7 facts about marriage that you want to tell your children

The site publishes a list of simple truths that will help the next generation to live in a marriage happily ever after - if we manage them in time donesti.

If the wife prepares dinner - husband has to wash the dishes. If the husband drove the kids to school - a wife should cook all meals. In general, the mass of options here, but the point is to share responsibilities in half. In the real world the couple never behave in Hollywood comedies. Just the writers are trying to make their characters more ridiculous for the spectators and make them talk to each other silly things. Having similar interests is a good thing, but it is more important to have common life goals. You can enjoy different TV series, but to strive for a goal and achieve it by joint efforts. Starting from scratch - this is normal. When you start with and gradually achieve financial well-being, it gives you a solid foundation for a strong relationship. Too many people view marriage as retirement. When you're alone, you spend a lot of time to look and dress attractively. It is important to continue to do so, and not to relax. The same applies to men. In marriage, there is only you and him. Your friends and parents are not to blame if you do not get. The responsibility for the success or failure of the relationship is entirely on you, so take it seriously. If you're not having fun - it means that something is wrong. You must genuinely enjoy each other and appreciate each moment spent together.

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