He died from what he loved so much memory ... Post a famous actor "Fast and the Furious" Paul Walker.

«If one day the speed will kill me, do not cry, because I was at that moment was smiling», i> - these words are published once on Twitter, to the famous actor Paul Walker became, in essence, prophetic. < br />
Exactly one year ago, 30 November 2013, the two friends were driving under the impression from the large-scale auto show, which was held in support of the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. It seemed that there were no signs of the tragedy ... but this was the last check-stars "Fast and the Furious" Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas famous actor ... kinofranshizy "Fast and the Furious" and his friend died on the spot.

accident happened in the Californian city of Santa Clarita. Paul Walker was a passenger on the ill-fated car Porsche, driven by his friend Roger Rodas. At the time of the accident, which killed Walker and Rodas, the car was moving at a speed exceeding 160 km / h. But the maximum permitted speed at the accident site was 60 km / h. At some point the driver lost control of the car - the car crashed into a pole and then into a tree. The blow was so strong that they could not save even wearing a seat and a vehicle body torn to pieces. The car caught fire on the spot. The actor and his friend received multiple injuries that were simply incompatible with life. As examination has shown, the two victims were sober and not under the influence of psychotropic substances.

And here is the heartbreaking images directly from the scene of the tragedy:

Recall that Paul Walker was born on September 12 1973 in the US city of Glyandeyl family businessman and models. Acting career he began as early as 2 years. The first step to Hollywood was a job in advertising diapers and many television projects and series. But in fact, his first starring role in a big movie, which brought him worldwide fame, was the work of "Fast and the Furious," where he played a cop Brian O'Conner undercover, who is wanted dangerous criminals among the organizers of racing. Walker managed to become an indispensable part of this kinofranshizy.

Paul Walker was a cheerful person. He is actively involved in charity work, loved to travel to exotic countries, keen on surfing, often he took part in amateur road racing and was even co-tuning studio in California. The actor had a passion for cars and speed not only on the big screen, but in real life. Unfortunately, fate played a trick on him - that he loved so much, and later killed him.

Shortly before the tragic death of the actor worked on the seventh part of the movie "Fast and the Furious." With the participation of Paul was completed about 60% of the work on the painting. Therefore, in 2015, according to the producers and cast, the premiere of the famous movie, where we will be able to see again the beloved actor.

rolls tears in his eyes when you watch the official trailer for the film with the participation of the deceased actor:

This role is to some extent has become for him fatal. One of the scenes will of fate managed to become prophetic. Hero Paul Walker in the seventh "Fast and the Furious" appears in the cemetery. Question: «Brian, promise me that no more funerals!» I> A: «One more will still be». I>

The funeral of the actor held on December 3, 2013 in California. Say goodbye to him, came the closest people to him. Walker left 16-year-old daughter, Meadow Rain, which will continue the work of his famous father. «Meadow is very saddened and grieving for the Pope, but it demonstrates the incredible inner strength. We admire her strength of mind - just like her father! She says she wants to honor his memory, making sure that the charitable foundation will continue to work. She wants her father's affair lasted » i> - tell relatives and friends of the actor.

No one can give an answer to the question of why it happened ... I still can hardly believe. It is very difficult to accept that a young actor in the prime of life, who was at the peak of his fame, so early died. The team wants to honor the blessed memory of the famous actor with his fans as well as fans, who every time with trepidation in his heart watched the legendary "Fast and the Furious." The pain of loss is really too great and nothing can compensate for the bitterness of the loss, but the memory of Paul Walker will live in the hearts of his colleagues, loyal fans, family and friends for a long time. Paul Walker, light your memory!

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