Talking about Your addiction: an interpretation of the latent tendencies of the human

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The latent tendencies and inclinations of humanNegative qualities of a person contain, oddly enough, positive trends, which are their basis, the root, and if you develop these positive trends, this leads to a harmonious and happy life.

People are basically good, and any bad traits are not his true nature.In other words, the original positive aspirations and inclinations of a person under the influence of various circumstances in the material world (the environment) can be distorted, transformed with time into a negative quality. And this transformation is of course reversible.

We can say that various negative inclination (i.e., drinking, Smoking, gossiping, bragging, etc.) is a kind of substitutes for the good qualities that were humans previously.

In this article we will look at some of the negative qualities of character and the positive trends that will allow us to perform themselves (and others) to identify their good tendencies and aspirations, and then develop them and thus to improve their lives.

Any negative trend of the following is a misuse of the energy of the soul, which naturally causes a negative impact. However, the bad qualities do not need to fight, they do not need to suppress, you just need to change the direction of effort. You can't just stop the flow of energy, but it can be redirected wherever we want. It is like impossible to stop the river, what would be the dam we built, but you can let the river to the other, we need direction. Often, people try to combat the negative traits and suppress them in himself, and for a while it might work, but then the dam breaks, that brings even more destruction. Therefore, only one reasonable solution is to transform the energy to change the motion vector, and this article will help you understand how to do it.

The interpretation of the latent qualities and tendencies of a person


This is a hidden tendency (a desire, craving, inclination) to wisdom, implying the immersion depth of the problem to solve it. Intoxicated man's longing for fellowship (you'll be third?) because proper communication is the solvent of problems (but not in a drunken state). Finding the source, it sets the Foundation for communication, (you respect me?) and begins to pour sore. Of course, in this state, problems are not solved, as alcoholism is only a rough surrogate of wisdom and philosophy. This is a perverted desire to communicate with wise people, a substitute for such communication. To slightly change the direction of effort, one can achieve heights in philosophy and become a sage.


A penchant for honesty. Smoking people are usually honest enough to ourselves, so feel uncomfortable doing enough right, and this causes the desire to smoke (to relieve stress). This bad habit occurs in people who are inclined to evaluate the correctness of their actions, but do not know how to tune in, to meditate. Smoking cigarettes is a substitute for meditation. A little effort in the right direction, and people can achieve success in meditation and to learn all the secrets of the universe.


A distorted manifestation of personalism. Selfish focus on himself – on his own interests, desires and pleasures. He sees his difference from others and a little analysis, you may realize that every person is a unique individual with a unique worldview, a set of desires and interests. Realizing this, one can easily build a relationship that will benefit all, including himself. Selfishness is a hidden tendency to be a teacher (in the field of personalism), but to become, we need to transform this negative quality, when dealing with those who are devoid of egoism.


Indicates the tendency to spiritual leadership. Man is angry when he doesn't like stupid behavior. But he need to perform and to understand what is actually reasonable and what's stupid. If the anger be directed in the right direction (my own stupidity), he may benefit, as will induce him to learn wisdom. This quality (anger) is the opposite of the desire to save the people from degradation and self-destruction.


This distorted self-restraint and humility. When a person does not consider themselves worthy of someone else's care and attention (realizing or not realizing it), he avoids to answer to show someone you care. He feels that he is not ready to such personal relations as may not give anything in return, and "the duty to take" shy due to his selfishness (unwillingness to pay). Such a person lacks understanding and happiness, but ingratitude can be transformed into true humility through communication in a society of personalismo. Humility is an essential spiritual quality of the person, leading to true happiness, but now there are few who correctly understood the true positive sense of the term, interpreting it completely wrong.


Points to a hidden trend follower — the ideal student, who wishes to possess the same qualities of character as his teacher. When we envy what really ought to envy, our life becomes not better but worse. Choosing the right object of envy and changing the vector of our actions, we will be able to progress (to the progress in spiritual practice), and then this quality transformirovalsya in a positive that will change our lives for the better.


Distorted aspiration to spiritual enrichment. A bit of transforming this quality, people will be greedy to the study of wisdom and communication with intelligent spiritual people. The best kind of enrichment is the accumulation of conscious of the words of great sages and saints, because such positive greed allows us to progress spiritually, which created the human form of life. Ordinary material greed is the substitute for the desire to learn and gain wisdom.


This trend is to inspire others, igniting in them the desire to achieve the same. Bouncer in the future may become the perfect preacher or inspiration, you need only to choose a worthy sphere of activity. For example, if a person will realize your quality in the spiritual realm, it can become a real spiritual leader, followed by others that will bring a huge benefit to mankind.


A hidden desire to help people (spiritual healing). A man instinctively knows that material things bind a man to this world of suffering and sorrow. Deprivation of valuable items forces us to think about the fact that actually nothing belongs to us in this world; this fact is a thief and proves by their actions, although nowadays this approach is inefficient. Changing the vector of its efforts, the thief can learn to eliminate people's attachment to things, to gain the ability to inspire a healthy lifestyle, and the renunciation unnecessary. He can become a successful preacher, by his example, by showing that happiness is not in money, and that simple life (no frills) elevates our consciousness and brings true joy -spiritual happiness, which is not available to materialists.

