Everyone dreams about his...

This story began as a good movie with a twisted plot.

There was a young man, he is barely in business drove business meet, but made plans and dreamed about how to organize the mafia, which is working for him, and it is to be in charge. He had several women who he would have adored and meekly complied with his every whim. Of course, a lot of money and a lot of pleasure was to become a mandatory attribute of his life.

Everyone dreams of his own. And, it's great to have something to aim for.

The story of man evolving is not a movie — without the spectacular and happy endings. Maybe because the dream does not fit with our time? No. Dream fits easily into our time.

See for yourself. Creating a company owner practically creates a collective mob. Every business owner wants for his business, all employees were ill, both for their. Respected and obeyed. Some connect his dream about the mafia and women, creating a business where almost all employees are women.

This is not a fictional story. It is a reality.

Man, dreaming about mafia, never managed to create a single operating business. Somewhere he was a bit lazy. Something he lacked knowledge. He, like many, dreamed of fast money.

Good takes time. Einstein was not engaged in business, but it is very well understood this: "Who wants to see the results of their work immediately, should go in the cobblers".

You can argue whose work is more useful and more honorable — a separate cobbler or a Shoe factory. But I want to draw your attention to the topic of this issue and how it relates to business success.

The man who dreams about the mafia and the women (wife and child he had) was broken one simple mechanism — the "take-give".

In one place (in the family) he gave too much, but he could not take (or didn't work). Elsewhere (in business) is too much take and little give. An imbalance of the "take-give" in all significant, for him, spheres of life led to destruction of construction — and family and business.

His family, still, demanded from him everything. And he, feeling guilty that dreaming of free relationships with other women, left his wife — amends money — gave, gave, gave... asking Nothing in return. The balance in the relationship with the former spouse was irreparably broken. As soon as she received the first request, what I wanted, I began "attacking" the sawing, accusation, tantrums, exclusively for ex-husband.

And what happened to his business?

There were 5 pieces, all ordered "to live long". They existed one by one, each time trying to do something that has not happened before. The history of their existence, were, as to stamp.

It all started with a great idea. He told about her is beautiful, with a fever and burning eyes — his very own idea was underwhelming. Campaigning is not passed in vain — it was impossible to light the others: Taken by the people, almost free but with lots of promises of "Golden mountains" as soon as "successfully startanet".

Enthusiasts were doing their best and the company began to move very quickly. The results were very good. Here, and got to the first paycheck. Every leader knows what the mood of the staff when you cannot pay for the work if the company has earned. And here — all great! The company earned. And wow, grass is popping up a toad, which jumps straight on the chest of our men and begins to crush like granite slab, whispering: "Wife you have to give a little more to the nerves are not ruffled. And girls need to roll on the sea. Forgot? You boasted last night one of the last two. Cost staff, interrupted".

Care of our men about women is beautiful. Our country is not at all missing men, and even those that can treat. That's just one problem — in the business — employees who "vpahivat" first free — for ideas, earned, received in — "Fig oil". Their "pamper" no one was going. And at this point it is already possible to bet how much of this business will reside.

Each person doing their specific job contributes to the establishment and welfare of the company and in accordance with their contribution, receives from her anything in return. The employee gives the company receives from the company.

The company takes from the employee the results of his work and gives him the money. This balance the "take-give" between the company and the employees must be respected.

Underpayment (not received) is to cause aggression, anger, dissatisfaction, sabotage. Overpayment (passed) — corrupts, teaches not to work. With the help of violation of this balance can ruin the best and most faithful employee.

The law of balance "take-give" is true not only for employees within the company, but also for the company itself and its suppliers and customers.

So our man was not shorted to its employees and, simultaneously, sought to give customers and suppliers unreasonably "divorce" on money, not fulfill the obligations. The health of the company flowed through the desire of our hero to take, as much as possible, to give as little as possible.

His company quickly died.

Over time, and the ex-wife began to receive less and less, and the man was trying your problem, close the mechanism "to take more from life."

The Golden rule of balance between "give" and "take" were violated by our man wherever possible. He called it cunning, flexibility, even, mind. But it did not save him from the destruction of the business itself. Over time, he and friends became tight — they instinctively sensed the constant use of "divorce". People want such a relationship?

In this life it all starts with building relationships. Business is not the exception, but rather a clear evidence — it is faster exhibit all the regularities and their violations are expressed in monetary terms, therefore, are diagnosed easier than in your personal life.

The businesses of our men lived to one — three salaries — or rather UNDER-Board. Further, the staff refused to play the game, which harshly disturbed the balance of "give-take". And turnover at the initial stage for the company is disastrous. Our man was swearing, I closed the project, tried to figure out where his entrepreneurial spirit was fine and continued to take, take, take everything from life... without giving anything in return.

Any relations are developing due to the existence of the "take-give". Such is life. We all have some sixth sense and react to the violation of this law each in its own way. Rough use or ingratitude leads to destruction of relationships — endlessly give, not replenished — man cannot.

It would seem that this is to want to take? Everyone should think about themselves. However, everyone wants a partnership, not an eternal struggle. Partnership is possible only at observance of balance, both in business and in personal.

The desire to take more than giving leads to greed and envy.

The mechanism of the "take-give" — the inhalation and exhalation of the relationship. Inhale and exhale between people.

Just try to breathe, exhale... Wait a dozen minutes only breathing out, not breathing in... life-threatening in the first case and the second. The balance between inhalation and exhalation, between what you take and give, helps develop, build, maintain harmony inside and outside.

Remember, we talked about the fact that your company can be a place of power? Also, the company (or relationship) can be a black hole, pulling from you all. A black hole creates a person who upsets the balance "take-give" company, the relationship — no longer "breathe". Of course, the comparison of the mechanism of the "take-give" with the inhalation and exhalation, with the breath — metaphorical.

But it accurately describes the principle of the existence of the relationship. Business is not the money and the idea, it's not blocks of business processes. Business people which have relations with. How to build these relationships, and the business is going.

Customers who are under-Dali — leave and choose other companies. Employees who under-paid — are extremely difficult to manage, forcing them to work in good faith with the company (as his) is impossible.

Customers, partners, suppliers, who were given extra — pluck, dictate draconian terms. Employees reprobate overpayment is inadequate to assess yourself and your contribution to the company and the same pluck, do not respect their leadership. They require excessive effort. Without respect and subordination, it is not possible.

Underpaid, but the team. In this case to do to your employee? Know what he's thinking, scratching his head? "First pay, then get what you want. And while I do not dream".

Overpay, and try to control people like that? But the thought of a man: "What are you puffed yourself commander? I don't sneeze, yet will not see the same pretty amount. I've done so much for you. And you're here fooling around. Pay, then we'll talk."

Once Mikhail Zadornov said this phrase: "Born to take cannot give".

The desire to "take" without giving anything in return, turns into habit, habit forms character, and character, provides... milosevicu...

The right to manage people and relationships, primarily based on the understanding of the law "take-give", to the strict observance of balance. Maintaining this balance, you can increase the amount of interchange, expand and change depending on the willingness to develop the organization.


How to recognize that you are too much giveBert Hellinger: the One who gave more than measures, I would leave the relationshipBorn to take cannot give until, until you decide to change his nature, a habit. Our man still did not want to change, believing that the blame for his failures, who else but he still believes change the way he builds relationships with people LIKE the ways he disposes of (manages). Life is long, it is 36. Force it enough to break up another four pieces of business.published

Author: Elena Romanova P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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