Photography, which has excited the entire Internet: This cat down the stairs or rises?

No sooner had the whole world breathe a sigh of relief when they finally unlock the secrets of the unfortunate dresses, which climbed to the ears of the Internet at the time as all social networks are actively beginning to walk a new optical illusion. It is worth noting that such images, which play havoc with the imagination of the viewer, go online often. And not all visual deceptions, scientists can give a scientific explanation: some of them are still a mystery.

At this time, the World Wide Web exploded picture ... cat. People's opinions are divided: some believe that mustache pet climbs up the stairs, and others - that it is rapidly coming down on them. It's amazing how the human brain can respond differently to the same image! We will not torment you long introductions, you're probably already want to quickly see a new optical illusion, galvanized the millions of people on the Internet. So, drum roll, fanfare and hit the gong ...

How do you think this cat down the stairs or climb it?

Well, we got you a little bit of brainstorming? Properly closer look? I prepare arguments to defend their point of view? Then you probably already can not wait to see the right answer. B>

So, now you know what is the correct answer. This cat ... down the stairs
Tell us about this photo, which has excited the entire World Wide Web, your friends. And do not forget to share with us in the comments, what is still, in your opinion, does the cat: ascend or descend.

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