How are Japanese managers mediocre (45 photos)

Tells fotobloger barmoska, living in two cities - Osaka and New York:
"Many people are interested in Japan often asked - but as they say the Japanese live? In the sense that they have in everyday terms to equip all?
Sometimes there are positions in which people not only in words but also in the photos show and tell about the visit ordinary Japanese apartment.
Residents of the Japanese rarely called to her house (compared to eg Russia) and the reasons for that may be a few.
Personally, I think that the main reason - is probably still tightness - do not want to show their way of life, living conditions are not, and indeed for most of this unusual ...

Some of my friends from Osaka (young couple) special complexes on the matter and I have managed to visit their apartment and make some pictures.
Immediately warn you - no artistic value of the pictures should not be expected, it's just the usual interior housing, which can more or less get some idea about the house & quot;

So, get acquainted - the left Kimura-san, and the right of his wife, Eri-chan, are invited to go to their home

But let's start from the entrance. Outside, parked their car - a tiny Daihatsu.

Of course they have a place in the internal parking garage under the house, but when they go to the city for a short time, throw the car at the emergency exit.

Floors in the house a little bit, but it, unlike many other buildings in Osaka, the most apartments mnogometrazhki.

This is an emergency exit. CCTV is here.

Next to the emergency exit located mailboxes, and even has a drinks vending machine.

And those white boxes - unique safes undelivered parcels and packages. They are installed in all new homes. How does it work? For example, I lodger apartment number 601 and I must come to the parcel courier Black Cat. I went out to the store and at this moment a courier came. He rang the intercom a couple of times, I realized that I have and the outside of the home can put a package in one of the vacant offices of the safe. When he puts the package into the box, the dials of my apartment, 601, and then wrote me a notice: "Because they say so, come and you did not find the house, put the package into the box number 1". I'm coming home, I read the notice, I come to this unit, attach your computer key to the entrance - the computer sees that the key to the apartment number 601 and opens me a box, which is designed for 601 apartments posting.

Go ahead ... This is the interior of the main hall, where the main entrance to the building. Here in the cool (or warm, depending on the season), the air conditioner can sit, waiting for friends.

Unpretentious decoration.

The video on the main entrance, bigger.

On the first floor houses the elevator hanging display, showing a picture of the cabin. Well, for security.

Picture the way of good quality.

Himself elevator comfortable, writing in the English language even present. Indicates the next stop.

Some windows of many apartments are located on a shared balcony. Of course they were closed with iron shutters, but it does not add comfort ... my friends are lucky - all their windows are located on the outer walls of the house.

Here is the entrance to the apartment - the lamp with the number at the bottom of the lamp to illuminate the floor in the dark, intercom. Left a special pen to hang an umbrella or bag until you open the door. The door itself is made of metal, though not such a heavy and lasting as we have in Russia.

Here finally we reached the apartment. I will try to explain the plan, as it will. On the right you can see the white nut, where all leave their shoes - this is the entrance. I'm standing in the hallway leading to the rest of the apartment. In the hallway straight ahead even a wardrobe.

Now I turned 180 degrees and a hallway behind me. On the left - the entrance to a small room, straight ahead - the entrance to the toilet.

Open the door to the left and look inside. Small living room, desk, television, futon (sleeping on the floor) ... the left (not visible) has a large closet. LED lamps all, a large diameter. Pay attention to the socket on the ceiling - the builders have provided electricity and TV outlet even there.

Now we look in the door, which was straight ahead. Here, as you can see, there is a toilet. Never anywhere in Japan (except for hotels), I did not see the United bathrooms with toilets. It always happens that separately and not even in the neighborhood. Another point - by default in all new homes installed toilets with running - with control buttons on the left.

After photos Room 17 corridor turns right. There are three doors. The door on the left - it's the door to the bathroom (the first part). The door leads directly into the living room and kitchen. The door on the right - another small room. Let's first look at her.

Another living room. True it is they serve as a dumping ground for all sorts of different stuff.

Now go through the door with 20 photos, veduyuschuyu the living room and the kitchen. Left light switches in all rooms, in the middle of the control panel with gas and hot water in the bathroom, to the right intercom.

We pass on. On the left - the kitchen, where the hostess prepares a simple lunch. In the kitchen there is access to a small balcony. Large refrigerator side-by-side, cooker hood ... not a lot of lockers to store utensils - actually so the mind is healthy pan. Behind another door refrigerator - leads to the bathroom. That is actually in the bathroom two doors - one from the corridor (photo number 20) and the second from the kitchen.

The door to the kitchen balcony.

Now let's look at the bathrooms (withdrawn from the kitchen door). Large sink, mirrored lockers cosmetic products. On the left wall of the auxiliary control unit for the bathroom - dryer features, a sauna or air conditioning can also be controlled from here. The door directly to the bathroom itself reflected in the mirror.

Look to the left - here stiralka installed (on a special pallet of course) and just visible to the right of the door into the hall.

And this is a bathroom. From the window, beauty. Note the shower heads and the floor - in Japan usually take a shower not in the bathroom, and standing (or sitting) here in this rough plastic. Stock water course provided (small hatch under the bath). In the mirror, you can see the reflection of two remote controls - one for the bathroom, the second for the remaining functions (sauna and so on.)

We go back to the living room. If you look again at the photo number 23, with a kitchen, then right behind me, I found another door - it was the entrance to the main bedroom. Come inside did not, too much embarrassed the hosts, took out the door. The room is large, spacious ... a European bed, computer desk, cabinets, and there is an exit to the loggia.

The living room has a small sofa.

To the left of the couch something like tables with master's "treasure." Comics, tea book, family photos ...

They married recently, in August the year before and before that occurred half a year. Work, by the way, together in the same company as managers. At work and met. Small wedding picture can be seen in the bottom right of the picture - it Eri-chan in a red dress.

Against the wall opposite is a chair and a dresser with a festive dishes.

To the right of the couch and TV Playstation3.

Well, as without the toys?

On the wall behind the TV hatches ventilation and mechanical ventilation. The air in the apartment very clean, by the way.

Air conditioning in every room hang.

There is a second exit to the large balcony (in common with the master bedroom). Sliding doors everywhere - which of course is not very good because of the weak tightness in the cold season. Oh, sorry glaze can not be, or else one room can be arranged.

Again, in all new homes to have a balcony or loggia sinks fully supplied with water - it was convenient to take care of the flowers.

Well as a Japanese house and no bells and whistles? For example here is the wireless robot vacuum cleaner. In Russia, by the way, sold in full.

It arrived in time for lunch. The owners were treated to what God has sent ... On this day, he sent them a large assortment of sushi, cold water with ice and little rolls.

Here it is, did not.

And this is all streskal

A small digression to the question that all the Japanese fans hung on the phone - that's one of the master phone.

Kimura-san fooling around all the time and making faces. But seriously, and on the post, I will answer directly to some possible questions. The apartment is new, and they bought it two years ago on credit. Actually almost the vast majority of Japanese buildings are sold on credit for 30 years. Interest is not very large, about 3 percent a year, even probably even less, somewhere 2-2.5%. Footage of apartments 90, the value at the time of purchase was about 35 million yen, it is far less. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, the Japanese real estate has become cheaper interesting property after purchase, so as a tool for financial investment, this option does not roll

In this example Kimura-san and Eri-chan thank you and see you soon!

Author: barmoska


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