Immaturity, caught unawares

All the problems that I have faced in my own life, as well as the situations that I have seen in the lives of many people around, are based on one single reason - the lack of maturity in the various spheres of life, and in general, it is more about spiritual immaturity, about the lack of values ​​and a correct understanding of life. "When you do not know what harbor on his way, no wind will be incidental to you" (Seneca)

If you do, for example, racing sport, the difficulty because you can imagine a situation where in the middle of the track you have run out of fuel, and you are such a stand in the middle of the field and say, "Oh, something I forgot to refuel ahead of the competition, have pity on me , poor me miserable. " Or you went on a voyage and you have to finish all the food, and then again a few days later: "Oh, wow! Eating more and no! Do not worry, you have to love yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes, I'm a good man! "And famously, for example, go to the mountains and forget protective equipment, or leave the tent at home by accident, when are going camping with my family. "Oh! That's a surprise! Oh! Let us keep a positive attitude! Oh! With all happen! »

Yes, it's true) And about the love of self, and about a positive attitude, and about errors that you need to allow yourself to do, but you know what, I think I have to study its time, and for serious cases - their own. In life there are situations when you need to stop playing the little rascal, a rebel-girl cute fidget or any more adorable. It is necessary to work, you need to grow and develop, otherwise, why are we here?

The two-year baby, who spreads mess all over the table, throws the compote, climbs with both hands in the soup, and manages to dip into the same dish even your mobile phone, as long as you move away for a moment to the plate - it touches in part, right? Well, at least we perceive such situations as necessary for the growth and development of our baby. If the 10-year-old child's doing these things, it is already causing us at least misunderstanding. If the 15-20-year-old man is doing the same thing, then somehow you start thinking that "somewhere in the system has failed, probably." And it's not that you can not let it be him, you can, of course, just in general, there is some regret, that is. Something about missed opportunities, about the delay in the development, etc.

And so I look at all of us, to humanity as a whole, you know, and think? Adult women and men who say:

"Oh! 30-40-50 I am here, and I'm on the level of emotional and spiritual maturity of 10-15 years if you pull, it's good fun, right? It's so amazing !!! I do this all the air butterfly !!! I did this all myself, I kept in the child itself, life is beautiful !!! I'm in the flow !!! »

"Maturity in love? Giving? A responsibility? Be faithful to your wife? Children start? Teach children? Marry? Read the parents? Yes, what are you? Which labor relations ?! It is necessary to relax, you have to be yourself, you have to be gentle to yourself and others, life is beautiful, around a rainbow, clouds, sun in the sky !!! I breathe, and thus I live !!! Look at the forest, this meadow, this all - ah! ah! »

"Develop? Read books? Assorted debris in the head? Ready for a relationship? Engage in the body? What you come up with this !!! All samooooo! Pampararaaaam !!! Life prekraaasnaaa !!! »

"Tribal energy from ancestors to descendants? This means that I have to take my parents? Mother love? Pope to respect? Am I not a victim of bad parenting? How is this "we are born into those families that fate put us"? How is it, "we all deserve"? How is it I have to start with yourself, if you want to get a good partner? Noooo !!! I've already horooooshy !!! I horooooshayayaya !!! I - a small Pupsik I fluffy kitty, I need to take kolenochki, iron and kormiiiit »

Um ... You know, I for tenderness. I for heat, for the love of a beautiful relationship. I'm for honesty, sincerity, friendship, wisdom and light between people. And I for maturity. For such a good spiritual maturity and depth. I support the idea that we are all moving in its development as deeply as possible. I support the idea to come to her parents for advice because they are not only more time on earth lived, but also of his life, the beauty of the heart nurtured. I support the idea to set an example for their children. Try your best to become the best version of yourself. Take myself, yes, but also to grow ourselves.

