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The long summer vacation in the village - the freedom for such experiments. Since cats are not particularly complained about the farm, all the experiments were carried out solely on cats. A granny cats have always been at least five mugs of one yard. Without exception - cunning, shuganye animals and the hands are not easy given, and I think just me. When I came to the village, they have already passed on his telegraph alarm and hid in trenches. We had to watch for. One flash missed - currently sitting on the fence, heated, his eyes prizhmuril, and here - figak, I am currently chingadzhguk, current without feathers, mane enough - idiii here.

Linen clothespins fasten and release it with the world, wondering how he would get rid of them. Kotyara like a Christmas tree in the clothespin, the arrow flies in the barn. Nuuu damn it! I ran after him. He climbed into the attic and sit there plaintive meows. That's fair, is immediately sorry and I was with good intentions puts the ladder that would take off his clothes pegs. Short climb the stairs, and she's a bitch, when I was already at the top, breaks ... Chingadzhguk shmyaknulsya Apollo so that mom Daraga. "Kick!" I thought, rubbing snot with blood on his face. In the end of the pegs cat freed my uncle and I, despite my broken slurp, slapped cuffs. Uncle I still have one - (Stallone, nervously smoking in aside) and each cuff - it mikrosotryasenie brain.

I have decided that it is necessary to arrange experiments with partial immobilization cats and preferably in a confined space. String bag, remember? A shopping bag, I tell you, ahrenitelno immobilize cats. And I do not chigadzhguk and brave gladiator, catching a cat I push him in a string bag. He handles Sucitu-legs, but can not do anything. So that! In the courtyard is a tub with rain water. Water treatments. The first ascent after a dive, Kassak groups no longer twitches, just looks at me with a tremendous eye, in the eyes to read the questions - one: "You bastard ahrenel Che finally?", And the other eye firing in search of my guys. Heh, I do know that his uncle was not until the evening. But I saw my aunt. She drum cats, but she did not drummed tainted rainwater. In the evening I got kicked and cat, and water - by immersing me in the tub upside down - not gladitor and Cousteau unfinished.

Under the canopy is shed in which to store grain on the booth dumped sweatshirts, their hundred years nobody touches it, and therefore it will not find the cat. I mschu - shove the cat because of which had been scheduled to swim in these jerseys. "It is true that there is nobody touches Sweatshirt" thought bumblebees and zabatsali, bastards, there's a nest ... Kotyara dumped quickly, and I'm not very fast. On stomach counted twelve bites on the back of hell knows. The head did not bite and it was good, but then I still After Dyadkin cuffs clothespins everywhere see caricatures.

"Baaaatyushki!" - Aunt complained that Ryzhyi chickens began to eat, and his, not the neighbors. Spakuha aunt's face it. Caught red and zvizduyu the river, away from his uncle and all prying eyes. On the way kotyara scratched me all the blood, probably I sensed that my intention sooovsem bad. Up the river is still far, and carry the cat has hurt, I decided to wrap the sump to the farm - it's closer. On the shore waving as far as possible and toss the cat out of inertia, is not retained, and treat him with obryvchika straight into the sump ... almost total immersion in the viscous swamp. Cat stsuko, easy and dried up crust ran to the shore, and I ran hard and did not. "From the shit!" - I thought, and I think correctly, because the farmer settler with shit - feces karovak and calves.

In short, my uncle still a lot of what was doing things to me - and to a branch on the tree tie and chest covered with forage and ... well, in general uncle was cruel.


Last year.
 I remember it was March 8. I walked behind the flowers for mom. Near the dumpster? I heard a tiny squeak. Someone neperestavaya squeaked and I had great difficulty to find a box with three bald lumps with the umbilical cord. Forgetting about the flowers and the festival ran from the box home. Mum's verdict sounded like a death sentence - "They will not survive." "But to hell!" I thought, and ran to the store for milk. Because gum pipette I did put on a pacifier and a bottle from the "peroxide". Warmed milk.
Kittens do not resist drinking. My happiness knew no bounds, not because I am gentle and kind, but because I was determined that they need to survive, basically! Weeks passed, months ... has grown two cats and a cat. Cats dismantled friends and cat Otavalo I will not under any pretext. Athanasius I was raised as a fighting cat. He has two months guessed breed tigers.
Continuous training with the races of the mouse on the cords have exhausted him off so that he breathed upon them, like a dog with his tongue out. Vertical climbing wall, fights with hand vydresirovali predator. Many dogs do not possess such qualities as Athanasius. Fight cat, whom everyone feared. But that's another story.
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