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Life choice — it is responsible and serious, but at the same time, there is something surprisingly interesting, exciting. There are times when it seems we are to approach this question is too ordinary, and sometimes very petty and boring.

Sometimes, discussing things that would turn his life, the man behaves as if going just to eat or buy a new hat, and choosing clothes or groceries at the supermarket, the same person looks like from this choice depends on his whole life. It's like advertising: "Every moment we choose our destiny, made new discoveries, find new interests, and every moment is the beginning of a new way..." is So beautiful, so deep, to the right, that I'm ready to subscribe under each word. But then!.. "... We strive to choose the best, choose the excellent quality... Beer "malts": responsible for the quality!" Well, pray tell, where's the beer???

I remember one of his former housemate, who learned that you can almost nothing to buy a new fridge with a minor manufacturing defect. For this, he had to find fifty potential buyers, collect their requests and to negotiate with the Director of the foreign firms that sell refrigerators. It's not even that this venture he successfully brought to an end, and that in the struggle for the fridge showed a quality, which previously I did not notice it.

Knowing him as inert, indecisive and passive, I was pleasantly surprised to see his burning eyes, fighting spirit and ingenuity. And remember the same person in a situation when he left his wife, to whom he was very attached. For the sake of completeness it should be noted that his wife also loved him very much, but could not stand his laziness, inertia and inaction. This last, desperate step she had hoped to shake him and was ready to return at the first sign of the slightest reaction on his part and even openly told him about it.

What do you think, what steps you've taken husband? Yes and no... unless you count the reaction of a single chaotic conversation about the division of property and the set of "glasses" in which he drowned his sorrows, as really worried. Don't know what happened to their fate, as very soon we left the house, but I still don't understand: what was so special about this fridge, so inspired her husband to deeds, and what was not in his wife, whom he loved so "strong" that allowed her to leave, not even trying to fight for it?

I understand that neither my former roommate nor many others behaving this way, not up to hamlet, and therefore cannot judge them for that famous question "to be or not to be?" they ask, not in the style of Shakespeare. You can not judge them for what they often apply to things, generally very prosaic and banal.

But all the same story "family triangle", consisting of husband, wife and the fridge got me thinking about what, in fact, the criteria we follow in life. It is important for us and what is not, what is primary and what is secondary? Why, when life puts us in a situation of choice, we choose it and not another? Are we aware in General, what aspirations and impulses guide us when we make a particular choice? Yes, and it is important for us to know? But there is still a significant difference between the choice of the Institute, the profession for life and choice vouchers for the week or the month, whether the month even honey!

No matter how many years we have lived in this world, our whole life consists of a huge number of choices. Thanks to the very instructive is we have already learned that not all yogurts are equally useful and that sometimes is better to remain silent, chew gum, suck on candy, "Rondo" and drink the right beer, than to speak and live differently... Thank you, dear friends, learn to choose at the surprisingly deep criteria; the genius of Shakespeare with his hamlet pales! But so sorry that you never got around to more thoroughly study the same Shakespeare and many other classical authors, but then you would have discovered one amazing thing, and thus would very much please the viewers progress in their assessments!

It turns out that not only yogurt, but not all choice situations in the life are equally important! Greek philosophers, for example, called "life choices" only those situations which contain the potential native way to change the entire destiny of man is if he responds correctly. The situation of such a plan was a kind of chance given by fate and at the same time "earned" by the man himself due to his previous actions, efforts and aspirations. This chance need to capture, understand and use. As a result, human life will either change for the better in a marvelous way, which people even could not dream, or as rapidly starts to fall apart, if he will miss this chance and if you will act against the voice of conscience and the dictates of the heart.

Shakespeare was right, emphasizing the crucial importance of such moments in life: "to Be or not to be, that is the question..." For they come not by chance and not at any time, and typically when ends with one small step, the cycle of human life and must start a new. This process is always accompanied by a strong and — please note — NECESSARY crisis.

Our old way of life and business, relationships or problems, turned into a routine, it all not only is no longer enough, but just kills your heart and soul. I want to live a new life! But, on the other hand, you know that this will require bold, creative, sometimes crazy, certainly the steps that you're not ready and that deep down I'm afraid... And suddenly again I don't there will suffer, and again, get stuck, and will lose even what you have... there is no guarantee that this is my chance, that I can cope, — in short, some difficulties, one unknown... That's my old life, even if it the swamp, but for now,... let the boring and routine but familiar and familiar... and not that it's swamp, it has its charms... Oh, Yes you finally determine what I want!