The trick (as a negative quality)

The latent tendency to care for others. The trick is the opposite of parental love and ability to properly educate. It is very beneficial to use a trick to genuine concern for others (then this positive quality), but if a man is cheating for the sake of his own benefit, he is inevitably degraded.


A very interesting undercurrent of care, which can bring many benefits and change the destiny if it is to develop. Kicker notices the smallest details that are not visible to others and if he will switch attention to the positive side of the phenomenon or situation, it will also see many things that are not available to others. Such people can become great discoverers and even geniuses. They can solve problems that others can't, find a way out of deadlock situations and see the global perspective. It is only necessary to shift the focus of their attention.


This proclivity to tolerate. A lazy person suffers inconvenience or the lack of any benefits, but would not make any "extra" actions. Transforming this trait is positive, the person will continue to be the case (or your way), despite the deprivation, and be sure to get the desired.


Distorted generosity. Everything you need to transform this quality – to understand what, who and when to sacrifice it to bring benefit to all. Extravagance does not bring real benefits to anyone, because it's unreasonable action. But if you show generosity in the right place at the right time and worthy people, it will bring huge benefits to everyone, including someone who donates.


This quality indicates the tendency to cleanliness, external and internal. Purity is a prerequisite for a happy (spiritual) life. Deep down, people understand that cleanliness is closely linked with happiness, but may not realize that if there is no spirituality, purity alone is not enough to make him completely happy. Squeamish people looking for spirituality on secondary grounds, rejecting all evil. He is drawn to the light of knowledge, avoiding the darkness of ignorance, preferring the positive to the negative. Communicating with spiritual people, person provides the transformation of disgust in intelligibility. Because of this, his life is cleansed from all impure and unnecessary, and the person begins to understand what it means to be happy.


Indicates the tendency to protect, but now this trend is manifested as a distorted attempt of self-defense (protect their own selfish interests). Rudeness is the opposite of protection, and if you elect worthy object of protection, as it undergoes transformation and becomes positive and useful.


The basis of this quality is forgotten the ability to distinguish truth from illusion, soul from body, spiritual from material. The man, who himself was leading a double life (in any form) can understand that everyone would like to be good, but often life forces us to play by different rules. This vision makes a person tolerant and understanding, able to easily understand the depth of various psychological problems and help to solve them. Such people, transforming the hypocrisy of the profundity and harmony, be good psychologists and consultants. You need to learn to find a balance between the spiritual and the material, between different sectors of activity, between external and internal that make our life harmonious and positive.

Treason and betrayal

These negative qualities point to their underlying ability to easily unsubscribe from the worst for the best. The rejection of bad for good is a fundamental principle of human development. Reasonable people refuse to dirty for clean from the negative for a positive, stupidity and ignorance for the sake of gaining knowledge and wisdom. From the outside it may look like a betrayal and treason, but reasonable people who refuse harmful for useful, will not be guided by the opinion of those who are below their level of development. However, you need to try not to spoil relations, abandoning one thing for another, if this relationship can be saved, for the benefit of others. The art of human development is to abandon the nonsense so not to offend those who are not yet ready to follow our example. Treason and betrayal is the opposite of positive qualities — determination, and desire.

Greed for glory

This is a hidden craving to be effective. A famous person of great fame, attracts masses of people that copy his words and actions. People tend to emulate celebrities. The only question is, what are the qualities of a public leader, because they are changing the lives of people – in the best or the worst way, and he will receive "a percentage" of these contributions in society, according to the law of karma. If a man has good qualities, then this is a very effective way to improve society as a whole.

How to transform your quality

The secret of the transformation is very simple: we need to communicate more with people who have those qualities that you lack. In other words, more contact with those who have clearly manifested positive trends. No wonder they say "out of sight, out of mind": under the influence of a positive environment, our own negative qualities transformirovalsya in the original positive. In addition, you should try to avoid contact with people who have shown a negative quality, as it gives the opposite effect – we become infected with negativity and adopt a bad character.

What if in our environment there are no right people, and look they do not want, no time, afraid, shy, etc.? There is a solution – you need to listen to their lectures, watch their videos, read their books or attend their seminars. Of course, preferably a live chat, but if not, then these options too. Transformation of qualities occurs in those moments when we are in contact with the corresponding qualities of another person or people, regardless of whether we realize it or have no idea about what is happening and how. Just more talking in society of good people, we begin to notice, how is our inner transformation in our heart revive positive trends, like changing our character. In addition, we begin to understand the highest goal and go for it.

Read more about the qualities and tendencies can be heard in the lectures Rusova Vyacheslav O., on which is based this article. Listen also other interesting Vedic lectures on various aspects of life, and let your own life invariably transformeres for the better!



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