Teach your children that in order to be happy ...

... Teach your children that in order to be happy in life do not need to have anything further, neither man nor the place ... no ... some things ...

That true happiness is inside them.

Teach them that they are self-sufficient.

Teach your children that failure is just fiction ... that every attempt - it is a success ... and that every achievement leads to victory ... and that first win at least is honorable than the last.

Teach your children that they are all connected with All Life ... that they - one with all people ... and they never separated from God.

Teach your children that they live in a world of incredible abundance ...
That everything in this world has enough for everyone ... and everything is the same at all, and not in the accumulation of the majority, which is the majority receives.
Teach your children that what they might want to have in your life - not an unworthy or impracticable.
What they do not have to compete with others because of something ... and that God's blessing to all.

Teach your children that they will never condemn ... they do not have to worry to always be right ... they do not need to be a better way to look perfect in the eyes of God.

Teach your children that the consequences and punishment - not the same thing ...
that there is no death in the world ... and that God never let anyone condemn.

Teach your children that there are no conditions for Love ... and that their own love, donated by far - the greatest gift which they only can give to the world.

Teach your children that being special - not to be better ... it's meant to be just another ...

Teach your children that there is nothing that they would not have been able to do in life.

And the only thing that should be returned to all the people on the planet - it's a reminder of Who They really are.

Teach your kids that not through words, but through his actions.
Not through discussions and through demonstration.

And what will you do, your children will reflect
And how do you live now - they will live.

Teach them this, and you teach them great.
And remember ...

We are all one ...


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