Once we make a decision, the Destiny arranges we tested.Here it is, the situation of life. You don't choose Pete or Yuri, not "Zaporozhets" or "Volvo", not vocational school or Institute, not a salary, not a job... it's All form, but infinitely many of them... a Real choice in whether you to start a new life or remain in the old one which is no good... the Opportunity to begin to live a new life — this is the chance given by fate in the moment of choice. She gives through a variety of situations, not always like a movie or soap Opera, it is not always obvious, not always clear but always difficult and very interesting. Are important not the situation but how we react to them, why to use them.

This truth perfectly understood Greek philosophers, when he said that crisis, which occurs before the most important turning points in our lives, we cannot fear, for he is a Herald of things to come, and therefore it is necessary to pass. The word "crisis" comes from the Greek root", krino" — "to separate", "resolve", "make a choice". The fact that the crisis is not only deep dissatisfaction with the old passive and the desire to change something for the better. This is a very specific, active rethinking of what was and what will be. But in order to get out of the crisis, it is not enough to understand what you don't want at this stage of my life, but first we NEED to figure out WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE. That is why the crisis has always been called the period of great revelation, great solutions and important steps that lead TO BIG CHANGES, but only if it is overcome as you need to...

Feel you are my mind: "In theory it all sounds very nice, but in practice..." don't jump to conclusions. Practice in this case — not only our concern. Assure that it at a very professional level, organizes fate. Judge for yourself... once in a moment of crisis you will see that something in your old life it's time to change once your heart began to dream about something more important and more true, so once her Majesty Fate begins to intervene in full. Then it sends us a situation to check how durable and reliable your decisions, and this check is always associated with the SELECTION.

Suppose you decide that you do not care about money, and more importantly, for love, for the soul... as soon As you dare to immerse yourself in a favorite thing, and I agree for the sake of it is potatoes and live in a tent, so immediately on that old, boring job that you decided to quit, you are given the chief seat and a great big salary. And now just try to pick one! And depending on your choice, it will be clear what is really important in your life, what would you say, as if cleverly argued. And such a situation in life very much...

Decided that is more important for you to be honest — then the fate will give the chance to steal, and well... — and choose! Decided that for you is much more important than truth and justice — then you will be given the opportunity to cheat, and easy, risk-free, but still get what you wanted... and choose! Decided that you have your purpose and that you will struggle to go to College, where to go is almost impossible, even for this, it could take years — you immediately will give you the opportunity very easily and quickly to go to another, to remove the heavy load, to reassure parents... and choose!

Decided that you real love the most important thing and that she will fight to the end, then you will be given the opportunity to brighten up the loneliness in a cozy married or in a lovely, nice relationship, but without love and choose!

Many call this a clear "mechanism" fate "Murphy's law", but I prefer the definition philosophers call it the law of Life. The impression is that every time at the end of one and the beginning of a new stage of destiny wants you re-purposed that for you in life the most important, most sacred. Their original inspections and tests in situations of choice it seemed to show that having good intentions is not enough that we have to fight EVERY TIME for what you love, what you believe in. Our choices, our reactions in these situations really depends on the whole future life, and not only ours... did Not catch, did not understand the importance of the moment, did not react and lost a lot, without knowing it.

Many are calling the "mechanism" of fate "Murphy's law", but it's just the law of Life.

However, there is another law and it reads: "as you sow, so shall you reap". If you want to know what your future is, it will be comparable to, what inspires your heart and directs your steps at the moment.

So how to make the right choice? How to find out, are we wrong again? How can we understand if we missed another chance? After all, you tell me that life is not so few important choices: the choice of a profession, Institute, favorite things, beloved, friends, world, and in the end, there is also the choice of destiny and own way. You can to choose the right one, but wrong in another or to react in half in the third. It turns out that all are equally important and not to be mistaken for anything quite difficult. How to be? Then I'll ask you: "are you sure that all these different elections?"

