The 7 Habits of chronically unhappy people. Mistakes you should avoid!

On our planet, there are billions of people, and only some of them is really happy. There are those who are just on the brink of "happiness-misery" day by day. And unhappy people? Do they exist?

As recent studies do exist. Even as there are. They - unhappy people - inherent special features and habits that they own at the level of "God»:

1. They believe that life - a difficult thing. B>
Unhappy people see themselves as victims of life. Their attitude is, "Look what she did to me" prevails over all. At the same happy people attitude to life is quite another: they understand that life can be difficult at times, but it will not last forever. They live it, curious to explore, but not always in November, that is not so. They do not go away from the responsibility that have done business-like, but just concentrate on how to fix it.

2. They believe that most people can be trusted. B>
Unhappy people - incredulous. This prevents him to meet new people that are in the future, perhaps, would his friends. Happy is the man trusts his brother. Moreover, he believes in the good that is in every man. Open and friendly, he is always happy to meet new people, and thus his thoughts are always pure.

3. They pay attention only to the poor, but good just do not notice. B>
Negativity in our world enough, and these people only pay attention to what is not, is not happening and, in general, should not, in their opinion, exist. They can be seen from afar. Compassion and whining - this is their strong point.

At the same time, and happy people see bad and good. However, still positive - it is their life goals.

4. Comparing yourself to other people, they are fraught with great envy. B>
Constantly nagging people envy the success of others. With all my heart believe that good luck and never enough for everyone, so if someone else was lucky, so they - other - stole their chance of success and luck. Stupid, is not it?

People who see the positive in everything, believe that in front of them opened the door if they knock. In light of their minds even there is no doubt that the new features will not be. They firmly know that after a few "no" will be one big 'yes ».

5. They seek control of their lives. B>
There is a big difference between the control and the desire to achieve their goals. Really unhappy ones who, planning every step in their lives, according to the tragedy of failure and defeat. Happy will be the same, or to seek its goal, or just go with the flow until a new opportunity. These never hang up his nose!

6. They look at their future with fear. B>
At the head of each of us plenty of room for everything that you want, and fill it negativisty only bad thoughts. What can go wrong - it's all about what they just think, so their minds are filled with fear and anxiety. What a shame!

A lucky - do not miss! They know that sometimes dream about nice things - a real panacea for all ills. As yet they are afraid or anxious, these people still know the difference between a fleeting sense of fear and a lifetime filled with them. When they get anxious at heart, they are either looking for ways to avoid it or take it as a given phenomenon. But never fear drives them and their lives.

7. Their conversations - solid gossip and complaints. B>
These elements are aching like living in the past. They prefer to talk constantly about the hardships of their lives, and there was a nuisance. When complain thoroughly, then begin to relish gossip. It's so much fun! Do you not know?

Never nagging people live in the present and the future. They are giving a warm and positive per kilometer. They work with joyful admiration about what they like. They are grateful for what they have. They dream about the future opportunities that may present their fate.

And no brainer that we are all imperfect. All of us, sooner or later plunge headlong into the maelstrom of bad thoughts, but how quickly each of us can get out of it - that's the whole point, guys. Ultimately, to practice positive thinking and similar activities, and not try to do everything perfectly - that is what really makes sense. This is the same quality that is alien to the poor people.

Walk, fall, rise, repeat all over again. And try again, despite all the difficulties. That is the essence. We share this great information with your friends. Their interest is exactly!

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