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If against Russia will ever be committed large-scale military aggression in the "classical" form, with 95% (if not 99, 99%), China is the aggressor.

The tremendous overpopulation of the country, coupled with its rapid economic growth creates a complex set of problems, for very brief description, which takes a lot of separate article. Moreover, the relationship of these problems is such that the solution of one aggravates the other. China objectively unsustainable in its present borders. It should become much more if you do not want to become much smaller. He can not do without foreign expansion to capture resources and territories, this is the reality. It is possible to turn a blind eye, but this is not going anywhere. Also, do not need to invent that the main focus will be the expansion of China's South-East Asia. There's quite a bit of territory and resources, with a lot of local people. The opposite situation - a lot of territory, resources giant, very little population - is available in Kazakhstan and the Asian part of Russia. And here it goes the expansion of China. Especially since the Trans-Ural area of ​​Russia in China is considered to be his. Brief description of the history of Chinese concepts can be devoted to another great article. Consider that the border problem between Russia and China resolved, can only people had no idea what China and the Chinese. [Next]

SEVEN OF MILITARY Region of China are the two most powerful - with headquarters in Beijing and Shenyang - adjacent to the border with RUSSIA. OUR FIRST-oriented Siberian Military District, the second - in the Far East.

■ In these districts there are four of the nine armored and six of nine mechanized divisions, six of the twelve tank brigades of ground troops of the PLA.
■ Two armored divisions and one armored brigade part of the Lanzhou Military Region (occupies the western part of the country, focused on Central Asia, Mongolia and Siberia to the west of the lake) and one armored, one mechanized divisions, two tank, and the only one in the PLA mechanized Brigade - part of Tszinnanskogo IN. The latter is in the center of the country and a strategic reserve for Beijing, Shenyang, Lanzhou and Nanjing counties.
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But it does not have neither the United States nor Russia has (we cut them) -ballisticheskaya missile medium-range DF-21C. With respect to Russia, these missiles are strategic C in China, they are able to get to almost all vital Russian facilities

Of course, China's preferred form of peaceful expansion (economic and demographic). But it is not ruled out military. It is extremely significant that in recent years the Chinese army conducts exercises that simply can not be interpreted otherwise than as preparation for aggression against Russia, and the scale of the exercise (spatial scope and the number of troops) is constantly growing.

This apparently we are still not aware that the long-lost not only quantitative but also qualitative superiority over China in military equipment. In Soviet times, we had both, it is shown "microwave" for Damascus, offset the vast superiority of China in manpower.

120-mm self-propelled howitzer PLL-05. Main reshe¬niya copied from the Russian 120-mm setting "Nona-S» ​​

Carl Clara stole corals

China is very long lived that gave him the Soviet Union in the 1950s - early 1960s. However, after the warming of relations with the West, he had access to some samples of American and European art from the late 1980s began to acquire the latest technology in the Soviet Union and then in Russia, thanks to many classes of "jumping" through the generations. In addition, China has always had an exceptional ability to steal technology. In the 1980s, the Chinese intelligence even managed to get the US drawings of the latest warhead W-88 ballistic missile Trident-2 submarine. And as usual technique of stealing China in huge quantities.

For example, it is not known that Russia sold China multiple launch rocket systems SRSZO) "Twister" or the more licenses for their manufacture. Nevertheless, the army first appeared in China MLRS A-100, much like the "Twister" and then PHL-03- its full copy. Self-propelled artillery Tour 88 (PLZ-05) is very similar to our "Meta" we in China again, not sold. We have never sold China the license for manufacture of anti-aircraft missile system S-300, which does not prevent the Chinese to copy it under the name HQ-9. However, and the French, for example, successfully stolen air defense missile system "Krotal" anti-ship missile "Exocet" naval artillery installation M68 etc.
Synthesizing foreign technology and adding something of their own, the Chinese defense industry is beginning to create quite original samples: air defense missile-gun complex Toure 95 (PGZ-0 & lt; 4, self-propelled PLL-05 and PTL-02, BMP ZBD-05, etc.) < br />

Made in China

In general, as already mentioned, in practically all classes of conventional weapons qualitative superiority Russia is in the past.

In some ways, China We even walked - for example, in UAVs and small arms. Chinese gradually change "Kalashnikovs" at the latest automatic rifles, started on a "bullpup" on the basis of the same as the AK and Western rifles CFA MAS, L85).
Moreover, although some experts believe that China is in the process according to the Russian Federation as its main supplier of arms (and therefore attack us can not), it is pure myth.

Long-range MLRS PHL-03. Find five differences from the MLRS "Smerch»
China has acquired in Russia is extremely arms, which were intended for operations against Taiwan and the United States (until Beijing seriously planned operation to seize the islands). Obviously, the naval war between China and Russia is practically impossible, it is not necessary neither the one nor the other side. The war will be of the nature of land.

