6 cats-workaholics who have admired

Site Wants to meet with cats, whose example is worthy of admiration and imitation, even! Judge for yourself: Is the world would not be better if the seals to work on a par with us? Moreover, some professions are already successfully master.

The museum guards h2>

most famous Russian cats live in the Hermitage, and even have their own holiday - Day of the Hermitage cat, which is held in the spring. According to legend, the first representative of the cat tribe in luxurious halls appeared in the XVIII century, when Peter I had brought from Holland cat Basil and put him in the Winter Palace. Later, the number of cats increased - Empress Elizabeth Petrovna issued a decree according to which the 30 furry purring were sent to St. Petersburg to lime mice and rats.

Now each such "guard" was officially granted a passport, veterinary card and the status of a qualified professional to clean up the museum basement from rodents. On the living conditions of the cats can not complain, so some of the grief-owners, wanting to get rid of annoying pet, simply leave the animal at the museum. Last year there was, however, set a limit of 50 souls, the rest of the museum employees parked in good hands.

Start the Hermitage cat - not an easy task. To do this, you need to have an interview, provide your contact information and passport details. New host certificate is issued "The owner of the Hermitage cat", allowing free access to the exhibition halls.

Sailor h2>

Another celebrity Petersburg - a cat named sailor living on the ship "Nikolai Chernyshevsky." It is easily recognizable by the uniform, whether it is his cap c vest dress uniform or chief mate with badges. That's because over the years the sailor reached the rank of First Lieutenant. The owner of the cat - the captain of the ship Vladimir Kotin. According to him, the sailors accurately predict the weather. How is the fuss, no doubt - the storm is about to begin.

Head Station h2>

Stationmaster, vice president of the railway company and, moreover, a deity - Japanese cat Tama undoubtedly lived a wonderful life. Unfortunately, the animal died in June at age 16. During the burial ceremony, and she was given divine status - in gratitude for his services.

In 2007, when the railway company Wakayama Prefecture suffered a tremendous loss, Tam was appointed caretaker of Kishi Station. A cat walking around in uniform cap and greeted the passengers. As wages were given to her cat food. Soon an unusual railway employee became known throughout the country and even abroad. Kishi station began to flock to the tourists who want to witness the Tama and buy souvenirs dedicated to her. Due to the growth of the local economy cat amounted to 1, 1 billion yen.

In 2013, the Tama was appointed vice-president. Successor named Tama nit, which can be translated as Tama II, took office as a caretaker in August.

Cop h2>

The cat named Fred, aka Fred - cat under cover, famous for his work in the New York City Police Department. Born future guardian of the rule of law in the spring of 2005, in Brooklyn, the place is not very friendly, not only to humans but also to animals. In September, a kitten suffering from pneumonia and lung collapse, pick up service to monitor the animals. Soon, Fred appeared hostess - assistant District Attorney Carol Moran.

Police cat career began in February of the following year, when he was appointed to the office of the district attorney's secret agent. Fred became a patient vet, who was suspected in the absence of a license, fraud and abuse of animals. The special operation was successful, the vet was prosecuted and Fred presented several awards, one of which he handed the mayor of the city. Later, Fred participated in the program zootherapy attending school, helping to teach children to care for animals.

Alas, a career cop cat over on takeoff - in August 2006, Fred was killed by a car when run outside.

Government Worker h2>

Mouser Chief Executive Mansion - this title is awarded to cats, employees at the residence of the British Prime Minister at Downing Street, 10. Despite the fact that the official in the history of its existence, the title was granted only three cats, the press, as a rule, and all other.

The current Chief Mouser - cat, Larry, who took office in 2011 and became the originator of several scandals. A year later he was replaced by a cat named Freya, because, according to British Prime Minister David Cameron, Larry performed his duties in good faith. Nevertheless, the tendency of Freya to escape from the residence and get into trouble led to that position again went to Larry as a lesser of two evils.

If we talk about cats history, the longest time in office stayed cat Wilberforce, who served in office from 1970 to 1988. If it had four prime ministers, including Margaret Thatcher. Since 1929 the government for the maintenance of the cats from the Treasury began to allocate one penny a day. In 1932, the amount rose to 1 6d. Now the chief of the British crown Mouser costs 100 pounds a year.

Actor h2>

The sole owner of two awards "Patsy" or animal "Oscars", a cat Orange, also known as Rubarb. Remember red cat Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"? This role has become best known in career Orangi (and he has appeared in over 500 films and television programs).

Biography future movie star starts with the appearance in the garden of Mrs. Agnes Murray in an area of ​​Los Angeles. The cat was beaten, ragged and hungry. As it turned out later, wandering the streets reflected in its exceptional manner. In 1951, a homeless Orangi was casting for the role of the cat "with vile character and with scars on the face" in the movie "Rubarb." It became a trainer Frank Inn.

Orangi was so capricious that the Innu even had to put watchdogs at the exit from the set to prevent all sorts of attempts to escape. In addition, the cat fight absolutely everyone - both with people and other cats. However, the complex nature did not prevent Orangi succeed - for his role Rubarba he got his first "Patsy" and became a high demand in the movies and on television.

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