Who what evil zodiac sign? Subtle humor astrologers not without truth.

Astrologers also have a sense of humor, which is under the influence and was created this humorous horoscope. But in a joke there is always a grain of truth, is not it? Know what you're evil, by these definitions.

Aries - Dragon (March 21 - April 20)
Mars has an overwhelming impact on the animal, which makes him not only the "burn" of others with care and attention, but just the same straightforwardness incinerate his statements. Dragon - impulsive evil. He should learn to think of each of the seven heads before smashing everything in its path. The identity of this animal affects its size, which is why he will never manage to try on someone else's skin. It becomes the cause of his excessive pride and arrogance. Accustomed to think globally, often exaggerating the facts.

Taurus - Brownie (April 21 - May 21)
Brownie - a true Golden Calf. But all the gold it will be stored in a tightly sealed jar, to which, you can be sure your access will be closed. Brownie - thoughtful and practical, but still evil, because it is stubborn, selfish, jealous and uncompromising. Arguing with him is simply useless. In no case should not be allowed to Brownies two met in the same area. Indeed, in that case you can forget about what a quiet life. Their constant explanation of the relationship will not let you relax for a minute.

Gemini - Goblin (May 22 - June 21)
Goblin - nature is very changeable. Two minutes ago, he was able to arrange your dressing and debriefing, and now looks more like a quiet and thoughtful air conditioning, which blows cool. In order to clarify the relationship with Leshim, you need to have a stable psyche, a healthy sense of humor and a large stock of spare time. If you listen to the Goblin, it will be argued that only he has all the limbs grow from the right place. This evil has the gift of speech, gift case and gift tediousness, so try not to fall under its twenty-hour monologues and sermons on any chosen theme.

Cancer - The fright (June 22 - July 22)
The fright - evil dreamy, sensitive, and even affectionate and sentimental. It raging different impulses that cause it to seek in the house to the center, then the will to his beloved swamp. Often unhappy in my personal life, because he can not decide between the houses and Water. He likes to help others - it is cold you obolet some water, mud healing izmazhet, leeches guide, mud wrap up and put under a bush to recover. The fright - loyal and true friend, if you hit it - you're doomed.

Leo - Cote Baiyun (July 23 - August 23)
Scum having magnetism and artistry. Go to the right - the song starts, the left - the tale says. And does this cat Baiyun even when clear evidence of his lack of voice and hearing. Can lull anyone, even those who are not going to sleep. Sometimes suffers amnesia and can not selectively remember some things. Cat Baiyun - wild animal: how to feed, and the forest is still looking. Nevertheless, you need to treat it with love and respect - flea comb, iron, drink milk, or cat Baiyun refuses to be your meaning of life, so here!

Virgin - Baba Yaga (August 24 - September 23)
And is not it Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Wise is a real, worldly troubles tired and disappointed in all and sundry. Because of this, she became a misanthrope and retire to the wilderness. The cynicism and weaving wiles she can hardly find an equal, even among evil. Grandma quietly brews potions and dry fly agaric to treat someone if possible. Introverted, cautious, boring and demanding, not in any compromises. Endowed with the gift to read the bad thoughts and understand the shit perfectly. This may provide adequate resistance, giving a ball and pointing direction of the broom. But in the hut her ideal organization of space, and all the potions are arranged in alphabetical order.

Scales - Mara (24 September - 23 October)
Mara - evil is very uncertain. She did not take until thoroughly weigh the pros and cons. Extremely noisy and intrusive - and six am able to rapidly tell the story of how she came to this life after death. Make it something can be done, only much interested, because this evil is guided around the following logic: why walk when you can stand, why sit when you can lie down. Nervous and impatient with her best not to get involved. And do not expect her activism in relation to something.

Scorpio - Mermaid (October 24 - November 22)
Intending to take a dip, be sure to grab a towel, rubber slippers and do everything very quietly, lest you met Mermaid. This sweet-looking creation will make you wait for hours while she combs her hair, even if they are few, and if you dare interfere with the process, scores comb and carry off the bottom. Mermaid is very changeable nature. A moment ago she sacrificed for the sake of your voice Witch, and after only a moment turned her lover in the sea foam. At the same time Mermaid independent, headstrong and rebellious, to influence it, press on pity.

Sagittarius - famously one-eyed (November 23 - December 21)
Famously one-eyed man is such only if it is not time to wake up. Indeed, in this case the evil picks up his bow and arrow and takes aim, squinting with one eye. The few who managed to survive this encounter, left his descendants a clear statement: "Do not wake up!". Famously actually finished a romantic and an idealist. He believes in love at first sight, in friendship with the second and the third divorce.

Capricorn - Kashchei Immortal (December 22 - January 20)
Scum stubborn, ambitious, as well as bullet-proof, waterproof and very strong-willed. Kashchei not inclined to corpulence, excellent strategist and leader, especially when it comes to the gold mined in the fight - it would serve to languish for long. Jealous, but is able to control myself. Maniac and full of passion, pursue and implement their plans may even last a lifetime. On the surface it may seem that he is soft and fluffy, but a suit of hare hides a duck egg and iron character.

Aquarius - Nightingale the Robber (January 21 - February 18)
Nightingale the Robber - nature Air, friendly and irresponsible. Maybe whistle so that the victim's ears, and instantly lost spatial orientation that allows him without any resistance pick a horse, weapons and other goods. Nightingale suited creative professions pen and an ax. Generously endowed by nature, but only enough strength to develop the ability to beautifully whistle. Different sociability, optimism and charm inhuman. He knows and loves to build castles in the air, which he himself then destroys the eyes of the amazed public.

Fish - Water (February 19 - March 20)
The water is so attached to his swamp, which sometimes ceases altogether to get out of it. At the heart of this evil is always a place of dreams and adventures of the seas. This incurable romantic believes in Scarlet Sails, boasts a lively imagination oysters and intellectual potential of a dolphin. At the Water thin and vulnerable soul, but neither eared creature is not able to appreciate it at its true worth. Always dwell on the depth and sees the root. If you pull to him for advice, you can drown.

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