It's terrible that we have in mind, my dear people. You know, when you, for whatever reasons, had to disassemble and assemble several times your fridge or even any complex device, disassemble it as many times as necessary to find the cause of a system failure, and then again and collect it again and keep doing so as long as he will not start for at least satisfactory, that's when you went through it all with him any time, believe me, the problem in another system hardware you can determine very well.

And it's not what you imagined yourself megamasterom, immediately after and desires of others engaged in repair of refrigerators too much no, you're just easy to recognize in others what is or has been within you. That's the whole secret of good professionals. And when you, re-read and listened to a huge amount of material on the relationship with themselves but in the interaction with other people, work on yourself, and loosed from its own shackles and constraints, and realize how many errors in the society is simply due to ignorance, then there is not to emotion, you know. Not to emotion. Read books, listen to lectures, to change behavior and to develop, develop, grow - that's what we all need in the first place

. We run from the most important responsibility of our lives, from the deepest sphere, which comes spiritual maturity - and family relationships. Once again the idea of ​​his first post - to create a family and have children - it is generally not a problem. It's not a problem. And mind do not need much for this. To be worthy of man, to be a good son or a good daughter, be a good brother or sister, then his wife or her husband, then a father or mother, then his grandparents - that is the difficulty of life, that's what is its depth. Play worthy of each role assigned to us life, to live in the fullness of its every episode. Do the best that we can at any given time.

Earn money to buy an apartment, have a baby, to build relationships, to be someone good and for someone bad - it's no problem, you know. This is generally not a problem. Be mature in any one area - this is not a problem

. A live deep and spiritual life - that's really hard. It's actually about the daily work on yourself. Deal with the trauma of the child-parent relationship, if possible in advance to prepare for the relationship, the children certainly ready in body and spirit, in a relationship to take responsibility for themselves, for their family and for their children. Here it's all about maturity, you know.

If we are not mature, then why be surprised that? Is it any wonder that one day we find ourselves in the face of reality, which shows us the true value of our lives? Immaturity, I caught off guard? The truth is what? Just like that I came and caught off guard? You know, I think that life is very merciful, it gives us a lot of chances and opportunities to mature, to grow and develop. And it's always a matter of choice, always a matter of choice.

Well, if about immaturity, caught off guard in the business and in the world to say that this is just about the stories: "Oh, something we've got GMOs in all products," "Oh, something I live in the body, but nothing about it do not know "," Oh! Something scoliosis, myopia and problems with the mental stability of children across the country, but this life is, the environment, what to do "," Oh, something in Russian with the service and domestic tourism - does not "" Oh! a fig production, in general, all collapsed in the country "," Oh! The issue of food security is the country in which so much of the earth. " That there should be yes, to what country brought? Aliens have arrived and did everything. And what are we? And we do? We're fine! We accept yourself, love and all things.

The country's economy - it's not only about leadership. We need people to whom you can rely. We need a mature and responsible people in every workplace, but this does not achieve the methods from the outside. It's about each of us. It is about "Leadership without titles," that Robin Sharma writes. It's about being confident, you know? To realize that your life is happening to you at every moment, every moment. And that no one except you will not survive it. And we are always "come alone and go alone»

. As at the end of the path, then your will? What do think? Does your life weight? Learned Do you love? Are you mature? Brought up there themselves? Or all my life and ran for the illusory happiness, which allegedly have some person or group of people. Or somewhere else in the outside. No it there. Happiness begins with you. Love begins with you. Strong family begins with you, too. And a good country starts with you. And beautiful planet too, only you begin. Each start with yourself. Deep and honest. And about maturity. The woman - it's about the energy of motherhood and family about the rear for her husband. Man - this is about the responsibility for the family and all the rest of the family and about the action. And everyone start with themselves. Write it on a piece of paper and re-read every time forgotten.

"Strong family begins with me. A strong country begins with me. Beautiful World begins with

me. " I wish you maturity. And the wisdom of the heart. Butterflies, daisies, too, wish to, but better than those that do not disappear during the unexpected difficulties that life presents us, to have matured more. I wish you lasting happiness.


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