Your choice: self-destruction or self-recovery?

When I worked as a doctor, was surprising to me: why two children with the same diagnosis and the same parameters – different disease suffer? Why one child is recovering, only to be drenched in cold water, and the second didn't, though, and uses drugs?

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Now, when the topic of destiny captured me, and I learn a lot in this area, I saw the key: regardless of the purpose a person can start a program of self-improvement or self-destruction. To the dismay of many, the program of self-improvement is not an eternal option, it cannot include itself and that worked. It is necessary to include, but we need all the time to ensure that worked. At the same time, to happiness and what self-destruct program also does not work instantly. She also takes time to bring the body "to the handle" or to "point of no return". Because of this (time in either case) there is always the opportunity to have time to make a choice. But first you need awareness.

I still happily surprised that destiny can be calculated. When I tell people about the potentials that they have, they wonder how I know all this. I'm just looking at numbers. But the truth is that PEOPLE DO things CAN CHANGE. Destiny can not change it at all worthy and high (not to be a janitor, and clean up the space of the planet, for example), but here's HOW to do it is a person's choice. The purpose of man is, carries and drags life in different ways – and not very affectionate, but a person doubts as to whether drags and the whether way? Method – is often a profession, business, skill, potential. Each and every one of these skills to fulfill the destiny given at birth, that's what people like to do, what he gets a thrill and satisfaction.

How included a program of self-improvement and self-destruction? Method four:

  • The against your body
  • Relation to their emotions
  • Relevant to your thoughts
  • The ratio of their potentials
If we want to work the program of self-improvement, we refer to the body as an instrument, which should be protected to last a long time, namely: cleansing, nutrition, breathing, and moderate exercise in order to physical body could move, to bend, to be elastic, clean inside and out.

Relationship to the emotions for self-improvement: "every day cleaning – General cleaning periodically — toning (the result of consolidation of purification) is a new content – protection" works here as well as elsewhere, where the need for change. Cultivated a positive, transforming the negative into a positive, that is, looking for – what good this negativity happened and change him. Insertion in the life of all that gives joy, pleasure, happiness and bliss. Everything else philosophically.

Attitude toward thoughts of self-improvement: the scheme is the same, but more thorough. Emotions and feelings are more volatile, to cope with them is easier than thinking. But all real. The morning pages every day, "sinks" periodically, reading good books, watching good movies, right environment, affirmations, etc. often help.

The attitude of the potentials/talents to use in the case.

Accordingly, to start the self-destruct to do the opposite.

To start the self-destruction of the body: fill and lay in the quality of food is all that is hard taken eats away from the inside, toxic... the Body is not exploited fully (clicks) or, on the contrary, forget to put on prophylaxis (stress, stress and consequences), or exploited (in 60 years – jumped up and ran, you first need handles, legs to work, to intra-articular fluid is evolved skazochka happened sustavchiki earned).

With emotions and thoughts – more negative experiences and reflection on them. With potential buried in the ground.

Man is the only animal that runs this program – it's self destruction is just starting to figure out (and before that his parents lovingly help). And how much it will stretch, how much time this program will be developed and implemented, depends on their original characteristics, but more from the fact that man is doing to the body-emotions-thoughts. Plus – what's he doing with the potentials given at birth to complete the mission.

We all know that the Cheetah is the fastest animal. That is, to develop a high speed is its potential. It would be strange to imagine that the Cheetah decided this potential /talent buried in the ground. And would lie to myself and walked in "Rusalochka" and wouldn't run for prey the fastest.

By the way, Pets, people are often deprived of their potential – cats no longer catch mice, castrated males is to impregnate cats, cows give milk instead of meat and so on.

Why am I talking about potential? Because potential unrealized in the case, is realized in the body. It is also one of the knobs run the program of self-destruction. If a person has obvious acting skills, but it works where it is impossible to apply plus not doing it in his spare time, he will get some kind of sore that will at least prevent him to live, and most likely significantly shorten the life. The potential was given to complete the mission, it is not used, it is necessary to implement it at least through the body. And so it happens. In this case we are talking about serious diseases, not acute viral infections. Although can begin with them.

Surely everyone reading this article does not want to self-destruct, want to live long and happily, to be healthy and happy. But does everyone have the program of self-improvement? Before, long ago, when civilization was still far from us, life itself was arranged so that the body became more healthy. Now a person need to make an effort and sometimes even to fight with the benefits of civilization, in order to be healthy, to prevent diseases.


First and foremost, it is necessary to answer the question: what is the program now working in me - for self-recovery or self-destruction? This question does not depend on age.

If there is a realization that still, to self-improvement is still far, then you just need to create a such a program in 4 areas:

— the body (clean inside and outside – food – breathing – exercise in tension and relaxation)

— emotions (cleaning inside and outside – filled with positive protection)

— thoughts (cleaning inside and outside – filling need protection)

— potential ways to implement them in business).

You can cope with the problem: this requires a clear vision, ability to focus on goals and self-discipline. I have at the beginning of my journey these three points is not enough, so I began to move with a group of like-minded people.published


Author: Eugene Shagin

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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