US national debt. Borrow to pay debt

Even in his youth addicted to listen to Western "voices", and still retain the habit. Only now do not need a receiver, all on a mobile phone. In my list of favorites many local stations, including in the United States.
Nedaval listening to speech-based programs from Atlanta. Leading once said that the current standoff between Democrats and Republicans, and unpaid leave nearly a million federal employees - just a red herring. The main thing - it's the elephant in the room, all of which deliberately overlooked. Elephant - is the country's budget.
By October 17 you must obtain permission of both chambers of the expansion of US government debt. This debt does not wisely understand yardstick can not be measured, it is 16.7 trillion dollars. Trillion - a thousand billion. This is necessary to service the debt, pay interest.
I made a simple calculation based on the familiar three-percent rate. To the US only to stand still, you have to pay 501 billion annually, more than two billion every working day of the year. US Treasury receives from taxes 2.4 trillion a year. Consequently, the country's debt - 8 times its annual earnings.
"Imagine - spoke with fervor leading - that you earn 100 thousand a year, and on the credit card you have hung 800 thousand! Even if you stop to take on debt, and 10 percent of earnings will be given to his redemption, it will take you 80 years! »
Leading made it clear that the US government does not suffer such prudence, and that public debt is likely to continue to grow. This process can not go on forever and sooner or later there will come a time when the payment on the loan will stop or delay. Comes default. The consequences of its provision is not yet possible, because this before in the United States never happened.
There are of course other currencies - the euro, the Chinese yuan, also known as the renminbi, the ruble, finally. With the development of Internet, people began to look for independent calculation methods were electronic money - e-gold, TokenPay, Pecunix, KlikEx and Bitcoin. I myself was a small account e-gold, remember, was calculated with a computer programmer from Kharkov, sent him $ 200. Click! - And money there. In 2009, the FBI this system to cover. I think that I, as a user, also fell into the bottomless archives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
A man named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 published a revolutionary development for new Cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

"Bitcoin" - not material, in fact it's just a long encrypted number. Their value is not tied to any currency. Exchange rate on the stock exchange is determined by supply and demand.
Emission and turnover "bitcoins" fully decentralized, all translations are in the public domain, but without disclosing the real owner. Each user can create an unlimited number of addresses yourself.
You've probably already guessed where I'm going. Indeed, around the "bitcoins" increased community desiring convenient, but all sorts of nefarious anonymously trade in goods. To further the conspiracy was to create a "shadow" the space where the street, just like that, it was no go.
The creators of this secret market called his Silk Road - «Silk Road." This way successfully flourished, especially in the last two years. Until yesterday.

A couple of days ago on the BBC Online BBC message - on Tuesday, in the Public Library of San Francisco, the FBI arrested the creator of the "Silk Road", William Ross Ulbricht.
Agents of the Bureau also captured 3.6 million dollars in Cryptocurrency "bitcoin».
I think that now these "bitcoins" held as evidence. Then the money can be exchanged at the stock exchange.
I would advise to hurry, because after his arrest and the closure of the site course "Bitcoin" was falling rapidly.

Meanwhile, close on 17 October.
Most likely, the US government decides to borrow to pay the debt.
It continues to grow.
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