What are the flaws inherent in each sign of the zodiac? The bulls, beware of the sin of enjoyment!

Every man is subject to passions... Someone can not live without delicious food, someone always wants to gossip, but some are not averse to commit adultery. Find out in our article what is a peccadillo is found for each zodiac sign!

Vices человека

  1. RAM
    This zodiac sign is characterized by ambition. Impulses and aspirations Rams to the championship so large that forcing them to compete everywhere and in everything. The stars advise them to slow down and try to enjoy what they already have.
    Thirty three million six hundred fifty nine thousand four hundred ninety

  2. Taurus
    Taureans sin addiction to sensual pleasures. This zodiac sign loves to indulge ourselves with fine food and expensive things. Aries should remember that real happiness can be obtained free of charge: hugging a loved one, playing with a child or pet, reading a fascinating book.
    Sixty six million eight hundred sixty two thousand seventy nine

  3. Twins
    Gemini inherent hypocrisy. It's the people who think one thing, say another and do the third. For the sake of achieving their goals, they are often guilty of duplicitous statements. This often leads to the increase in the ranks.
    Eighty six million ninety four thousand two hundred ninety eight

  4. Cancer
    Adultery is the sin of some representatives of the sign Cancer. Adultery is a serious sin! The stars advise Cancers not to commit rash acts that they later will regret.
    Eighty four million five hundred forty six thousand nine hundred forty four

  5. Lion
    Pride is the worst enemy of all lions. This zodiac sign need to get rid of bad habits to put himself above other people. Because the more man exalts himself, the harder he will fall. Some representatives of this sign of the disdain people are afraid atheletica. This is a big mistake because spirituality is manifested in the openness of heart toward one's neighbor.
    Sixteen million eight hundred eighty seven thousand three hundred sixty five

  6. Deva
    This zodiac sign loves to gossip behind others. The stars advise all Virgos should be careful with statements, and it's better to temper his criticism against the people.
    Eighty six million four hundred forty five thousand seven hundred fifty four

  7. Scale
    Sloth — that's what sin this sign of the zodiac. Excessive partying and the rest can have a negative impact on quality of life Scales. Representatives of the air sign is to learn to know the measure of pleasure and to try to bring into this life something more valuable than the ephemeral feeling of idleness.
    Eighty one million two hundred forty six thousand three hundred sixty nine

  8. Scorpius
    Unbridled passion or lust characteristic of some representatives of this zodiac sign. The stars advise Scorpios to avoid temptations in order to get rid of this sin. Frequent noisy parties, feasts and alcohol abuse lead to spiritual exhaustion. Scorpios should devote their energies to study, travel or sports.
    Fifty five million eight hundred one thousand six hundred fifty five

  9. Sagittarius
    Idle talk — the sins of all archers. They love to pour out of a sieve, and also to tell stupid jokes in a big company. Should get rid of this addiction, or you wouldn't be taken seriously.
    Sixty eight million five hundred forty nine thousand four hundred eighty seven

  10. Capricorn
    The greed for money — this sin almost all Capricorns. For the sake of wealth they are capable of a lot of hard work without rest. Like Taurus, Capricorn is worth remembering those life pleasures that can be obtained free of charge: love, friendship, hugs, smiles.
    Eighty million one hundred eighty eight thousand two hundred thirteen

  11. Aquarius
    Disobedience — the main feature and flaw of all the Aquarians. Many are proud of this as denying the authority and the opinions of others. Disobedience often leads to that person becomes stupid, listening only to their own dogmas. Aquarius it is necessary to divide the opinion of other people if they don't want to stay outside of society.
    Fifty six million eight hundred ninety five thousand four hundred thirty two

  12. Pisces
    Sin talents to be discovered — the main problem of Fish on the way to a happy life. Many representatives of this zodiac sign are spending the best years for unloved work, instead of devote time and a little effort for your favorite things. Fish is to listen to your inner voice and develop hidden talents, making this world more beautiful!
    Forty two million five hundred thirty six thousand three hundred ninety six

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