Who is who and what should be?

"Don't push me!", "no one owes anyone anything", "give free love", "I don't owe anybody" — this phrase is quite often faced in working with people. Sometimes comments are similar to the slogans of the liberation movements of the oppressed against unjust men, women, children, and parents. Even the word "duty", "obligation" and "honour", "loyalty", "fairness", "responsibility" is not very popular these days.

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Personally, I have no complaints about the word "should" or "must". It seems to me that the ability to fulfil their obligations is a sign of maturity of a person. No running, no hysteria, not so he instructed as we would like, not to rebel against the system or there is something else, and just have a good and fulfilling that you will obey him. "Who prescribed?", "who are the judges?"and other strong statements are to me an empty shaking of the air. We are all inhabitants of one large planet, the actions and awareness of each person depends on our joint quality of life, independence and separateness is an illusion, if you think that you will easily be able to survive without other people — go and try to live alone in the woods.

At work aren't we SUPPOSED to perform their duties, if they want to pay us salary? Utilities aren't we supposed to do if you want to live in a heated and lit area? If every student will do what he wants, is it possible in the classroom to create an atmosphere to bring knowledge to a class of twenty or thirty people? Athletes without discipline, great success will achieve? And how about not listen to the doctor and do whatever you want, especially in the period of exacerbation of the disease? What is a free country, a free nation, let no one owes nothing. Maybe because normal was that the doctor does not feel it necessary to cure the patient, the teacher is not responsible for knowledge and the development of a student, the manufacturers did not much care about the quality of the products, vendors, and other contact staff in the different companies do not consider properly welcoming us to contact, and we don't greet neighbors in the stairwell, not in a hurry to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation — not need, why bother?

And yet, children are not responsible for the old age of their parents — let them get sick, grow old and die alone, we have complete freedom. For the children, too, why reply? Come on, go and enjoy yourself. Married — complete nonsense, but then fell back twenty times. Married and children? Yes figs with him that the child wants to be WITH HIS DAD!!! Find another better it can handle. As the child grows up, he will solve their children's problems — and the Pope will find himself, and mother, and anyone. Want to be faithful, want change. Relationship is a delicate thing, never know when real love will happen, right?

Undoubtedly, the phrase "you should", "would you like to try to do something", "do not deign, sir.."and that sort of thing — the ear and the eye much nicer than the word "should", but it's all on the level of development depends. It is one thing - an informed and insightful person, so to him and clear all their responsibilities in the family, at work and in society, Recalling that he should not need much, and the word of the Allergy had not been observed — should and ought to. Another thing, when you need to motivate someone who is not so aware, not to wait for the court decision about alimony, and to pay their own, if it really happened and the family split up, or set a specific order where the people have not yet learned to organize themselves, where there is no imperative?

It is clear that nothing good will come of it, if people in a relationship will each other to show alone claims and to enforce obligations (because in the lectures I heard or read somewhere in the books), what love can be where under duress forced to love and care for yourself because "I am a Woman", or to obey because "I am a Man." But here the question is that few people today do understand how to make in society to be successful, and family nutritious and sturdy to hold, and children more time and effort would be enough, and what we are — we need to understand.

It is normal if the family will be allocated duties in accordance with the nature and peculiarities of the psyche of men and women. Accountant after all, it takes someone who is strong in accounting, vendor been the one who is better able to sell, the cook should know how to cook, swimmer must be able to swim, the guard — to protect. The husband should be able to be a husband, wife-wife, parents — normal fit on the head mom and dad. It would be good to.

The problem is that while we were playing SuperCool and independent people, detached from their roots, the time goes and how! I can say from experience working with dozens of people that the problem with the recognition of the hierarchy, unwillingness to obey, rebellion for rebellion (is when people loudly resent and wish to destroy everything, but who is going to build is of little concern to them, somebody somewhere needs to come and change it all, our job to break everything) and the problematic perception of some words about duty and obligations often associated with Oh how unexamined parent-child relationship. Don't be the elder one who has not learned to be younger. Can't lead someone who has not learned to obey. If people can not respect those people who lived before them, if you can't learn if you don't see older people, those who gave birth to them and brought them up as best they could, the fact that such people can build? If you have not learned to appreciate and be grateful to your parents that you can demand from their children? If you do not have learned to appreciate life and the attitude of close people, where then will the desire to somehow limit yourself and beat your own selfishness.

Destroy, Yes, destroy anything — and customs, and traditions, and order, and family, and country. Only among the screaming revolutionaries often under the age of 35 years much of myself and about no idea what's going on in industries across the country and in villages, not in offices and design studios. Top achievement is a competent PR and marketing and a lot of show. There is not with the revolutions to begin, and yourself, to assess the situation at least around me, to try to grow in a normal person who is doing the best that they can. The usual, the ordinary person adequate that everyone should. Have money to earn and a family to feed, got a couple of books on anatomy and physiology to read, to understand where that inside himself is and that is the number of children did not suffer from illiterate actions of the parents in relation to their health needs in the child's inner alertness to educate and instill high standards of life, lest he go mad from the information noise that pours dirty stream. Must be able to take care of myself, to be able to holidays in the family to arrange a warm, at a speech of his to watch, galloping mood, learn with family relationships to maintain normal. Yes a lot of things from the sphere of obligation in our lives...

By itself, of course, much easier. Live, travel, revolt, criticize everyone and everything, complain folks, educators in kindergartens, teachers in schools, professors in universities, doctors, the government, in the media, yet you have to, right? We do not have anyone, and we all should. And make us what we are, and our children to educate and treat, and quality services, and good products at competitive prices to produce, we're taxes pay for it... ummm... or not always? Not needs after all, right? Here in America or Europe, that's where all the cool, and we have that, we have no one owes nothing. Aha.

Happiness to all and to think that I can do for myself, family and the world before someone will come and will be forced to start to demand it from me. On the same planet after all, were born. We are all here for each other. I want to believe it. published 


Author: Dean Richards

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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