In this regard it should be noted that China did not purchase any equipment in Russia for its ground forces, as against Russia in case of war would apply it exactly.
Even in the field of Air China got rid of dependence on Russia. He bought in a limited number of Russian Su-27 and only 76 units, of which 40 - Su-27UB. From this unique ratio of combat and combat-training machines it is quite obvious that the Su-27 Russian-made purchased for training of flight personnel. Then, as you know, China has refused to license production of the Su-27 of Russian components, built only 105 of the planned 200 aircraft at the same time he copied this fighter and began his unlicensed production under the name J-W with its own engines, weapons and avionics. And if in 1960 up China Soviet models was their deliberate primitivization, the J-11B, according to the available data, virtually no worse than the Su-27.

Intercontinental ballistic RAKETA DF-31A. According to the CIA, it is able to destroy the first hit a moving aircraft carrier at a distance of 12 000 km. Neither Russian rocket is not able to

It may be noted that the recent military-technical cooperation between China and Russia is minimized. This can be partly explained by a rapid degradation of the Russian defense industry is no longer able to offer China those weapons and equipment he needs. Another explanation is that Beijing is seriously considering the possibility in the foreseeable future warfare against the Russian Armed Forces.

Since the J-11B on its tactical and technical characteristics approximately equal to the Su-27, and established on the basis of the Israeli "Lavi", but with the use of Russian and own technologies the J-10 is comparable to the MiG-29, no qualitative superiority in the air we have . A numerical superiority will certainly be on the side of China, especially given the practical
complete collapse of the Russian air defense systems (primarily just in the Far East). As the Su-30, it is generally overwhelming: China of more than 120, we - A. The main drawback of Chinese aviation - the lack of normal attack aircraft and attack helicopters, but it is a great misfortune for them will not, because the situation on the ground in Russia is even worse .

The effect of weight

Top Chinese tanks - 96 Tours and Tour 99 (aka Type 98C) - virtually no worse than the best of our tanks - T-72B, T-80U and T-90. Actually, they are all "close relatives", and therefore their performance characteristics are very similar. With this guide the Russian Defense Ministry has announced a virtual elimination of our armored forces. Tanks for the rest of Russia should remain 2000. In China's modern tanks now about the same. There are far more numerous Dream (less than 6000) older tanks Acres (Toure Toure 59 to 80), created on the basis of the T-54. They are quite effective against infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, as well as to create a "mass effect." It is likely that these machines command of the PLA uses a first strike. They still pay us any losses, and most importantly - on our distract antitank weapons, after which exhausted and weakened the defense followed by a blow to the already using modern technology. By the way, in the air similar "mass effect" can create the old fighters types J-7 and J-8.

That is, modern weapons from the Russian Armed Forces and the Chinese army is now approximate equality (qualitative and quantitative), which confidently (and not so slowly) turning into China's military advantage. This last has a huge "overhang" of old, but it is still "good" samples that are perfect as a "consumable" material for the wearing down of Defense of the Russian troops. Due to the presence in China of such unique challenges as a "deficit of brides", the loss of hundreds of thousands of young males for the Chinese leadership does not seem something that is not a problem, but good. And certainly not a problem of "recycling" in the battle of several thousand units of outdated armor.

Air defense missile-gun systems PCZ-0AA. m Artillery unit copied from Italian SIDAM-25, were taken as a basis for the Soviet missile MANPADS "Igla-1»

Already, just two of the seven military districts of the Chinese army - Beijing and Shenyang, adjacent to the border with Russia - the strongest of all the Armed Forces of Russia (from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka). And on the potential theater of military operations (Transbaikalia and the Far East) forces of the parties are simply incomparable, China surpasses us even at times, and dozens of times. This transfer of troops from the West in the event of a real war is practically impossible, since the Chinese saboteurs guaranteed to cut the Transsiberian once in many places along its entire length, and other communications to the east we have (in the air can also carry people, but no heavy equipment) .

Tanks are not our quick

At the same time, and for combat training, especially in the units and formations, equipped with the most modern technology, the Army of China have long bypassed. Thus, in the 38th Army of the Beijing Military Region artillery is fully automated, it is still behind the US in terms of accuracy, but has already surpassed Russia. The rate of occurrence of the 38th Army reaches 1000 km in a week (150 km per day).

Accordingly, in a conventional war we have no chance. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee salvation, and nuclear weapons, because China is too. Yes, as long as we have the superiority in strategic nuclear forces, but they are rapidly declining. At the same time we do not have medium-range ballistic missiles, and China, they just have that almost eliminates the lag in their intercontinental ballistic missiles (which also reduced).

The ratio of tactical nuclear weapons is unknown, but we must understand that we have to apply it on its own territory. With regard to the exchange of blows of strategic nuclear forces, China's potential is more than enough to destroy the main cities of European Russia, they do not need (there are many people and few resources). There is a very strong suspicion that, realizing this. Kremlin on the use of nuclear weapons will not go. Therefore, nuclear deterrence against China - the same myth, as well as its technological dependence on us.
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