China Americanized? Or prepares expansion?

China, the most populous country in the world continues to absorb Western culture. Then more and more people learn English, open network of US fast food eateries and supermarkets selling American music, American brand. It is safe to say that China is Americanization.

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1. Chinese soldiers during a training exercise at a fast food restaurant «Outback Steakhouse» May 13 in Beijing. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

2. Chinese restaurant waitress «Hooters» posing for pictures in the first Beijing restaurant «Hooters». «Hooters» has two "branch" in China and offers its clients American menu - cold beer, chicken wings. As in the US network here you can see the waitresses in tight T-shirts and short shorts. (UPI Photo / Stephen Shaver)

3. Chinese workers of Texas barbecue restaurant in the heart of Beijing celebrating American Independence Day on July 4

4. The Chinese drink iced tea in front of the sign «McDonalds» in the center of Beijing

5. Waitress prepares a table in an American fast food restaurant for the first competition on the speed eating hot dogs in Beijing. In the Chinese capital hosted the first international competition for eating hot dogs. It was a week after the American Joey Chestnut broke the world record by eating 68 hot dogs in the contest in Coney Island. (UPI Photo / Stephen Shaver)

6. April 29 Chinese woman walks past a fast food restaurant «Starbucks», which is soon to open in Beijing. «Starbucks» - coffee magnate - begins to open his restaurant chain in China, where 5,000 years drank only tea. The goal - to create the image, blending in with the new trend of China's middle class - to see and be seen, without going abroad. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

7. Chinese looks out the window of the American fast food restaurant «KFC» in Beijing. Since the opening of the first places in Beijing in 1987, this restaurant is well-known network has become the most recognizable global brand among consumers in China. «KFC» reports that more than 2 million Chinese people eating in their establishments every day. (UPI Photo / Stephen Shaver)

8. Chinese students held a service in memory of Michael Jackson in Beijing (UPI Photo / Stephen Shaver)

9. Chinese music store advertises the release of a new album Lady Gaga in Beijing on April 15th. China has become an important market for US businesses, as the most populous country in the world continues to absorb Western culture. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

10. The Chinese are sitting at the pizzeria, like the famous pizza chain «Pizza Hut», in Beijing (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

11. Chinese workers wash sign «McDonald's» in Beijing on April 19. China - a fast growing market «McDonald's», bringing $ 300 billion a year. Annually share of this market is increased by 10% compared with an increase of 2-3% in the US. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

12. A boy hiding from his mother's old information kiosk for English language courses in the center of Beijing. Since then, as Beijing hosted the Olympics in 2008, Chinese students actively began to learn English. (UPI Photo / Stephen Shaver)

13. Chinese migrant worker washes the coffee shop «Starbucks» in the center of Beijing. (UPI Photo / Stephen Shaver)

14. The automaker Ford Introduces its first three-cylinder car «Ford Start» at the International Motor Show in Beijing on April 23. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

15. Two Chinese workers install a large digital signage advertising IBM notebooks with software «Microsoft» in a computer store in Beijing. According to Bill Gates, China to become the largest market for the company «Microsoft» in the next seven years. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

16. Chinese consumers in a shopping center «Wal-Mart» in Beijing. The world's largest chain of supermarkets «Wal-Mart» launched a program to improve the quality of their products and production conditions. (UPI Photo / Stephen Shaver)

17. The former headquarters of the company «Google» in China on March 19. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

18. The Chinese walk past a news kiosk to cover the latest issue of «Good Housekeeping» US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in Beijing on 7 January. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

19. Chinese man waiting for a bus in front of the new advertising «iPhone» the company «Apple» in Beijing. Sales «iPhone» in China with 710 million mobile phone users is an important market for the company «Apple», whose share is negligible relative to the rapidly growing market in the world. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

20. Chinese man walks past a huge banner advertising the store «Barbie» in the center of Beijing. The company «Mattel» invests in China's toy market. The famous toy manufacturer has lost only 3% of revenues, in spite of a stronger decline in sales. The company hopes that this year will be better than the previous one. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

21. Chinese saleswoman waiting for customers on clothing market in Beijing. According to the world's leading manufacturers of level of counterfeiting of goods in China headed for a critical point, and each year the situation is only getting worse. It improves not only the quality of fakes, but also increases the number of counterfeited goods. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)

22. Chinese woman is photographed in front of a large pumpkin in a shopping center in Beijing. With the approach of Halloween is always increasing sales of goods related to the traditional Western holiday. For a week before the holiday on the popular online site was sold to 10,000 pumpkins. (UPI / Stephen Shaver)


24. Chinese boy is the old anti-aircraft guns at the National War Museum of the Revolution 22 March 2009. The head of the Joint Command of US forces in the Pacific said last week that "aggressive problems" of China with unarmed American courts demonstrate that Beijing is not yet ready to behave properly. (UPI Photo / Stephen Shaver)



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