Responsibilities cat at home

- The cat should follow the fashion. If now in vogue DVD-system, hence the modern cat must keep up with the era and periodically look into the newfangled equipment, trying to figure out what's what and what is needed here is the blue wire.
- The cat has to check every hour during the night, do not you crawled under the covers any person snake.
- Cat from time to time have to train yourself in the event of unforeseen circus performances. For this purpose he shall periodically arrange flights home under the dome, jumping from curtains on the chandelier and back, all kinds of Jumping.
- Cat should remember that ears and nose before going to bed man washes rare, so when he (the man) put to bed, the cat should be perched on his head, lick and clean his nose and ears.
- Cat must help a person to spread the bed, watching to under the sheet did not have any items.
- Cat should remember that dream for a man - it's a waste of time, so the sight of a sleeping person, you must immediately wake him up by jumping from the cabinet on his stomach, and even better on the head.

- Cat must chase away bad dreams from a man. If the cat will notice that the person in bed tossing and turning, he must jump the man on the head and begin to drive away bad dreams and nightmares.
- The cat has to wean people from such harmful habits like snoring. To do this, it is sufficient to put a paw or a fluffy tail in the open mouth snoring man.
- Cat must every morning to remind man of the old proverb, "who get up early, that God gives." And the sooner people will rise, the more he (as well as the cat), God willing.
- Cat himself must from time to time hold a wet cleaning in the house. For this is enough to pull out of the kitchen sink sponge for washing dishes and dragging her into the room, breaking into smaller pieces - which is easier to do the cleaning.

- Cat should share with the person all that he has. Always give part of furs for warming clothes and throw the floor and half a cup of food.
- Cat must sing songs to bring the joy of man. Even if the songs are sad.
- Cat should check the reason why someone has not closed cupboard or nightstand and closed the drawer.
- Cat must know what lies in all boxes and packages. And from personal experience to make sure how many there ubodno and well located.
- Cat must during sleep naruzhny man mute noise, loud humming under the ear.
- Cat must collect the dust and the dirt, getting all the way places.
- The cat should be backfilled to a man all his relatives, friends and neighbors together.


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