. Capsize even truck on your way to happiness. You are looking for peace and quiet. Believe me, the one who seeks finds. Doors necessarily set before those who knocks. Surround yourself with loving people, and from those whom are not sure, try to stay away.

The door number 6
Your choice says that for you now is a pretty tough times. You and then sbya feel depressed and sorry, but you still have enough power to directly today to secure a brighter tomorrow. Cheer up and remember: It's in your hands! It happens that night weeping reigns, and in the morning - joy. As you know yourself, the victory is often a step behind from the time when we gave up. So feel free to forward!

The door number 7
You live in blissful ignorance, and you like it. You're a starry-eyed optimism with a bag ready to go into any doors, and even occasionally to kick their feet. You experience the fun and excitement of roulette from this fate. Well, get ready soon to appear before the selection. Do not worry, nothing complicated or bad you were not waiting.

The door number 8
Do you sometimes like to pry into other people's business. You're damn curious. Everything around you is genuine interest. You're an optimist, and happily go navtrechu adventure. But even the seemingly risky adventure border with common sense. You should not hesitate to go forward with confidence! What kind of life? Not done a good job - is worse than make a bad.


Incredible! The nail on the head about me! What are your results in line? If so, wait, that predicted will come true, but remember that we ourselves create our life, so take it easy. Share this fun test with your friends!

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