A wonderful example that even without comments, which could be the answer to this question. Once in an expedition to the Solovetsky Islands my friends were looking for a boating station. Wandering through the woods, they walked along the path until he reached a fork. At the fork there was a post with two signs, one read "THERE" and the other "wrong." Having concluded that there must hide some sort of trap and that in life nothing is so easy, my friends chose the road "is not there."

It took them more than an hour in vain walk in order to understand that everything in life is much easier, that they made a mistake and that it was necessary to choose another road, one that, in fact, was specified. They came back, and the road to "there" brought them to the boathouse. The interesting thing is that it was the same two roads, it was the same forest, the same obstacles and difficulties. The only difference between them was that one road led to the goal, and the other is not. It's good that my friends are relatively realized in time that are going the wrong way, and turned back, and it would lose not an hour, and much more. The longer they went on the way back, the harder it would be for them to get back on the right path.

All choices in life are part of one Path that is called Destiny.

Exactly the same goes with our Destiny, and it's easier than we think. There are no different elections. In life, in fact, there is only one, great, unified and coherent Choices. Favorite thing, favorite person, family, true friends, worldview, and interests, it is not different ways that contradict each other. They are all part of the same UNIFIED WAY, which in ancient times was called the PURPOSE. Philosophers have also said that, making a real life choice, you have to ask yourself one question and try to answer it: what I choose — it's part of my Destiny? If Yes, then this is the road to "there", otherwise go back. I assure you, in this case guarantee the correctness of the choice one hundred percent. Do not try to understand his own destination with his head — this is the road "not there", and sooner or later it will lead you to a dead end.

THE PURPOSE IS ALWAYS RECOGNIZABLE HEART, AND ONLY HEART. Only it is able to see the most important and most mysterious in our lives, it is NEVER WRONG.

In ancient times it was said that all the particles of our purpose, like the single stones of the mosaic, are the most beautiful and most secret dreams, which kept and which lives in our heart. George Bernard Shaw once said: "I Want to look into the Soul of a man — ask him what he wants..."

Have you ever thought about the fact that our heart dreaming about your favorite business, favorite person, true friend, like-minded people, great ideas, works, the exploits and adventures much sooner than they met us in life? You probably forgot that our heart sought him in the cradle that never ceased to look for them, and looking still, despite the fact that our head had long since ceased to think about them?

Our heart is always right, because associated with mysterious ties going beyond the bounds of time and space, life and death. That is why our heart in situations of life always learns those or that is part of our purpose. It's too long feel to be wrong, and so always chooses correctly. Heart living secret dreams, do not be fooled, it is always sure that he loves and those whom he loves. But our mind constantly analyzes, complicated, doubts, requires proof it all the time takes the wrong way, so without the guidance of the heart can't count on it.

All our life, all the situations given to us by Fate, are a great permanent Choice between two Paths: the head and the HEART, between the road back and the road to "there".

To hear in the moment of choice the voice of my heart, and then do the opposite — it's like on the road to see the pointer, not to use it and then get lost. The way of the heart is long and thorny, full of the same obstacles and trials, as well as the path of the head, if not worse. But if at some step of the way heart will help you find your favorite thing, the first little part of your Destiny, then rest assured that this is only the beginning of a big turn in your life. With this first step in subsequent stages gradually, bit by bit, it will reveal to you the missing links: the loved one, soul mate, great dreams and hidden talents of the soul. And you will know for what and for whom you live, but all this is under one condition: that you will not cease to go, to dream, to fight and to believe.

Once you achieved something — small, small or large — and if after that in your life for a long time, nothing has changed and you does not reveal anything new, then you are on the path of the head that leads to nowhere. Have you gone from the heart, and the longer you go down this path, the harder it will be to the heart to return... In ancient times it was said that if in this case, to stop, to remember what the heart wants the most, and dare to make the first small awkward step, then hope is not lost and all the missed chances will come back together with you back in "THAT" way.

How to make the right choice? How to understand, are we wrong again? Our head is constantly complicates everything, and without the guidance of the heart can't count on it.

Philosopher Jorge A. Livraga once said: "man has the value of what he dares to dream". At the moment life choice all of our fate, the entire fate of our cherished dreams may be decided in one brief moment, thanks to one heart. But just for one brief moment, we can destroy everything with his own hands, if that my heart will not listen.

The crisis is a necessary stage of life, very active and a specific reinterpretation of what has been and what will be.



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