What dream of the zodiac

Well, no, it is clear that all people dream to be beautiful, healthy and rich. And the signs of the zodiac - they are people too, even Scorpions and Libra. Thus, we all dream of almost one and the same. But the dream is very different.


Capricorn dreams horizontally. That is not "twenty billion dollars, and then I'll deal," and "add me a hundred points in each option." Capricorn wants to pump each area separately. And not to cough. This does not mean that Capricorn contemptuously refuses to twenty billion. He just prefers smaller, but in each of the egg capsules. And over there still will plant tomatoes.


Aquarius dream to be left alone. Aquarius absolutely sure that his twenty billion, fame and health, he is able to obtain on their own. On one condition: if it is left alone. By the way, Aquarius baseless dream - it is enough internal resources for the implementation of any dream, he just can not concentrate. Unhook from Aquarius!


Fish dreams, first and foremost, about the big and pure love. In the second place - a great and pure twenty billion. In this fish behaves as though her dreams have already come true. Current love, regardless of its tactical and technical characteristics, is considered to be large and clean, and lying in a purse magic stobaksoff spent as if the rest of the account are 19,999,999 900. When it turns out that it does not fully meet the harsh reality, scary fish upset


Aries wants to conquer the whole world and all nafig shoot. Well - all ... Aries - it is for justice, so you need to shoot only those who really deserve it. I mean, yes, even all. Aries then lie in the sun, swim in the surf and blue will be the dream of that in the pure ocean arose a new civilization. And quickly. The machine gun is idle.


Taurus wants to conquer the galaxy at full gallop, clutching a burning house spacesuit glove. Dreams, then, dreams of Taurus, but desperately wants to sleep. Since tactical desire in Taurus always prevail over strategic, Taurus lies on a pillow, he closes his eyes and jumps right on his dapple gray spaceship over the vast expanses of the universe, gently stroking his rump happy elect.


Gemini dream come true to all of them three wishes, multiplied by two, and then to tell everyone. And the value here is not the steepness of the goals achieved, and the resulting drama history. Therefore, Gemini, for example, never dream of married / married - something dramatic above the roof, but to reach the goal and keep the victory in secret - in the ass that goal.


Cancer wants to bathe in Thailand. Eternity. And, ideally, Cancer wants to drag in Thailand his family, and to all eternity to bathe together. Thailand - this is not necessarily, in fact, Thailand. You can use any analog of an earthly paradise, where you can put your favorite people in the water and tenderly watch them splash. Great Dream, among other things.


Leo dreams of slaves and webs. And to hundreds of thousands of likes praise. EVERYWHERE. Lev has a sore tongue to tell what it is steep, and it would be very nice if this great mission took on other people gab. Leo dreams of recognition, at least at the national level. Woo and says to himself: country, trunk is small, giving the continent. As an intermediate goal, of course.


Virgo - the only character who has a dream come true every day. Virgo is not always aware of this report, but the best way for her to achieve catharsis - is to get everyone around the liver of most of his caring, intelligent and extremely helpful advice. Therefore, the more the Virgin circle of friends, so she is happy. And no amount of billions of this can not be compared. However, they will come in handy. Wealth - this is another reason to get everyone who lives properly and therefore is not rich.


Scales dream that their dream has come true and not true at the same time. Otherwise it will get bored and will not have to dream about. A balance more than anything else does not like it when they get bored. Therefore, one dream is not limited to, a dreaming tasteful about every little thing - that would have a seat at the window gave, that would eat sushi, I wish he had a faster orgasm and I slept ...


A. Well, here it is necessary that all, many at once. To the woman with number five, to a man with biceps, wine flowed to the river, and from above a rain of hundred-dollar bills. This needs only to grow, dream and grow quantitatively and qualitatively, so Scorpio never stopped dreaming. Even before they reach the ripe old age, Scorpio would never say, "Well, ok, pot does not boil." Let the cooking pot, I'm not in a cemetery in the end.


Sagittarius wants to save the world. All frozen warm, caress all offended and cure all diseases. To surrender and give up Sagittarius can not, therefore boom of Good and Justice fly like winged swing, with April-old young March. And while on this planet has at least one kitten with worms, Sagittarius have something to dream about.


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