Without self-pity: 5 facts that will not turn from the path

Eric Bertrand Larssen eight years he served in the Armed Forces of Norway, and then succeeded as a psychological coach who helps athletes to win medals of the Olympics.

His book "Without self-pity" in Norway bought every 20th inhabitant of the country, and now it comes out in Russian. h3> Website tells what facts help you to succeed. < br />

1. The formula for success h2> Eric says that there is one word that should be deleted from the dictionary Success And that word - talent. "Talent - is a word that should not be", - says Larssen. He cites the example of a bunch of people who are on their example proved that success only help to achieve daily workout.

For example, the father of the great tennis player Andre Agassi tennis and loved since childhood preparing for Andre career. He even to bed in the small son hung tennis balls instead of toys so he taught to focus on them.

David Beckham also trained from an early age in the park near the house. His father remembers that little David was lost for hours. A golfer Tiger Woods led, or rather brought in a golf club before the year. So, as one great "Success - is 1% talent and 99% of labor».

2. Typically 80% of the attention h2> There are two kinds of people: some argue that there is a balance, and others - that there is. Eric says: the early stages of achieving the balance will have to forget! He is sure: if you want to get really big success, then you have to pay 80% of their attention to this matter.

There is a little joke about the fact that our life - this stove with four burners. First burner - a friend, the second - the family, the third - and fourth health - is work. And the dilemma is this: how much you'll have to turn off the burners to achieve a strong success? The answer to this dilemma is this: for outstanding achievements need to turn off two burners.

Everyone understands this analogy in his own way, but all the same at first need to recognize that many aspects of life would "sink».

3. Remember that all of course h2> In ancient Rome was the custom. When the commander returned from patrol, he was met by cheering crowd. And behind him on the cart she was a slave, who held him to us wreath of the winner. This servant was another great responsibility. He was the commander whisper the words "Memento Mori". This helped the commander to remember that, first of all, he is an ordinary mortal. And secondly, that the time course and it is necessary to very quickly achieve new victories.

One Norwegian businessman on the screen saver on the computer is a timer countdown ... to death. He says that it is very motivating. Ucheny estimated that in 78 years people spend 28 years sleeping, 10 years working for 4 years in the cleaning of the house. To fulfill his dream he is only 4, 5 years. How do you spend them?

4. A good goal h2> What is a good goal? How to define it? Imagine this situation: you go out for a walk and meet God. And he tells you: "The guy in the next 10 years, you get everything, everything, what you dreamed of. All the houses, cars, mate and so on. You will have everything. What will you do next? ».

Think on this issue. Or it can be formulated as follows: "If you knew exactly what you get, what would you do?". Anything. Try to think big, in answering this question. In the words of a famous multimillionaire Donald Trump: "You have to think anyway, so why not think big?».

5. Markers on the road h2> In order to always maintain the charge of the motivation you need to ask yourself right questions Constantly keeping the fire within yourself, you force yourself to move. What are the markers, questions should be on your way? Ask yourself:

Do I go? How do I move faster? By what percentage I have laid out for the last month? From what I can give up? What is my uniqueness? Do this regularly, and be sure to learn a lot about yourself!

After the book "Without self-pity».


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